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  1. Drag by Proximity -Particles

    Hi Sepu, Thanks for the tips, I think i got it working now.
  2. Drag by Proximity -Particles

    Hello, So I have some particles flying around an animated sphere. I want these particles to slow down as it moves away from my sphere. I noticed in the preset vex expressions for drag it has a "Drag by Proximity to Point" expression. However, I am having a tough time understanding this... // Drag by Proximity to Point vector target = {0, 1, 0}; // Target position float dist = length(@P - target); // distance to target float radius = 2.0; // Effect radius dist = fit(dist, 0, radius, 0, 1); // fit to range airresist *= dist; -------- Question: vector target = {0, 1, 0}; <<<---- where exactly is this y value ? Is this y value in relation to my animated object ? How can I set my target to be the centroid of my emitter dist = fit(dist, 0, radius, 0, 1); <<<---- how is the distance and radius related in regard to a fit function ? I'm wondering if there is any easier way to get my particles to slow down as it moves away from my emitter and almost look like it is following my object. I know a pop attract will work, but it takes a while to get the correct settings.. Thank you
  3. Change color in VOPS

    thank u sepu
  4. Change color in VOPS

    Sorry, here is the file. change_red_to_blue_vops.hip
  5. Change color in VOPS

    I have a rather noob question ... I have red spheres copied onto a grid. I want to change the color to Blue using VOPS. after the copy.. I can do it in vex easily, but im not sure why it's not working in vops. I tried a few things... the set vector component seemed promising according to the help card, but i'm not sure how to use it exactly. I'll attach my scene file for anyone who wants to take a look. Thank you.
  6. Glue Constraints not falling with gravity

    Thank you Dam, works perfectly.
  7. Hello, I have several floors of a building that I am destroying as part of a destruction project I am working on. I notice that all of the floors stay static in space and are not affected by gravity. It is weird, because all of my other elements (bricks, wood, concrete, etc..) simulate perfectly.. I even imported only one floor and that stays static in space as well. I was hoping the floors will all fall down and break based on how strong the constraint is.... It seems like the constraints are taking priority over gravity.. I will attach my scene for anyone who wants to take a look. Thank you. constraints_not_falling.hip
  8. Concave Geometry-Boolean Fracturing

    Thanks guys, both methods worked perfectly. Appreciate the help.
  9. Concave Geometry-Boolean Fracturing

    Hello , I have a fractured a box using the boolean method in Houdini 16.... It simulates perfectly when using convex hull for the collision. However, when I switch to concave , Houdini crashes every time. It only crashes when I have a mountain sop added to the grids that are cutting up the geo. If I turn off the mountain sop, it simulates perfectly with concave. I kind of fixed this by remeshing each piece in a for loop, however it is really slow and all my pieces look way different. I wanted to know, if there was an updated method for properly simulating with concave, specifically with Boolean fracturing . I am destroying a building, and corner pieces that involve all sides of the walls wont work well with convex hull so concave is needed for accurate collisions. Any suggestions, or tips would be greatly appreciated. I will attach my test file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you. rbd_convex_concave_rd.hip
  10. Boolean Fracture Pieces

    YES. It worked! Brilliant. Thanks again Noobini.
  11. Boolean Fracture Pieces

    Hello, I am currently fracturing a simple wall using H16 new Boolean fracture. I noticed that the pieces it spits out are not actually a full pieces of geometry. Each chunk are missing the sides compared to the Voronoi fracture pieces. How do I get full geometry out of each chunk when using the Boolean method ? Should I go into a foreach and bridge the sides ? There must be an easier way. I will attach some pictures and my file for anyone interested Thank you boolean_pieces_vs_voronoi_pieces.hip
  12. Slow Motion -Deleted Geometry

    ahh I see, Thank you Sepu
  13. Slow Motion -Deleted Geometry

  14. Slow Motion -Deleted Geometry

    Damn, sorry for the double post, not sure why that happened again..
  15. Slow Motion -Deleted Geometry

    Hello, I have come across an interesting problem. I have a basic scene with a grid and a mountain applied to it. I animated the grid in a very simple way. After that, I applied a colored noise to the grid and deleted the geometry by color. However, When I try and slow the animation down using a time blend and time warp, The geometry becomes very messed up and cross over each other. It Seems like the points are not interpolating properly between frames. If I turn off the Colored Noise and Delete nodes, everything works correctly. I have been scratching my head at this weird interpolation issue for some time.. I will attach my scene file for anyone who wants to take a look. Thank you -logix