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  1. Follow path auto-bank (the new H16 constraints)

    Hi again... Just had a little play with moving more of that method into CHOPs... It is not finished by any means (try moving part of the path off the ground plane and watch the polyframe go mental!) but maybe it might give you some ideas... Another note is that the channel wrangle in the chopnet is completely unnecessary, it just felt cleaner to me that two math nodes and a slope! I'll certainly be revisiting this, I'll let you know if I get anywhere Cheers, Henry follow_path_chops.hiplc
  2. Follow path auto-bank (the new H16 constraints)

    Hey ikoon, That fourth input on the Follow Path CHOP is a funny one... it seems to accept channels named "roll0" and "pos0" and will use them to override the position on the curve and the roll. Either one can be present or not and the other will still work (i.e. one channel named "pos0" will still work without accompanying "roll0" channel)
  3. Bake texture ROP outputs black...

    Hi Matthew, that is an interesting one. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for that in future. It always seemed strange though, that the other maps 'normal etc', would generate fine, but displacement was a no show. Thanks for the heads up though!
  4. Handles in Digital Asset

    This one is super old now, but if anyone if out there, I'd love to know if this one got solved somehow, somewhere... Thanks!
  5. Bake texture ROP outputs black...

    Erm... yes, maybe a bit fast of the mark... I haven't actually been as glued to the changelog as it might seem :/ The mantra thing is a bit of a mystery, the bake exports node is in there, it's just not returning anything anymore, and even in the principled shader the displacement channel in the bake exports just seems to be unfinished. If you crack open the bake exports, the inline vex responsible for exporting the 'Ds' channel doesn't refer to the uvobject at all. It only runs if there's some displacement being performed on the high res object and then it only returns the difference between the original highres mesh and the result of the displacement. Ah well, I'm sure it'll be taken care of. I was up for having a debug, but the other mystery is why the baking stops working (on all channels) when you unlock the principled shader, it made the job a little bigger than I had time for :/
  6. Bake texture ROP outputs black...

    Hi guys, Just a heads up that there is movement on the bake texture ROP. Build 15.5.539 has tangent normals working perfectly... :o) (Displacement still a mystery, hopefully that's on the way too) EDIT: May have gotten a bit excited, it works with the principled shader but not with a Mantra Surface... still having a poke
  7. Bake texture ROP outputs black...

    Hi again Johann, Yes, no word here either. I've also been hunting through the daily builds with wide-eyed hope and expectation... Please do let us know if you hear anything, Cheers, Henry
  8. Bake texture ROP outputs black...

    Hi Johann, Yes, I discovered that adding a material produced at least something in the other channels, but displacement still a no-show and like you say the tangent space normals not quite what you'd be after. I submitted a bug report a couple of weeks ago, hopefully the fog will clear soon. What I haven't done to this point is break open the material to take a look at the bakeexports node (I have no idea why i didn't... just an oversight I think) Thanks for piping up though, I was beginning to wonder if I was going mad :o&
  9. Hello out there, I've now reached slight hair tearing out stages in experimenting with the bake texture ROP... I had it working on a simple test between a low res sphere and a high res version with a mountain SOP plugged in (houdini 15.0.469) and now in 15.5 I can't seem to get anywhere with the new bake texture node, it's just spitting out black images for all channels. Anyone else having this problem? Any help/confirmation of non-madness greatly appreciated... Confirmation of my own idiocy also welcomed :o)
  10. selecting inside/outside primitives

    The group SOP does have an option to group primitives by normal relative to another object (or the object itself). Just drop down a group SOP and then go to the normal tab, click enable and in the 'backface from' field select the reference object (in the case of the glass, if the geometry is centered, you can select the object itself)... I hope that makes some kind of sense EDIT: Of course, if you can, it might make more sense to create the geometry in a procedural way and then you can generate your groups as you go, for example if the glass was created from an extruded tube, the PolyExtrude SOP allows you the group the extruded faces... This of course doesn't cover the event when you've been given a finished geo by some other bod that you've got the wrap your head around :o)
  11. per object render quality

    Hi Malik, Just had a quick look and the docs do say that you can't set the pixel samples on a per-object basis, only the ray samples. The sampling quality slider should be working... Remember that you're unlikely to see any dramatic difference in quality it there is a 'bottleneck' elsewhere in the render settings, i.e. cranking the ray samples really high won't help too much if you pixel samples are set really low, so if you're rendering at 3x3 you won't notice the difference between two object with vastly differing ray samples H
  12. HDA Default State field

    Hello all, Can anybody shed some light on the 'deafult state' field in the type properties window? It is mysteriously absent from the documentation on the type properties window. I've only used it so far to expose a stroke SOP to the HDA as per this post... I haven't had any luck with any other values and I'm curious as to what exactly the 'default state' parameter is addressing. Thanks in advance EDIT: As usual, the moment you ask, you find out. So the docs for the stroke SOP say that the node is 'paired with a stroke state', so it's sounding like this is something fairly unique to the stroke SOP, is this the case? Or are there any other states going?
  13. Hello out there, has anyone else been getting strange results from trying to use the packed edit sop to control the viewport appearance of a group of packed primitives? I have a simple simulation setup with a fractured object, and after creating the packed edit SOP, setting the visibility of the first piece changes the visibility of the first 10 pieces. Also after this, setting the visibility on any pieces after number 9 just doesn't respond. This has happened with other geometry as well, both simulated and not. Not a massively critical thing, but it is really bugging me now, am I going mad? Thanks in advance for any help