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  1. Create water droplets on moving car

    also this thread is great.
  2. Create water droplets on moving car

    Have a look at the Entagma website. Packing the torus for distributing the raindrops using pop grain and also they have another tutorial placing droplets on a piece of geometry, a vegetable i think, which is also useful. xyzdist and primuv are your friends.
  3. Oh, brilliant, thanks, would never of thought of using a packed primitive.
  4. Hi I was trying to figure out how I could get a camera to follow a rigid body sim'd object as it falls vertically down by using the v.y data from the sim. I thought naively that I could just jump inside the camera node and translate the camera origin by v.y in a wrangle but that doesn't seem to be the case. Moving the camera origin isn't the same as moving the camera I guess. Any advice much appreciated. thanks Nigel.
  5. Have a look at the Entagma quartz crystal tutorial, that may be useful.
  6. Hi there I'm trying to install Hqueue client on a dellr710 server which is running ubuntu 16.04.3server which is now shipped with python3 only. I get python errors when trying to install and I now see on the Hqueue server interface that Hqueue client requires 2.5,6 or 7. Can I just install 2.7 and all will be well? Reason I ask is I had a lot of problems with 2.7 and 3 both being installed on another machine recently and I don't really want to revisit that mess. thanks Nigel.
  7. problem with flip

    @Atom If it was a black sky wouldn't be seeing similar artifacts on the crest of the wave created by the log rolling thru the water at some point? Hard to say without seeing the hip setup i guess.
  8. problem with flip

    Hi Nicolas Are you using nested dielectrics here? If so try reducing the ray tracing bias (Rendering/Shading) on the render node. I've seen similar patterns appear when liquid intersects a thin glass wall when using nested dielectrics and that did the trick. If not you could try - increasing the refract and/or reflect limits (render out the image planes to see which if either is the issue). -if that works but increases your render times by too much, switch at ray limit to - use direct lighting as background color. Hope that helps in some way. cheers Nigel.
  9. how to smoothly turn off flip fluid emission from object

    Cool, glad it was useful.
  10. Hi there I'm having trouble layer comping in the mat context. I'm building individual components - paper stock, black ink, foils.. (of a label) as separate shaders in material builder nodes in the mat context. I think I'm setting them up correctly to use layers. If I drag the layer to a null and then assign it to the geo it renders correctly, but when I try to layer comp I get gray geo and a /mat/layercomp1: invalid array literal for type : void (1,30)? I did have this working in shops apart from one small problem but now I have a big problem in Mat. Anybody able to point me in the right direction please? thanks Nigel. rotating bottle v18 wking.hiplc
  11. Hi, solved, dunno how/why, it just worked this morning...
  12. how to smoothly turn off flip fluid emission from object

    Hi there One way of doing it is to go to the scalar volume of your fluid source and keyframe the edge location of the sdf from from the initial value to zero. this will gradually reduce the number of particles emitted. cheers Nigel
  13. Shaping a flip fluid pour?

    Hi there I'm trying to determine an approach to shaping an emitted flip fluid pour. When you look at fluid poured from a bottle or a jug there's an awful lot going on in the way the fluid surface behaves. it very nicely rolls i guess (not the best description) into itself from the sides and tapers in on itself the further away it is from the top of the pour. It's a really beautiful shape. I should imagine the physics of it is pretty complicated but does anyone have any ideas about a basic plan of attack or know of any documentation that discusses this? I've had a hunt around but don't seem to be able to find anything. I guess I want to be looking at curvature and/or surface tension or something like that and manipulating the velocities on the particles at the edges of the pour relative to those at the centre? Any advice much appreciated, this is just a learning exercise at this stage. thanks Nigel.
  14. Shaping a flip fluid pour?

    Hi Ryew Yep pouring a volume of fluid through a spout is definitely an improvement on emitting from a source volume. I'd tried emitting from a source volume thru a spout before and it didn't really work but pouring a bottle or glass of fluid starts to give a better shape. The paper Marty attached above explains the Navier Stokes equations pretty well. Using a spout defines a solid boundary for the time the fluid is moving thru it but then it's defined entirely by a free surface when traveling thru air, surface tension is the major factor here, (thanks Marty) and I think that's able to be defined by mean curvature which you can solve for with gas analysis micro solver, and then, well I'm still figuring that out. I read the Flip smorganic/sheeter effect thread last, Pazuzu's tension work was amazing. Haven't got a flip worth sharing at the moment but will do.
  15. Hi there I've been looking into seeding vorticles and I like the idea but I'm not sure whether they could be used in a flip network and even less sure what I'd plug the gas vorticle geometry node into? Any ideas? I'm thinking it'd be like adding impurities into your liquid. thanks Nigel.
  16. Hi there I've been looking into seeding vorticles and I like the idea but I'm not sure whether they could be used in a flip network and even less sure what I'd plug the gas vorticle geometry node into? Any ideas? I'm thinking it'd be like adding impurities into your liquid. thanks Nigel.
  17. Flip with multiple layers of liquids

    you could using density to separate the different components, that'd make flip layer them by density and apply different forces to them to create the mixing. might be too crude for the behaviour you want to create tho cheers Nigel.
  18. Shaping a flip fluid pour?

    I want to emulate the flow of liquid from the neck of a bottle as per the attached image and out of interest I'm trying to determine how I could control the way it shapes. Sorry I don't know what you call whatever is happening in terms of physics but the liquid in that shot (and real life pours in general) has such a nice shape and taper to it. To date I haven't been able to achieve anything close. I did try and cheat it with noise on the velocities from the emitter volume but that looked terrible. Quickly looking at the fluid notes Marty sent thru earlier, there seems to be a few relationships that could be useful but it's going to take a close read for me to understand it, if i even can. cheers Nigel. pour.tiff
  19. Shaping a flip fluid pour?

    Hi Marty Thanks, I'm already using the swirly kernel. And ta for the fluid notes, much appreciated. Have a good day.
  20. Flip and Divergence.

    Hi So I'm looking into solving my issue with a glass of flip collapsing after the emission stream ends. Atom suggested adding a divergence volume so I'll have a look at that but I'm wondering what the difference between using a source volume for divergence and using divergence by attribute on the solver itself is? Also I'm wondering if anyone knows of any documentation describing how to use the pressure and divergence fields in flip? Thanks Nigel.
  21. Flip and Divergence.

    Thanks Ryan.
  22. Alt + Control key shotcuts not working

    I have shortcut failure H16.0.670 Ubuntu 16.04. yep frustrating.
  23. When is a network too complex?

    maybe when there are inter dependencies within in it that would be better separated. which makes things easier to change. say for example a dop network containing related flip, pop and smoke solvers, it seems to make sense to run them as three separate networks so if there is an issue/change with one part of the network you only have to re run that dop.
  24. Falling Petals

    that's cool. on a side note, how do you embed the video in the post like that? when i try i just end up with the < code > sitting there.