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  1. There was discussions about this started by me but the main idea was that there wouldn't be much savings and is also highly unlikely to be done any time soon coz vdbs are not supported in dops (they get converted into dense grids). Flowline does this kind of adaptive approach but i am not a Flowline expert.
  2. This also throw me off when i wanted to save as. SESI should have a utility function in any case IMO.
  3. Do you recommend 3d mouse to wacom tablet users?
  4. Time to retire my OpenCL Wrangle SOP and use the new OpenCL Wrangle in H16 instead. But you can pretty much copy paste the same code you wrote for mine into the H16 one. SESI did great work for that especially many default SOPs using it internally.
  5. I asked for this but Mark (mtucker) doesn't like it. Touch designer has this also. It comes down to maximizing real estate space if you have only one screen like a laptop.
  6. I think so too but i think SESI would love to make it visual studio grade if they decide to add it. Maybe that's why they don't want to commit to it. As always SESI knows best.
  7. Don't hold your breath. I asked for this many times and my last RFE was marked unlikely. SESI knows it's a lot of work. I use it all the time but it annoys me that the cursor has to be inside the word, otherwise doesn't work. I filed RFE for this already.
  8. TD seems ahead of its time with certain features, i.e. the network editor. Houdini could use some of these features. They seem to have node thumbnails updating fine while animated, which is a problem for SESI to get it working fast and robust AFAIK. I might be wrong.
  9. Glad to see your content on gumroad, a much better way to get access to this amazing Houdini content directly, highly recommend checking it out Don't skip if you think it's not for fx tds, as SOPs are at the core of every Houdini artist IMO.
  10. +1
  11. If the vertex count is the same/similar, you can do something like this inside a Primitive Wrangle node: if ( primvertexcount ( 0, @primnum ) == 8 ) i@group_leaves = 1; EDIT: Thought it was a single polygon, disregard this answer
  12. I submitted an RFE for this [ID# 78050]: GUID for nodes node.guid()
  13. They are primitive attributes. You have to use hasprimattrib function.
  14. For big water shots with lots of characters, what I do is find the min 2d xz bbox and then use this to rotate the collision geometry to have the smallest tank, sim it, and then rotate the result back.
  15. I would love to help SESI if I can