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  1. Either increase substeps or play around with motion blur on fluid source node, or emit not from geo but points. make some quick pop sim, so you have trail and then use that as fluid source. (if your problem is stepping)
  2. Still for some reason doesn't work for me. Maybe I'm exporting .ass the wrong way. Well alembic is ok as well. So all good
  3. I know, right! I was first thinking to make everything like small ocean, but then the letter started to disappear. It`s better like this, but not a big fan of those small ripples. I have couple of ideas how to fix that. Will try this evening. maybe I could use vdb smooth separately for high vel particles and then vdb combine and then only convert to polys. I`ll see how it goes.
  4. Something I`m working on right now. Rendered with Arnold in C4D.
  5. Well alembic works ok, so using that one. And problem kinda solved. But if anyone knows how to use .ass with C4D, share the knowledge Thanks
  6. Hey guys. Anyone know how can I import houdini particles in Cinema 4d to render them with Arnold. I did export .ass files already, but just can\t find a way to import them in to C4D. I`m new to Arnold, so trying to figure out how everything works. Main animation and scene is C4D, and I do only some flip and pyro in houdini. Thanks
  7. Yes by workjing on actual project you learn a lot, but learn basics on side, I know it might be bit boring, but that is gonna help you along the way. One more for the basics I could suggest is this guy http://helloluxx.com/product/learn-houdini-jumpstart-ultimate-bundle/ I purchased pyro and vops, Really well explained everything there. For the chain and sphere: Fastest and easiest way probably is to take one link and merge it with sphere so it`s one object. Also if sim is not working properly try increasing substebs, that should help.
  8. It`s good to start with the project already, but you should learn the basics of sops, then dops, vops and then do more complex stuff. I found this to be very helpful at the beginning https://www.fxphd.com/details/?idCourse=368 But who am I to say. I started with FLIP struggled 3 months on one shot, but somehow finished it You should look in bullet data and geometry representation. and probably its convex hull by default, so change it to concave. Should do the job.
  9. RDB packed objects should do the job.
  10. If you update few steps in your setup everything will work. I actually downloaded the hip and did some tests, but I can\t upload anything from work. not even screenshots. Basically you can even feed in from sops the targetstiffness as an attribute in dops. so you could select hands, feet, head to be stuck to anim and rest be calculated as fem. change model to organic tissue, play around a bit. and you will get some interesting results. Also don\t forget to use point deform, to feed in animated geo. Have fun
  11. Just saw that I`m exactly 4h too late with reply
  12. CHeck this tutorial
  13. hmm 30 vdbs. That's an interesting problem there. Probably for each is the way to go, but how to properly set it up then. or volume wrangle/vop. I don't have time now to have a look at it, but I'm curious how to do it now.
  14. VDB combine does exactly what you need. check if you are working with fog volumes (density or whatever you have called them)
  15. well with no node tree screen or hip it`s quite hard to tell, how you are deleting the points and how you are actually creating them. well flip probably.