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  1. All of these methods worked, thanks everyone!
  2. Hello, I have some lines, and I want to add points to each line based on the length of the line. The longer the line, the fewer points I want to add , and the shorter the line , the more points I want to add. I have already calculated the perimeter of each line and stored the values in an attribute called " perm". After I isolated one line inside the foreach, I add the Resample node. I want to get the resample "length" parameter and divide it by the attribute "perm" to see what happens. I have a point expression in the "Length" paramter of the resample to reference in the values of the perm attribute but it's not working... point(opinputpath(“.”,0), $Ptnum, “perm”,0) Is there something here I'm missing? I attached my file If anyone wants to take a look. Thank you. resample_by_length_Polylines.hip
  3. Hi everyone, My goal is to bevel the corners of the voronoi fracture pieces. I pretty much achieved it already, however, there are some intersecting geometries in a few corners where the angle is very tight. Is their a way to clean these intersecting geometries , as well as having control over how round the corners are. As of now, I can only round out the corners so much before it intersects. I will attach my scene for anyone who wants to take a look. Thank you ! bevel_voronoi.hip
  4. Atom! Thank you again sir. This is a very interesting method.
  5. Hello !, So I copied a few different geometries on points of a grid. A Sphere, a Box, a Torus , and a Cone. I then copied that grid with the copied geos to another bigger grid. (I have to do this) Question: How do I randomize the seed so that the end result does not look like a bunch of the same grid copied in a rows and columns. I know I can probably randomize the rotation of the original grid , but I was wondering if there was a better way to do this with a seed. I attached a scene file for anyone who wants to take a look. Thank you! Copy_Problem_on_Grids.hip
  6. Thank you all for the help !
  7. Hello, I have a square consisting of several points on each side. I want the Normals to face outwards on each point. I used the expression $BBX-$BBZ in a point sop and got two of the sides doing exactly what I want, But I need it for the other two sides. I have attached my scene file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Normal_Direction_On_Square.hip
  8. This is perfect. Thank you Atom !!
  9. Hi everyone, I stumbled across a small problem. I have a few basic assets with geometry copied onto the points . I want to run a foreach on these assets and be able to see the asset as a whole so that I can manipulate it. However, the foreach only reveals only one part of that asset (the geometry copied onto the points of that particular asset). I understand that the connectivity is separating each connected geometry and giving it an attribute called "class", which makes sense. but in this situation I would like to view the asset as a whole (including the copied geo) inside the foreach. I have attached my scene file if you want to take a quick look. Thank you! grouping_connectivity_problem.hip
  10. Thank you iamyog. That is exactly what I am trying to do. I need a class attribute for the whole asset (Torus+boxes etc..) I will try this method. I am basically trying to make a procedural village and have come across this problem. Thanks again.
  11. davpe I know how to template geometry lol. I am trying to manipulate the geometry inside the foreach... but not just one part of the geometry as you can see in the file.
  12. Thats not exactly the issue here.. I need to be able to manipulate the geometry inside the foreach after I merge all the assets together.
  13. I have a square geometry. 4 units on each side using the measure sop it calculates : perimeter = 16 area= 16 volume = 10.6667 ??????? How is Houdini coming up with this number for the volume. I know it's a square and it does not have a real volume but i'm curious to know how it came up with this number.
  14. Hey everyone, I ran into an issue where I have a simple scene with a depth pass with a matte object. However, when I render the depth pass it also calculates the depth of the matte object as well. I don't want the matte object to be calculated in the depth pass. Is their anyway where I can exclude this object in the depth pass and keep the matte at the same time. I'm trying to get this all into one render and not have to separate my renders. I have attached my scene Thanks! exclude_object_from_zdepth.hip
  15. That's perfect, it worked. Thanks marty.
  16. Hello, So i have a simple RBD sim and many small voronoi fractured pieces are going through the collision object. The collision object is being animated. I tried increasing the resolution of the collision and setting to "laser scan". Is their anything else I have to do ?
  17. Hi everyone. So i've recently been learning about metaball forces in DOPS. I have a very simple scene where I have an animated packed object, and im trying to use a metaball force to break it apart using the fractureparms node. However, when it starts animating , it pushes the whole object away. So the metaball seems to be working but it's just not breaking my constraints and exploding my fractured pieces. Any help would be awesome. Thank you! metaball_force_issue.hip
  18. Anyone ???
  19. Hello, So I have a simple pyro sim using the shelf tools. I want to hide the emitter . How would I go about doing that? I tried searching for this but all I got was this thread here: He is trying to hide it with another box and subtract it ...but this method isn't the best for what i'm trying to do. Is there another way ? Thanks
  20. Perfect! Thanks for the help carlo !
  21. Oh wow.. yea that makes sense, i should have figured that one out. Appreciate the help. Is there a way to feather it out , lets say i wanted to delete a little more ? Thanks again
  22. Does Houdini Benefit from The 'Max Turbo Frequency' or should I be looking at a higher base clock instead? I am doing research on my new build. Thank you
  23. Appreciate the help, thanks guys.
  24. Thank you malexander So it won't effect simulation stuff at all ?