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  1. Condensation wip.

    Hi Some work creating condensation that can move and leave the surface. thanks Nigel. https://vimeo.com/271963206
  2. FLIP - sourcing from points

    Hard to say without seeing your file but if you have reseeding turned on it's possible decreasing particle separation is causing reseeding to remove particles. try turning it off and see what happens. cheers Nigel.
  3. Fizzy Fluid wip.

    Hi there Thanks, it has a lot of problems which I hope to be able to look at again soon. I'll dig up a hip file for it in the next day or so and post. cheers Nigel.
  4. meshing slow mo flip fluid

    yeah I think you need to plan ahead in terms of a time scale value if working that way. i'll post some results when i get chance. Did you end up being able to capture your fine detail? cheers Nigel.
  5. meshing slow mo flip fluid

    Hi there Nice sim. I'm having problems with slow mo as well but I've been trying to create the slow motion by running time at a slower speed on the dopnet node. It's possible I've totally misinterpreted the use of this, hope not. Have you tried that? I have issues because I reference another dopnet so it's not working as I expected it to but it seems like a good idea? - the running dopnet at a slower speed that is. cheers Nigel.
  6. computer advice

    yeah, they've been well and truly superceded now tho, (i think that particular line is r730 now) so prices are low on the second hand market. a little bit power hungry esp the 3.4ghz cpus in comparison to newer chips but not horrendous and still cheaper than a render farm. I think it idles for about N.Z $1- (0.50c euro) per day and draws about 500w max running all cores 100%, haven't seen it utilize full memory yet so it's likely it could draw the full 800w if totally maxed out. And it's built solid. I've put it in a ventilated cupboard for now and its happy. to run hqueue, I had to learn a bit more linux, in particular bind9 to bind local dns addresses, if thats the correct terminology, and a few other things but nothing drastic. and sidefx support are great with help.
  7. computer advice

    Hi there I picked up an old (relatively speaking) dell r710 for N.Z $1200 (roughly 600 euro i think) which is dual hex core running at 3.4 ghz 128 gig ram, no graphics card of course, but it's working pretty well with hqueue for simming and rendering. Seems to be pretty cost effective to me. Fans are slightly noisy but hey..
  8. Hi there I've had this issue for a couple of days and I can't figure it out. I thought my Flip sim was bad because playing back the .sim files didn't seem to advance the simulation past the first frame for a number of frames and then it jumps ahead in time. However if I reset the simulation and manually tab in the next frame instead of advancing the timeline the next frame of the simulation is actually there. I'm wondering if the issue is related to my dop network simulation settings in any way? For some reason the start frame is 0 and the offset time is -0.016667. I don't recall setting start frame to 0 so I may have inadvertently change it as I have my other dops set to start frame 1. All my dops are running with a scale time of 0.5 and 5 sub steps. Global FPS is 60. I'm not having any problems with the other dops, it's just this last flip that won't play back correctly. Any advice much appreciated. I've attached the hip. thanks Nigel. double size btl with cond v23 rf wking.hiplc
  9. Create water droplets on moving car

    also this thread is great.
  10. Create water droplets on moving car

    Have a look at the Entagma website. Packing the torus for distributing the raindrops using pop grain and also they have another tutorial placing droplets on a piece of geometry, a vegetable i think, which is also useful. xyzdist and primuv are your friends.
  11. Oh, brilliant, thanks, would never of thought of using a packed primitive.
  12. Hi I was trying to figure out how I could get a camera to follow a rigid body sim'd object as it falls vertically down by using the v.y data from the sim. I thought naively that I could just jump inside the camera node and translate the camera origin by v.y in a wrangle but that doesn't seem to be the case. Moving the camera origin isn't the same as moving the camera I guess. Any advice much appreciated. thanks Nigel.
  13. Have a look at the Entagma quartz crystal tutorial, that may be useful.
  14. Hi there I'm trying to install Hqueue client on a dellr710 server which is running ubuntu 16.04.3server which is now shipped with python3 only. I get python errors when trying to install and I now see on the Hqueue server interface that Hqueue client requires 2.5,6 or 7. Can I just install 2.7 and all will be well? Reason I ask is I had a lot of problems with 2.7 and 3 both being installed on another machine recently and I don't really want to revisit that mess. thanks Nigel.