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  1. How to contain a fluid in a closed container

    Here is the setup file only thing you have to load up the otls files for the constrain. Hopefully that helps. Thank you
  2. Hello, I got a closed water tank which contains the fluid inside. So the initial setup for my shot is working fine where the fluid is inside the tank. I have a RBD simulation for the water tank which starts at frame 200 and I cached out the simulation and reading that in the fluid simulation as a static object with deforming geometry. Till frame 200 the fluid contained inside the tank is working fine but after frame 200 when the tank starts to break 80% of the fluid disappear. How the fluid goes missing when the tank started to deform? Any help will be much appreciated. Thank You!!
  3. I am trying to make a scene where there is a flowing river going under a bridge. I also created a fractured house which will be driven by the flowing river and get crashed into the bridge. The only problem I am facing is that the fluid sim breaking the house even before it get hit by the bridge(which is normal interaction between rbd and fluids). Is there any other possible way in which I can interact both my rbd and fluids in a good way so that it doesn't break before hitting the bridge? Thank You Here is a reference shot what I am trying to achieve
  4. metals deformation and tearing

    what are the possible ways to approach to do metal deformation and tearing in H15? For beams or rails I used wires to deform but its hard to break them apart For platforms I used cloth which still has too much elasticity,still look more like cloth then metal Any sort of advice for this kind of deformation are welcomed Thank you