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  1. rendering to separate files

    Thanks. I honestly hadn't noticed that option
  2. rendering to separate files

  3. rendering to separate files

    Ahaha, that did not happen! I have not tried that because I have totally overlooked that feature. I guess sometimes you cannot see the forest because of all the trees Thanks Brickouz EDIT: I guess I spoke to fast.. I do not have that option called "extract image planes"
  4. rendering to separate files

    Hi all. I can't seem to find a way to write out my render and all the AOVs to separate png files.. I usually use multichannel exr, but for this one a frame stack png is required hence why I want to write out my beauty and my extra image planes to separate files. any suggestions? Cheers
  5. Trails advected by Volume

    create a simple smoke simulation first, use a popnet and Advect particles from volume. put a trail sop on that. from there convert into geo.
  6. camera frustum on pyro sim

    put this solution in a Sop solver in your dopnet, and that way it would evaluate this setup every frame and remove unwanted density.
  7. camera frustum on pyro sim

    here is a quick one. frustrum_example.hip
  8. Bullet: RBD sim as collision object for second sim

    I had to do this just a few days ago and the way I approached it worked smoothly. I converted my cached geo to an VDB SDF, and read that into my dopnet with a staticobject node with deforming geometry ticked on, using volume collision with my SDF as a proxy volume.
  9. FLIP Object not colliding with itself

    can you reupload your scene but with the layout geometry node in there? currently your object merge node in the mouth geometry node is not referencing anything.
  10. Houdini Pyro Shockwave : Density Artefact Problem

    The problem is that you are using your particles as a source without caching them out first. It is very good practice to always cache out your source (you can choose to do that after the source volume, or before the source volume). Your particles are previous frame dependent. every frame affects the next frame and so on. When Houdini is loading your source into your smoke sim, it does not have that information. Caching out your source fixed the issue. debug_shockwave1.hip
  11. Fluid Particles Dying

    I am not sure I understand exactly the problem Jingaa? Looking through your scene, your object merge in bottle1 is not referencing anything existing in the scene. Also your collision geo seems to be waay bigger scale than your fluid (bottle_for_water) is this on purpose? Anyway if I redirect your merge in bottle1 to Coca_cola_bottle and then run your fluid sim (with the major scale difference) your fluid is colliding just fine. Bottle_Filling_changed.hip
  12. Dust effect on the sword surface

    you could try to emit smoke at first from the sword, when you are happy with the organic look, then use the Advect From Volume node in a particle (pop) network. that way your particles inherit the motion from the smoke and get that organic look.
  13. volume noise based on a point attribute

    Solved the problem with a point cloud lookup
  14. volume noise based on a point attribute

    here is a quick example file of my setup. example.hip
  15. smoke launch

    I think you are pretty close. As Atom suggested I would try to slow it down, so it looks a lot bigger. Also you might want to try to add a lot of detail to the smoke, and breaking up those mushroom clouds. I would suggest you look at the gas disturb micro solver. That can help you with the mushrooms.