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  1. ah right usb3, wondered about that. i tested speeds with an external ssd recently and the results were too slow, older motherboard tho so only usb2 I guess.
  2. At the moment I have to run source houdini_setup in /opt/hfs16.0.670 before running Houdini otherwise it defaults to Houdini16.0.633 so I guess I have something set up wrong somewhere.. thanks
  3. Will you get fast enough bus speed to an external drive to warrant it being an ssd?
  4. I think that makes sense, returning to linux/unix after twenty odd years so rusty as. Thanks.
  5. Hi Lukeiamyourfather Excuse my ignorance.. I run Houdini from terminal, will running "Houdini" pick up the latest version or would I need to run "Houdini-version number"? thanks Nigel.
  6. Hi There I have Houdini 16 running on Ubuntu 16.04. Now I need to install a daily build. Could someone tell me the easiest way to go about this please? thanks Nigel.
  7. Hi There I'm having a problem with Mantra deciding to not render random frames in a sequence. It's a fluid pour and there's nothing different in the frames it won't render. If I render the frame in mplay I can see a couple of the marching tiles get left behind and the render never finishes. I'm getting a command exit code 15 but that relates to a warning saying my keys have 11 days left before they expire. Surely that's not the problem? Any advice much appreciated. I've contacted support to see if they can help but if anyone has any ideas that'd be great as I need to get this rendered out. SOLVED - there was an issue with nested dielectric shaders and v small ray tracing bias. Todays daily build fixes this 16.0.670
  8. Hi There I'm writing out a .sim file for every frame of my simulation and would like to restart the simulation from a given frame number but I don't seem to be able to do this. I have the .sim file path and name entered as the initial state but if I press play or jump into the dop network and save to disk from the given frame number Houdini wants to start at frame 1 and re sim all the way thru. Am I missing a step here? As every frame is a .sim file I was assuming I wouldn't need to save checkpoint - am I wrong about this? thanks in advance. cheers Nigel.
  9. Thanks for the advice, appreciated. I am applying particle separation at the default settings, will try testing higher separation scale values. So is collapsing due to the sphere packing issue? Thanks for the hip Atom.
  10. Hi There So I've got a Flip fluid simulation which involves an emitter pouring into the glass. Everything is as it should be until the emitter stops, (planned) at which point the volume of the flip fluid immediately begins to collapse until it is roughly quarter of the volume it achieved at it's maximum volume. A total of 1.7mil particles with a particle separation of 0.004 are emitted and I still have 1.7mil particles and the end of the sim so I'm not losing particles. I have reseeding off. I've tried increasing the number of solver sub steps but that hasn't helped. I've tried increasing the number of particles also no difference. I'm going to try turning reseeding back on and see if that helps but i don't understand why it would be needed if volume is sustained until the emitter stops. Any advice? thanks Nigel.
  11. Hi There So I decided to re install ubuntu and houdini on an ssd instead of mechanical drive but when i navigate to /opt i cant navigate to /hfs16.0.633 to run the source houdini_setup or hkey. I just get a no such directory message even tho when I ls I can see hfs16.0 and hfs16.0.633 Can anybody help please? thanks Nigel.
  12. Hi there Does anybody have an answer to this? I've just installed Ubuntu and all is fine except I can't see external drives from Houdini 16? thanks Nigel.
  13. Hi There You need to import the surface field into the popvop. One of the the tabs on the popvop sets up the inputs for opinput 1-4. Then you need to plug surface and P into the volumesample node and that will return a value indicating distance from surface either inside or outside. Hope this makes sense. cheers Nigel.
  14. Hi Again Attached is a link to fizzy fluid mk2. A low sample render. Lots of issues, namely.. Shaders/Lighting/Render all need work. Bubble culling algorithm needs refining. The bubble/foam emitter is a place holder, need to think of a better way of placing it. The pour is also a place holder, needs refining. At this stage have mainly been concerned with flow of fluid in the glass, bubble paths, bubble to foam transition and the behaviour of the foam. Still a long way to go. https://vimeo.com/214421996 thanks Nigel.