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  1. this hsould be in General Houdini Questions but quick answer is that it always happens when you decrease voxel size. 2 options: *do tests in resolution closer to real one *use volume upres dop with low res sim to ass resolution
  2. Don`t know nothing about 3d industry in Denmark, but I bet you have some nice studios there, for adds I`m guessing. If you are thinking about the film industry, and want to work on big projects, you should probably be willing to relocate. (UK, Canada, Australia, some studios in Germany and France). Choose tutorials online to follow, make few good shots (just make your own versions, not 1/1 from tut) and try to apply to places. But I would still probably try school or college, as there you can experiment a lot. And some schools help their student to get in to industry. As looking at your work. If you want to be a modeller then probably go with maya as that is industries standard. Fx - houdini (good to know maya as well) Also watch some tutorials about rendering, and how to make your stuff look great. Try Arnold, Renderman. I`m using Arnold now. Love it.
  3. This one looks way better. http://www.3dcollegedenmark.dk/
  4. I didn`t finish any animation/3d school and work in FX. To be honest a lot of people that work in 3D have degrees in different fields or don`t have any. If you choose to study, do a proper research if spending all that money for education is really necessary. But don`t get me wrong, studying in university is a good time in your life. I studied structural engineering and never regretted it. Student life has is perks
  5. Unfortunately I can`t upload any photos or .hips at work. But I`ll try to explain what worked for me. If you are working with vdbs. make vdb visualizetree sop. change parameters so you get just points representing the volume. Than make point sop. In first input plug in points in second plug in vdb volume. Inside the vop make volume sample vex node. Connect filename to OpInput2. and pos to sample pos. this node will output density value for each point. And from here you can do pretty much what ever you need. Bind export density value for each point of just make ramp and output that to Cd. have fun Cheers
  6. Volume slice, when you choose method - points, matches the voxel count. and you can check the density value in geometry spreadsheet. If that is not good enough, you can do that in volume vop. Just add points where you have density. and color the points depending on your density values. Well as for everything in Houdini, many ways how to achieve it.
  7. "But before we get into that, holy shit look at this baby tapir." good one
  8. Thanks. makes sense now
  9. Just out of curiosity. Why color is Cd, not, for an example, Co or Cl or something?
  10. If anyone still interested you can find some more help with this cluster setup here: http://flooz-vfx.com/ On .hip with rabbit trail. One I especially found helpful was sop solver that blends/transfers velocity between clusters. It took ages to go through all scrips I found, understand what is happening there and apply to shots I need. Proper tutorial about clustering smoke trails would have helped me a lot. I bet others as well.
  11. Yeah! fun stuff
  12. Ok. Target Deformation did the job. For some reason a lot of times, when I post question, suddenly I find solution my self
  13. Hi anyone knows how to achieve this effect? I tried using cloth and sop solver, where in sopsolver I use peak sop that shrinks geo every frame, but how to make it stop when it reaches the collision geo? Thanks Janis
  14. Yes. Vex for particles is something everyone would appreciate! Thanks. Really need to start using vex more. And to be honest, not a lot of tutorials specifically for vex.
  15. Either increase substeps or play around with motion blur on fluid source node, or emit not from geo but points. make some quick pop sim, so you have trail and then use that as fluid source. (if your problem is stepping)