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  1. Procedural Shells

    Even the early design images provide enlightenment. Which is what we seek. Looking forward to it.
  2. Tree and Foliage Tools

    Yep, that was what I had seen on vimeo in a few places. All of them were part of a visual effects coursework. So many people have been given the same task for more than a few years. While I have been able to get the basic form of the shell from the formulas that are available online, the finer detail of building a tool would be a good tutorial on selecting parts of the shell with specific adjustments. Anyhoo. TIA.
  3. Tree and Foliage Tools

    Thank you. I have done multiple tree building tutorials, and it has made me understand not only Houdini better, but also on how a tree, like a central nervous system, is not a simple item once you look at growth, age, materials etc. A tool such as yours, is a welcome addition to the powerful things that Houdini does.... depending on the work put in. So I ponied up the full amount $$ even though I am running the NC edition. You deserve it for the work put in..... Now if only I can find a decent sea shell tutorial, based on the work that Deborah Fowler uses for her students. Again, I dont want to hijack anything, I want to learn how and I think this is a good revenue stream for everyone that is using Gumroad etc. Sorry to ramble. Thanks again for the tool.
  4. Superformula 3d

    I stumbled on the tutorial on youtube as well. Fantastic teacher he is. I had been scouring for VEX related videos related to shape drawing. Looking at the workshop that is available, wow! Not a cheap adventure, but more a tax write off for anyone in business. Being retired, I cannot afford this. I'm surprised it is up there as well, after learning it was produced as a pay per view. CGWorkshop needs to get w/ youtube to clean that from the web.
  5. Is this a balanced build?

    Nothing in that respect, I have some distrust in the gpu, some driver/nvidia control panel app issues, so I dont rely on it. The cpu's earn thier keep with this build compared to my lesser computers. I still hold a special place for my b&w g3 micro atx single xeon /2011-3 socket/ work station. I was just wondering if Houdini is happier with more ram or not... If 32gigs was fine. The only crashing is typical hang if you accidentally bump a sim setting to some insane setting. Even then most times it means you have to wait, try escape key, or bail.
  6. Is this a balanced build?

    I dont use the OpenCL options in Houdini. Tried them once and the render was awful. Stability-wise things have been ok by me. Just curious if Houdini would be happier with 64g, instead of the 32g. I do agree though, should have stayed in the surf and out of the Sierra's.
  7. Is this a balanced build?

    I am currently running macOS on a Asus Z10PE-D16 with only 32g of ram. Would 64g of ram be the starting point for stable running. Im quite happy with having error correcting ram, though I think it is not as fast as most. It's the cpu I went for two Xeon E5-2640 v4 (10 cores each) and the gtx 980ti. TIA... Bill
  8. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    post it notes on the node parameters or a note text section. when notes are present within a node, some sort of visual que to signify their presence. Unless of course, this was already requested 40 pages ago, it was a passing thought and I didn't want to waste it, if it has any merit. Using the post it notes in the node layout view can sometimes be vague if you want to explain something, leave a setting note, you have to note the node the setting was for.
  9. Sim Bogs Down, Settings Need Help

    Hi guys n gals, I'm am trying to sort out if my settings in either Win10 or inside Houdini are wonky. I have: Asus Z10PE-D16 Motherboard 32 Gigs of Ram GTX 780 Graphics card 31" LG 10bit monitor using Display Port to drive it. Two Intel Xeon E5-2640 v3 @2.60 GHz 8 Cores each for total of 16 cores. When I set up a tutorial that (attached), the system seems to only use two cores for the particle sim and drags on and on. I'm not using hyperthreading. All the cores show up under Win10. Is there a setting I should have set differently? I noticed under the "Environment Variable" details, that AMD64 came up as the PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE. (Houdini_Info.txt attached). I have not really changed any settings since I don't want to mess the install up. Any help or info on if this is normal or not, would be GREATLY appreciated. The gentleman giving the tutorial was playing back the sim at quite a reasonable speed, and I did not think my little home made box sucked as bad in comparison. It would hit frame 130-ish and the particle sim would bog down. I almost thought it was because the tutorial had this particle sim built without the shelf tools and perhaps this method was at odds since there is no Blue or Orange cache bar showing up in the timeline. THANK YOU THANK YOU for your help and for all the tutorial and posts everyone provides Bill SEE POST WITH DROP BOX LINKS BELOW>>>> SORRY they just would not attach without an error.
  10. Sim Bogs Down, Settings Need Help

    Thanks Atom!! Yes, it is an old tutorial. 3DBUZZ TUTE It's hard for me to tell what version was used, but by the node icons, it seems old. It just seemed odd that in the tutorial, he would hit play for the sim and it was chewing right thru it. I have been trying to learn from the tutorials that go thru the ground up build, rather than shelf tools so I can get a better grasp on what the nodes are doing. I can always come back to this one and replace the setup with as you say, more modern coded DOPs. I'm still blown away with the depth that Houdini is capable of and that users can decide how deep they want to swim. I've still got water wings.... but I'm workin on it!!! Thanks again Atom. Bill
  11. Sim Bogs Down, Settings Need Help

