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  1. Got a bit bored and thought of this thread, so here are some roughly similar gif recreations from Bees&Bombs. knotwave waves on waves triangle sweep six chequered waves six.hipnc chequered waves.hipnc knotwave.hipnc triangle sweep.hipnc waves on waves.hipnc
  2. https://beesandbombs.tumblr.com/post/57971648339/hexagons-pulsin One of the easier ones and its not a perfect replica, but i certainly learned a lot by trying to recreate it! The hipfile turned out to be more of a little vex playground... hexagons_pulsin.hipnc
  3. I guess I just have to adjust my logic to the way point wrangles and for loops are working in VEX then, thank you acey!
  4. Thanks Atom, I still have a question though... I tried to change the connectMe attribute for the condition in the "Points" version so that the twelfth point does not create a line also. So when the wrangle loops over the point with ptnum == 2 it changes the connectMe attribute and the tweltfth point does no longer meet the requirements for creating another line. I tryed to break down the problem and probably failed a bit to present it correctly... From my understanding the for loop should go over the point 2 first, change the condition attribute of the 12th point which then no longer meets the requirement and does not get processed at all. But the for loop and the point wrangle both process the points at the same time, so they both meet the requirements for the if statement and create two lines instead of one. So basicly what i want to do is go over the points one by one, starting at a point and then moving on to the next one (so I can change an attribute of a point while iterating through another one). I tried that using a for loop and the point wrangle, but neither seems to work that way.
  5. I also have a question regarding multithreading in wrangles (or for loops in general in houdini). I want to create a line between two points in a wrangle node according to their attributes but it creates two lines, one for each point i want to connect. The add SOP does it correctly. Is there something I'm just obviously missing or doing wrong? Here's a quick example: wrangle_multithread.hipnc
  6. Since I couldn't figure out how to really fuse and connect points of different wires while still getting the wire solver to work properly I just connected the points with spring contraints. Much easier solution even though there's still lots of space for improvement... wire_constraints.hipnc
  7. I found this video on vimeo and after playing around with fuse sop or connecting points in wrangles I can't quite get my head around how to implement this in houdini. When creating new points or just moving point positions the wire solver also gives some unexpected results. Do you guys have any ideas how to tackle this?
  8. I'm trying to change the value of an attribute of a point when iterating through a point cloud in an attribute wrangle. I know i can get the point number that is currently iterated with pcimport, but how do I change an attribute of that point? I can get its position (or any other attribute) with the point() function but since that is not a pointer/reference I don't know how to change the actual attribute value.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to fracture some geometry, run over the fractured pieces and fracture them again in a for each subnetwork and create constraint geometry along with it in the loop. In the end I want the fractured pieces created in the loop to have a stronger glue bond than the rest. Right now I am stuck because the constraint network doesnt recognize the constraint geometry. ("Glue constraint references unkown object") It's probably the simplest of problems, but I just can't figure it out, help much appreciated. constraints_for_each_subnet.hipnc
  10. Hi guys, I'm trying to create a simple cloth simulation where, on frame 1, all points of a cloth object are not moving, done via a targetconstraint and a group. I now delete parts of the group and also want the constraint to be removed, but the targetconstraint only seems to take the initial group and not the animated one, so the cloth just stays in place. So my question is basicly just how do I delete the cloth constraints during the simulation? cloth_question.hipnc