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  1. Have you checked out Megascans? They have a variety of different leaf textures that come with appropriate texture maps (Alpha, Normal, Translucency and etc..) https://megascans.se/library/types/everything?search=Leaf
  2. You can try to adjust Time parameter on the Ocean Evaluate node
  3. The way I approached it was by flattening the area around edges of a simulated fluid mesh and further extending it using pad bounds parameter of a particle fluid surface node. After that I added a huge grid and simply blasted the area of the grid that intersects with a fluid mesh. Then I just merged the two. The key is to match water level.
  4. One way to avoid that is launching a scene with manual cook mode on.
  5. I have attached a simple example of how you can get rid of the points inside of an object by converting it to a vdb SDF and running a VEX function to test point positions against the SDF. example.hip
  6. I only had this issue when I was test rendering in render view or mplay and pressing H button with a mouse over render did help.
  7. I've also had this issue sometimes. Usually H key (recenter view) helps.
  8. Thanks for the hint! Do you add normals to ww points using the facet SOP or as the direction of velocity vectors or something else?
  9. It would be nice to have the Time Scale parameter of the FLIP solver by default to be synchronized with all the Time Scale parameters of micro solvers inside it (like in the video below). Also the Source Volume DOP should have the Time Scale parameter that would be synchronized with micro solvers inside it. Not a big deal to copy'n'paste those channels manually but it would be nice to have these things set up correctly.