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  1. Disabling Texture Wrap in UVQuickshade

    Thanks, I'll try! edit: got it to work, just by putting a decal node (as you mentioned) in the uvquickshade instead of the v_layered shader. Thx for the pointer
  2. Hi, does anybody know how I would disable texture wrapping in the uvquickshade? I tried modifying the Map Tiling in the v_layered shader inside of the node, but no success. Thanks for some pointers! Cheers Dominik
  3. You are right. With 16.0.633 I get your behaviour...I had a look to the changelog ... Seems that they changed/fixed some things... thx for pointing !
  4. Thanks! Appreciate it!
  5. This is how it looks with my setup
  6. Hi, I can't solve it... I uploaded a scene with the original object. https://we.tl/fL6ZWnfunE If you render right away it looks fine, because it does not use any packed prims. I f you render out the geo from the rop and then pipe the file node in the copy nodes, you should see, that only one berry has SSS, the other not. Maybe somebody can help here...? Thanks Dominik
  7. Thanks for your answer, but if I try your suggestions it does not work, especially because I had already "Use point color" ticked. So if you just fire a render of my test scene, you will notice all rings have one significantly noticeable blue sphere, if you then go in the shader and activate SSS, all rings get black except on ring, with correct SSS showing. A friend of mine suggested to throw out the "pack" node and use copy stamp instead with "pack and instance" ticked. That should work. But: In my bigger setup, I have a blueberry, which has the same attributes. I write it as a bgeo.sc to disk, then having a RBD sim to place them in a bowl and on a table using a lower geo representation and after that i instance the hi geo on the originally used lower ones. Here I have the same issues with the above mentioned SSS problems... Still have to dig deeper...
  8. Hi, no ideas or suggestions?
  9. Sorry, double post. This thread can be deleted...
  10. Hi folks, hope my problem is not to silly... I've attached a test scene below. -- I have an object with an attribute "randCol" altering Cd. I pack the object and then copy it several times on a circle. So far so good. Giving the object a material with some color has the desired effect, having some spheres showing the color more and others not... Now turning on SSS gives me the effect only on one random picked object, the others render black. So how would I get the SSS on all the others? In the mantra node I have "Save all materials and shaders" tuned on. In the shader I use "Use packed color" Do I have to use some "Render State" magic and if yes, how? Thanks in advance! Dominik packed_rand_sss.hiplc
  11. Hi folks, hope my problem is not to silly... I've attached a test scene below. -- I have an object with an attribute "randCol" altering Cd. I pack the object and then copy several times on a circle.
  12. Dual boot - Indie license

    Hi, I also have my Indie license running on my dual boot Mac with Linux (CentOS) and Windows. But you can't use it under MacOS, because it adds .local to your hostname, which results in an other server key and in that case doesn't work. You then would have to transfer your license via SESI. Cheers Dominik
  13. Hi Houdniks, I have a behaviour on my large scale ocean, which I can't break down to the source. It seems, the map breaks the neighboring edges or kind of a tiling problem. Don't mind the overall plastic look of the ocean, no serious shading until now :-) My grid is distorted by a noise, but the problem occurs even without the distortion. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance Dominik
  14. Calm Ocean Surface with small ripples

    Thanks Juraj, i'll give it a try!