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  1. Randomize density on copied pyro cache

    Thank you for the replies. Shinjipierre, i tried that, but it doesnt work with packed objects.. I need to pack them since I have 1000's of volumes.
  2. Hello, So, I have a bunch of small pyro caches that I copied on some points. I enabled stamp and pack geo on the copy. Is their a way I can easily randomize the density on each of the copied pyro cache? Nothing seems to work... Thank you
  3. cutting a line procedurally

    sweet thanks for the help Noobini
  4. cutting a line procedurally

    Thanks again Noobini, exactly what i needed! Im just wondering now what each sop is doing exactly. specifically the "polyframe" , "measure", and "sort". How does this achieve the proper cut ?? I notice that the "curvature" attribute is just giving me a value of 0 for each point. How is it using this information to achieve the end result?
  5. cutting a line procedurally

    Hello, I have a geometry base shaped like an L. I am trying to cut a line as in the picture below. The thing is that it has to be procedural in one way or another. I used a divide node, which cut me a line diagonally, as you can see. I need it to be cutting across instead. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will attach my scene file for anyone who wants to take a look. Thank you base_divide_cut.hip
  6. Orienting copied objects

    Thank you Neon, it works perfectly.
  7. Orienting copied objects

    Hello, So i have a roof and I want to make some wooden pillars on the inside of this roof. My method is to basically copy the pillars to the centroid line of each side of the roof. I know the copy sop looks at the normals for orientation so I made sure my normals are aligned the right way before I copy. However, The copy is still not respecting the orientation of the normals. I have been trying to figure this one out for 2 days now. Im sure im missing something easy here... I will attach some pictures and my scene file to show you what I mean. Thank you. pillar_orientation_roof.hip
  8. channel reference- addpoint function

    Perfect. It works now. Thank you Noobini
  9. Hello I have added a point using vex : addpoint(0, {0,0,0}); I want to create custom sliders for each axis of the point position: @P += {ch("xPos"),ch("yPos"),ch("zPos")}; But I get an error . I have no idea why this is happening. I will attach my scene for anyone who wants to take a look. Thank you add_point_channel_ref.hip
  10. Noise texture on Lava sim

    Hello,. I have a quick lava sim that I want to shade with a noise AFTER i import it. from dops.. I need the noise texture to stick with the particles as they move. After I import in the lava sim, I make my point vop and add the noise to the rest field. However, it turns black and nothing happens. I have rest fields enabled in dops. When i search this issue online, It's usually people working with uv's. Do I even need uv's to get a simple noise to stick to the particles after sim? I'll attach my scene for anyone who wants to take a look. Thank you lava_noise_rest.hip
  11. Understanding Ray VEX

    Thanks guys, I can tell this is a very deep topic. I definitely have a better perspective on it now.
  12. Understanding Ray VEX

    Hello, I am in the middle of doing a procedural modeling tutorial: http://lesterbanks.com/2017/03/procedural-modeling-houdini/ He creates a curve and manually rays it to the terrain using vex . The code is as follows: (the curve is in the first input and the terrain mesh is in the second input) vector rayD = {0,-100,0}; vector hittP, hitUVW; i@hitPrim = intersect(1, @P, rayD, hittP, hitUVW); @P = hittP; This works perfectly Now I am trying to understand what is going on here exactly and how Houdini is solving this . I searched for the intersect function in the help and found this: int intersect(int input, vector orig, vector dir, vector p&, vector uvw&) I guess what is confusing me is the "vector p&", and "vector uvw&" above and how that related to the vectors he created "vector hittP, hitUVW" . I am still a beginner in VEX ... If anyone can help me understand this, I would really appreciate it. I will also attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you! Ray_VEX.hip
  13. Drag by Proximity -Particles

    Hi Sepu, Thanks for the tips, I think i got it working now.
  14. Drag by Proximity -Particles

    Hello, So I have some particles flying around an animated sphere. I want these particles to slow down as it moves away from my sphere. I noticed in the preset vex expressions for drag it has a "Drag by Proximity to Point" expression. However, I am having a tough time understanding this... // Drag by Proximity to Point vector target = {0, 1, 0}; // Target position float dist = length(@P - target); // distance to target float radius = 2.0; // Effect radius dist = fit(dist, 0, radius, 0, 1); // fit to range airresist *= dist; -------- Question: vector target = {0, 1, 0}; <<<---- where exactly is this y value ? Is this y value in relation to my animated object ? How can I set my target to be the centroid of my emitter dist = fit(dist, 0, radius, 0, 1); <<<---- how is the distance and radius related in regard to a fit function ? I'm wondering if there is any easier way to get my particles to slow down as it moves away from my emitter and almost look like it is following my object. I know a pop attract will work, but it takes a while to get the correct settings.. Thank you
  15. Change color in VOPS

    thank u sepu