    I dont get it. I tried attaching from PC that created it as well as on my mac. Still gets an error. How about a link to my drop box? houdini INFO TEXT HIP FILE ON MY DROP BOX
  12. Sim Bogs Down, Settings Need Help

    I could not either, and i put it there... let me try one attachment at a time... sorry The Dropbox links below work, sorry for all this.
  13. I'm having this issue where when I try to add a Mantra render to my scene, I get an error message. See image attached. I have some projects that had no issue with adding Mantra, but not as of late and I was not sure if updating to the latest is causing it or not. Im running 15.0.347 on a i7 Hackintosh, 32gb memory, Nvidia 980ti card. Running Apprentice license. Is there a procedure for adding Mantra? Like certain prerequisites that must also be in place before a Mantra PBR can be added? Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Gilly
  14. Error Adding Mantra render

    Well that last clean out did it after one last install. THANK YOU ALL for your help, this was such a silly thing that just wouldnt go away. Thanks. Bill
  15. Error Adding Mantra render

    The mantra assets seem to be there. Found them with your path info from above. Reinstalling did not fix anything. Opening the working mantra project, works. Creating a new one from fresh assets, does not. Perhaps I am not clearing out all the preferences to start fresh from the install. Since once I install, houdini know where recent projects are. I thought I had tried ridding the preferences once already. Possibly fresh install with all preferences purged. I'm at a loss. Are there pointers as to where all the install items live, so I can manually delete all files? Or perhaps some default setting is point to an empty or wrong location? I really appreciate the comments and would much rather be lurking on threads rather than learning the finer points of un-breaking an install problem.
  16. Error Adding Mantra render

    The Mac is not playing fair with having the files searchable on my system. This is what Im seeing in the image attached. I tried your previous post as well, which did not work either.
  17. Error Adding Mantra render

    Might be time to try re-installing Again, Houdini throws the same error back after entering the script into the python shell: Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. >>> hou.node("/out").createNode("ifd") Traceback (most recent call last): File "<console>", line 1, in <module> File "/Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/15.0.416/Resources/houdini/python2.7l ibs/houpythonportion.py", line 567, in decorator return hdefereval.executeInMainThreadWithResult(func, *args, **kwargs) File "/Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/15.0.416/Resources/houdini/python2.7l ibs/hdefereval.py", line 41, in executeInMainThreadWithResult return _queueDeferred(code, args, kwargs, block=True) File "/Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/15.0.416/Resources/houdini/python2.7l ibs/hdefereval.py", line 74, in _queueDeferred raise exc_info[1] OperationFailed: The attempted operation failed. Invalid node type name >>>
  18. Error Adding Mantra render

    I did that, and this is what the python shell said: >>> import roptoolutils >>> roptoolutils.createRenderNode('ifd') Traceback (most recent call last): File "<console>", line 1, in <module> File "/Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/15.0.416/Resources/houdini/python2.7l ibs/roptoolutils.py", line 9, in createRenderNode rop = hou.node('/out').createNode(rop_type, exact_type_name=True) File "/Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/15.0.416/Resources/houdini/python2.7l ibs/houpythonportion.py", line 567, in decorator return hdefereval.executeInMainThreadWithResult(func, *args, **kwargs) File "/Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/15.0.416/Resources/houdini/python2.7l ibs/hdefereval.py", line 41, in executeInMainThreadWithResult return _queueDeferred(code, args, kwargs, block=True) File "/Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/15.0.416/Resources/houdini/python2.7l ibs/hdefereval.py", line 74, in _queueDeferred raise exc_info[1] OperationFailed: The attempted operation failed. Invalid node type name >>>
  19. Error Adding Mantra render

