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  1. In Unity, in the Inspector of your HDA, Asset Settings/Cooking/ "Play Mode Per Frame Cooking" I'm updating a VOP Noise with a $F (in the promotted Offset.
  2. Oh wow, super !
  3. Hello there, I'm too interested in this topic. I tried 2 VEX methods using an Attrib_Wrangle inside a Solver SOP : The one provided above by Tricecold, with the same behaviour where the Scale Matrix, indeed scale but doesn't update the collision correctly. And this one matrix3 mat = primintrinsic(geoself(), "transform", 0); 3@m = mat; mat *= fit(@Frame, 55, 75, 1, 0.99); setprimintrinsic(geoself(), "transform", @ptnum, mat); Which updates better in terms of collision position. Though, it doesn't look right, it is very visible that the whole matrix is reduced. My big wish would be to reproduce the above wrangle in vop, but I'm stuggling with the node Intrinsic, and also I don't know what I should provide the Pivot entry with. If anyone could provide a sample hip or a screen capture to get me started that would be super helpfull