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  1. @Atom Thank you for looking into it, but from your image I think I can see the same problem. Notice that I'm looking from the top in my gif, not front. I guess this is what @f1480187 was warning about Cheers
  2. @f1480187 Thank you for looking into it. What's the problem with spheres? I did have another more complex object, so I tried to isolate the problem this way, PLY is what I used on the working sphere. thanks for the flipping heads up! Another thing that worked, was using https://github.com/heimlich1024/OD_CopyPasteExternal Cheers
  3. Smallest-circle problem to bound points?

    @galagast Thanks, glad the link was of use. It seems indeed surprisingly tricky. I know one day I'll wonder about bound sphere, but for now I'll just take the wins of the table and ride to the sunset, since it's what I need for my current problem Thanks guys PRB_Bound_Sphere_v4.hipnc
  4. I tried to match a MDD and an OBJ exported from Houdini in several apps, but always failing. Here in Blender, on the left, the OBJ. On the right, a correct match of what I see in Houdini, exported with another format. OBJ was exported with Right-Click > Save > Geometry > OBJ MDD was exported with ROP MDD Point Cache. Scene file used attached. Let me know if you see the same. If so I guess I'll file a RFE. Cheers PRB_MDD_Export_Test_01.hipnc
  5. Smallest-circle problem to bound points?

    There's this cpp code here: https://www.nayuki.io/page/smallest-enclosing-circle but I don't have a clue how to turn that into a SOP, eheh @pusat That works pretty well! Thanks! https://streamable.com/73xcm
  6. Smallest-circle problem to bound points?

    @Noobini While I'm dealing with n-gons here, in the example of a triangle it's easy to see that the centroid and the circumcenter are different. The Bound SOP does the same thing as the Sphere Input :/ @galagast I tried to scatter points but the result was the same, did you turn off Accurate Bounds? Because when I did it looks likes your, but one of the tips comes out. I think with Accurate Bounds off the center found is the Centroid. I'm trying to use this for n-gons to find the center of the smallest circle that bounds all the points and rotate the n-gon about it. But I guess it's a harder problem then I thought.
  7. I needed a setup where I have point network with a deformer turbulizing it and then I would need on per point point basis, driven by a switch attribute, have another deformer doing a dispersion effect on the points. But I would need to do the second from the last deformed position and delta. So this is what I came up with: PRB_VibratingGraphDispersion_01.hipnc I'm quite newbie about the Solver SOP so I'm wondering if there would be other ways maybe not even needing simulation scrub to apply a deformer from a fixed position of the previous deformer and also account for the passage of time after the switch. Thanks
  8. I was expecting the input on the Sphere SOP to allow me to get the smallest bounding sphere of a mesh (in this case a polygon). But that's not what I'me getting the the picture below, even with Accurate Bounds turned on. So is there any known solution for this sort of problem? Here, since 2D, smallest circle problem: Scene: PRB_Bound_Sphere.hipnc Cheers
  9. Categories were introduced, so feel free to give us feedback on the split of channels. Some things are a trial to see if it takes off.
  10. Scene Example: PRB_PaintWeightsLERP_01.hipnc
  11. Last one I spam, RFE filled. https://streamable.com/gat8c
  12. Another example where multiple sources of @P and @Cd are interpolated. https://streamable.com/sbzod Cheers
  13. Ended up using Capture Attribute Unpack SOP to access the Capture Layer Paint SOP values. Would be cool if was a bit more arbitrary and wouldn't require placeholder bones. But hey... it's delivering good results atm. https://streamable.com/2riat
  14. I would like to have something like CaptureLayerPaint SOP but without having a actual bones or capture. Just set a number of channels and paint on a channels having them all being normalized as I do it, i.e. per point, the sum of all channels is 1.0. I've done something like this before setting an array attribute, but I can't paint it in this way. (contains sound) https://streamable.com/jl6ag https://streamable.com/665k6 So instead of just using those nulls to define those areas of influence for deformation/instancing/etc... I'm looking for to directly paint them. So is there a way to pain such type of maps arbitrarily? Thanks!
  15. Sweep Auto-orientation constain

    I love the auto orientation Sweep gives but sometimes one of the sides starts to dance too much I think. So I tried to build a constrain for the curve deformer that keeps the in and out up-vector constrained to reference direction, here given by the arrow objects. I wonder if this could be a built-in feature. https://streamable.com/n35vw