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  1. Toggle Network View Dependency Links

    yes i know, but by script (python) ? We are in that section..
  2. Hi, Anyone can help me how to set the netwok view dependency links options ? Or toggle them ? THX
  3. Set Display Options in Python

    This Geometry Color propery is signed as a Material Property ( RMB on the right side of the Scene View ). Maybe helps.. Sorry i have not so much practise in this..
  4. Set Display Options in Python

    Somehow the useFadedLook toggles the flag but not shown at the view.. Any idea? THX
  5. Set Display Options in Python

    THX for all! I am checking them now...
  6. Set Display Options in Python

    Can easily be changed the actual scene view / Display Options / Effect / Material / Set Geo Color in python ? And how ? THX
  7. Hi Members, I found a cool feature in H15.5 new features doc but I could not find in the app. Can anyone help ? G
  8. Thanks ! Bad mistake I made... That works. But there was a strange thing, It I disable the forces branch ( force and spin ) in DOP the falling to ground part behaves differently.. Have you got any Idea? G
  9. Hi, How can an animated sop attribute ( here called weight ) be inported into a dop simulation ? I want to use it as a force weight value in a vex expression. Like a wind goes trough the scene .... Thanks in advance! G LeavesBlown_from_Ground_weighted_01.hip
  10. Pressing the File Node Reload Button in Python

    Thanks for it. Simple.. I would have thought it.. G
  11. Hi, Can it be possible to Press the reload button by a python script? I tried the pressBUtton metthod like.. ( x is the button ) hou.node('/obj/null1/x').pressButton() But not succeded. Thanks, G
  12. Spyrogif

    Every piece is a great work. Nice.
  13. Thanks, It is easy, but you know any easy method to bring mplay app to front? Thanks in advance! G
  14. Hi, Colud You tell why this code is not working for reading the captures files back. THX G -- code -- import hou import toolutils hou.hscript( "loadseq -r a:/Projects/HoudiniTests/Python/flipbook/'$F3'.jpg") print 1