    Well, I went thru the tutorial even though it was tempting to skip to the mantra lesson chapter, I didn't. I guess that's the good news. The bad news is that I still could not add a Mantra node, plain or pbr, without getting that same error message. So, it's got to be either how Yosemite 10.10.5 on my hackintosh is not 100% happy with running Houdini. That is unless someone has some other things to try. MPlay works fine. Yet I can go back to the same tutorial project hip file from a few months ago, and it has Mantra and renders. So I can have an older project work, but a newer version of the same content and procedure that throws that blasted error. Maybe a script is broken. Is that a viable thought? I the error seems to point to a misnaming of a node during the creation of the Mantra output node being added. used Text Wrangler to look at the two files... BrokenFile HouNC1033600ba605704271b043eebb65.variablesset -g ACTIVETAKE = 'Main' set -g DRIVER = 'opengl1' set -g DRIVERPATH = '/out/opengl1' set -g E = '2.7182818284590452354' set -g EYE = 'stereo' set -g HIP = '/Users/billgilbride/Introduction to Particles in Houdini/houdini_files' set -g HIPFILE = '/Users/billgilbride/Introduction to Particles in Houdini/houdini_files/23_BeginA.hipnc' set -g HIPNAME = '23_BeginA' set -g JOB = 'Z:/Projects/Houdini/---_Particles as Dynamics in Houdini/project_files/houdini_files/02_End.hip' set -g PI = '3.1415926535897932384' set -g POSE = '/Users/billgilbride/Library/Preferences/houdini/15.0/poselib' set -g _HIP_SAVEPLATFORM = 'macosx10.10-x86_64-clang6.1' set -g _HIP_SAVETIME = 'Tue Apr 5 16:59:07 2016' set -g _HIP_SAVEVERSION = '15.0.416' set -g _HIP_SHELFTOOLCOUNT = '93' Mantra Works File HouNC1033600ba60567b793b043eebb70.variablesset -g ACTIVETAKE = 'Main' set -g DRIVER = 'mantra-PBR' set -g DRIVERPATH = '/out/mantra-PBR' set -g E = '2.7182818284590452354' set -g EYE = 'stereo' set -g HIP = '/Users/billgilbride/HoudiniProjects/Introduction to Houdini 15/houdini_project' set -g HIPFILE = '/Users/billgilbride/HoudiniProjects/Introduction to Houdini 15/houdini_project/45a_End.hipnc' set -g HIPNAME = '45a_End' set -g JOB = 'C:/Users/john/Desktop/houdini_projects/intro_course/05-importingGeo.hip' set -g PI = '3.1415926535897932384' set -g POSE = 'C:/Users/john/Documents/houdini15.0/poselib' set -g _HIP_SAVEPLATFORM = 'macosx10.10-x86_64-clang6.1' set -g _HIP_SAVETIME = 'Wed Dec 23 23:48:59 2015' set -g _HIP_SAVEVERSION = '' set -g _HIP_SHELFTOOLCOUNT = '142'
  20. Error Adding Mantra render

    I was using the drop down menu. Im re-watching/re-building a pluralsight tutorial that worked with mantra render, Intro to Particles. It's has to be something stupid silly on my own doing.
  21. Error Adding Mantra render

    Well I was able to find the pref which were hidden. Deleted the 15.0 pref . Houdini relaunched and still throwing the same error when adding Mantra or Mantra PBR to the scene. Maybe it's Hackintosh related issue? It's just weird how it use to work, then it doesn't. I'll try and determine if the files that have a working Mantra can be merged with one that has an issue.
  22. Error Adding Mantra render

    Downloading 15.0.416 (recommended for Yose) Installed selecting local license. Still same error.
  23. Error Adding Mantra render

    I entered that into terminal and got this: Python 2.7.10 (default, Jul 14 2015, 19:46:27) [GCC 4.2.1 Compatible Apple LLVM 6.0 (clang-600.0.39)] on darwin Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. >>>
  24. Not sure if this is of any help.... I have a two monitor setup with an LG 4k 10bit display and a standard hd tv. 4k hooked up with display port, tv is hdmi. Both are sharing one video card, 980ti, and Im running Yosemite on a hackintosh. That said, I had the same issue with setting up my 4k monitor. Houdini preferred certain sizes. So in the monitor preference, you use option + Scaled to see alternative sizes. Once I found a setting that was happy, Houdini launched and looked good. I did not go for full 4k since the scaling of the system fonts got too small. The 4k monitor is set to 2560x1440. My only issue is that even with Houdini set for Hi DPI monitor, I still would prefer to be able to scale the Guide font past the limited Large selection. Hope this helps some. B
  25. First off, new here, HELLO, so I signed up over at Digital Tutors for another app (Zbrush) and then realized I get everything, so I immediately have been bitten by the Houdini bug. That said, Ive done a handful of the tutorials and Im dealing with old tutorials on the new H15. I've managed to work my way thru previous ones, but this one has me STYMIED!. The project is on using the L-Systems. And where it has proven a problem is where using an attribute create. Once I enter a name, in this case "width", the data dissapears and you get the SOP has not cooked correctly error. Since it was breaking everything down the line, I branched it off to see if I could isolate it and then proceed with the tutorial. Well now it's at the point where we are done building the TREES and about to move on. I'd hate to give up on this just because I should be using another node that was a click away. And since Im new to it all, I dont want to have giving up part of the new learning curve. If Digital Tutors is not the best, who is for Houdini training? I like how the tutorials have been. I joined up based on learning zbrush. Any help would be appreciated, I will upload the file. Gilly L_Systems_Trees.hipnc