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  1. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    why are you even discussing this? someone took the time to create tools to make certain things easier, and you are arguing this will make people lazy and the tools are bad? remember that lazyness is a choice. If you do not want to be lazy then dont use the tools!
  2. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    @toadstorm and @moedeldiho Thanks so much for this. These are very nice tools!
  3. UV Flatten node bugged?

    I tried the reverse point sort as well, but it did not work for me. it kept crashing
  4. UV Flatten node bugged?

    however disabling the sort works, however I kinda need to sort my points for the shortest path to work as intended.
  5. UV Flatten node bugged?

    hmm strange that you can get it to work with adding prox to points on the prims as well.. if I do that I still crash.
  6. UV Flatten node bugged?

    Hey guys. I need someone to take a look at my scene and tell me why it keeps crashing using the UV Flatten node. I have in the file a working example, and then a non-working one. there is only a few operations in difference between the to uv flatten setups, however one of them is not working. Any help, or confirmation that this is in fact a bug and not just me overlooking something, is appreciated. Cheers Hershey_mod_v0010_workinguvs_jra_.hiplc
  7. smoke separation

    you should post this under the Effect section instead of here.
  8. Problem breaking object with forces

    its hard to say without access to the file.
  9. Affordable SpeedTree Cinema alternatives

    if you are looking for something that is already ready to go and good quality you should check out https://polyget.com/ its created in 3ds max, but I have used their stuff in houdini and it works just fine. very nice geo to work with, and easy to manipulate to your own needs
  10. Tearing metal from bullet sim

    you original mesh that you fracture with the voronoi can be used and deformed based on your voronoi simulation. I assume that your voronoi sim and the original mesh have the same point count. You can simply use a pointdeform to transfer your sim animation to your orignal mesh
  11. Atom's Link Page

    really awesome. @Marc can we maybe get this one linked on the front page next to smoke solver tips etc?
  12. Alembic export and Textures

    does your simualtion cache have rest and Uv attribute when coming out of the dop? if not try attribute transfer uv and rest after your convert node. maybe even better to use attribute copy
  13. Alembic export and Textures

    instead of the convert node after the cache, try to put down an unpack instead. your convert might be causing the loss of your attribs
  14. WIP..Buckingham Palace

    is this modelled in Houdini?
  15. Making a Cloth tear effect

    this could probably help get started: