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  1. Attribute decay on repeating geo

    Always something great. Thanks Noobini.
  2. Attribute decay on repeating geo

    Hello, Hate to bring this up again, but I have seemed to run into a small issue with this. Basically, I am trying to add on frequency and speed to the rings. I noticed that if I changed the modulus in the switch, i can achieve the frequency I want, however, this will not give me control on how slow or fast the rings move. I lower modulus like 2 will add plenty of rings, but will also move way to fast. My goal is to have many rings, but they move slower. I understand that the expression that is making this move is subtracting the current position of each point by a vector P1 on every frame. But how would I add to this expression so that the rings don't move outward so fast? I'm really stumped. I will attach my file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you Attribute_Decay_circles_freq_dan.hip
  3. Procedural Oval curve

    Didn't realize how simple it could be. Great files. Thank you Noobini and vicvvsh!!
  4. Procedural Oval curve

    Wow, both brilliant methods. Thank you guys. I have lots to learn Aizatulin, your file is waay above me at the moment haha. Fantastic file to learn from. Appreciate the help!
  5. Procedural Oval curve

    Hello So I am trying to create an oval shape like the image below..I created the general shape but now I just need to smooth the curve properly..Not sure how this is done in Houdini. The way I modeled out the oval is probably not the cleanest way as well. I created a circle and transformed the end points on the x axis to create the elongated effect. If anyone has any thoughts on how I can do this procedurally, that would be amazing. I feel like this shouldn't be as hard as I am making it seem. I will attach my scene file for anyone who wants to take a look. Thank you. oval_modeling.hip
  6. Attribute decay on repeating geo

    This is perfect. thank you craig !
  7. Attribute decay on repeating geo

    Hi craig, That is a fair solution, however, it gives me the result I was already getting. It's a bit difficult to explain. I will attach a quick diagram to show you what I mean.
  8. Attribute decay on repeating geo

    Hello, I am trying to make my age attribute decay over a series of frames. I am not using pops, so I had to create my own solver. Basically, I have repeating rings being scaled up to a certain point then stopping. Now what I want is to have the "age" attribute on each ring decay from 1 - 0 from beginning to end. So each ring that gets scaled up, the age attribute would be something like : age-1, 0.9, 0.8, 0.7, 0.6.....0 However, what is happening is that each ring is getting a constant value for every iteration of rings that get scaled up.... so the first ring has age 1, then the second ring has age 0.9, then the third ring has 0.8 etc... instead, each ring should be changing the age down to 0 by the time it stops. ultimately I am going to remap the age attribute to the Alpha so that each ring gets faded off by the time it stops. It's a little tricky to explain...I will attach my scene file for anyone who wants to take a look. Thank you. Attribute_Decay_circles.hip
  9. activate particle when its born

    Thank you Sepu this works. Yeah I think I was just confusing myself with the solver. Appreciate the time.
  10. activate particle when its born

    Hello, I have a growing emitter which is being scattered with points as it grows. In the popnet, I am trying to activate my scattered points only when they are born. Only the points that are born should be simulated by the pop force. I am able to achieve this effect with a static emitter easily , but I am having trouble getting this to work with a growing emitter. I will attach my file for anyone who wants to take a look. Thank you! particle_activate_on_first.hip
  11. high detailed nebula

    This is a better reference video: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0gXbV
  12. high detailed nebula

    Hello, I have been trying to create nebulas that have this much detail as seen here : https://www.artstation.com/teunvanderzalm He is fantastic at creating nebulas in Houdini. My methods on recreating this were basically to create an interesting pyro simulation, advecting millions of points and then adding additional noise to it post-sim. I also play around with the pyro shader to get interesting looks when I combine the pyro and particles at render time... I am getting some really interesting looks, however I am still not getting the smaller, finer detail that he has no matter how high res my pyro sim, or how many points I advect through it. I add layers of noise to my particles after, and it still doesn't look right...I feel like im going around in circles. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me to achieve such an amazing look . I feel like he could be using a custom pyro solver... not sure if I should just keep going with my methods until I get a better look. Any thoughts ?
  13. Randomize density on copied pyro cache

    Thank you for the replies. Shinjipierre, i tried that, but it doesnt work with packed objects.. I need to pack them since I have 1000's of volumes.
  14. Hello, So, I have a bunch of small pyro caches that I copied on some points. I enabled stamp and pack geo on the copy. Is their a way I can easily randomize the density on each of the copied pyro cache? Nothing seems to work... Thank you
  15. cutting a line procedurally

    sweet thanks for the help Noobini