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  1. Prism pipeline

    I use it at home. It works like a charm so far
  2. houdini theme

    nice theme for sure
  3. Smoke Effect Color Problem

    it looks like you are only exporting density to the sops from your dopnet. try to export your particles as well. you could input pop* as the data type along with your density
  4. Procedural Oval curve

    This would be my take on it oval_modeling_JR_Edit.hiplc
  5. Prism Pipeline release

    This is really amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this
  6. Random with percentage probabilities for different results

    actually it is just the regular rand() function with one argument. I just added to that one value argument. so rand(@ptnum + 45.65 + @seed), all turn into one value. (I realize in my previous post I used komma , instead of dot to declare the decimal. its an old European habbit and is wrong. the number should be 45.65)
  7. Random with percentage probabilities for different results

    //pointwrangle float randnum = rand(seed+45,65); //gives value from 0-1, if (randnum <= 0.2) { dont select a point } else if (randnum > 0.2 || <= 0.55) { select 2 points } else if( randnum >0.55) { select 4 points }
  8. Need help with simple string manipulation

    your value variable is cast as a float, but you assign it the value of a string by using `chs()`
  9. Changing constraint_name Dynamically

    okay, so basically if I understand correct, you want it to deform using spring constraint, keep that shape, and then potentially want to deform the already deformed geo again?
  10. Changing constraint_name Dynamically

    whats the point of putting it back to a spring constraint if you want to maintain bending of the object? just remove the change to spring solver step and you have your bending maintained.
  11. Wire Solver: How to give each wire a different elasticity value?

    outside dop, put your wrangle in a foreach loop on the primitives. this way you can write in a point wrangler to the points on each wire no?
  12. Finding activation frame

    piece one gets activated at frame 50 lets say. so on frame 50 active becomes 1 and the counter starts counting. counter is equal to 1 at frame 50. on frame 51 @active is still 1 which then forces the counter to add another one to the sum. Counter is now equal 2. so as stated above. just use if(@counter == 1){ #Do my velocity manipulations here}
  13. can you share you file?
  14. if you can share your hipfile its easier to help you out
  15. If its exactly the same look he is going for, why sim both thrusters rather than just copy the it to the other thruster in sops?