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  1. Thanks @petz for another clean example on building geo with VEX!
  2. Thanks @petz, this is much faster and pushes me again to study VEX. I've updated a file on another thread.
  3. @petz How reasonable it is to use an old SOP? And how did you get a hold of it? That SOP indeed does produce the the "MidPointDual" which is the costliest operation atm. Thanks
  4. After some help from Petz to have the centroid tripling made faster here's an updated file! PRB_EdgeFlow2.hipnc
  5. Hi @asche In the attached scene file you'll see 3 branches doing the same, centroid tripling: - Half-edges VEX solution, by Jake Rice. - Inset, Primitive Scale to 0, Fuse. - Inset and Edge Collapse. Let me know if the third branch locks Houdini for you as it does for me. If not try 200x200 sphere. It's a shame because it's the most straight forward one. CentroidTrippling.hipnc
  6. Made this Subnet to have 3 types edge flow change on a mesh. Cheers PRB_EdgeFlow.hipnc
  7. I've found that Edge Collapse takes polygon selection but when I increase the polycount seems that Houdini dies with it, unlike with Primitive scaling and Fuse. So I'll stick with that...
  8. I want to add a connected point to the center of each primitive, and this is what I've came up with in Houdini: I'm used to do this a bit faster in other places, so I'm wondering if there's some practices or methods I'm missing. LightWave3D: Make Pole command. XSI: Extrude individual components and then collapse them. Cheers
  9. Hi, I've done this to translate an implementation I've done on XSI. What's your doubt?
  10. I just noticed though that while you can't set the normals on edges, you can use a group of edges... So there's that.... x) Edge Group > Set on Vertices with 0 threshold! Eh!
  11. Edge Cusp opens the mesh. Now, the scene I've uploaded first did not have the subnet output the proper node (Attribute VOP) so the sense of it might have been lost. Sorry about that. OP scene file fixed. Cheers
  12. Hi Noobini, because I want to persever the geometry. I just want to have Hard Edges based on marking and Edge Cusp opens the geometry, which you can see by simply plugging a Point Jitter with a small amount after it, the mesh opens, I want the same exact mesh but with hard edges. Cheers
  13. Hi I was looking for a way to mark/group edges and make them hard in terms of smoothing and this is what I came up with: I couldn't find a standard way to do this. Maybe an edge option in the Normal node would be cool. Cheers HardEdges.hipnc
  14. Can you access in VEX/VOP data relative to all the objects in a Bundle as an array? In XSI I'm used to access lists of object properties through groups. Matrix for example, first I access a single object, but with a group I get an array of matrices of all the objects in the group. So all I need to do is control the group membership and order and I can do a lot of stuff blind folded after that. But I'm not seeing a way to do that in Houdini with Bundles for example. Is there a way to group items and access their properties? Bundles don't seem to have a membership order / ID that you can change so maybe something else?
  15. https://streamable.com/gjepk