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  1. @Atommy GTX580 has 3GB of memory but good guess @martyI was wondering if the version is the problem (platform version vs. device version in my screenshots). It seems it is. Well, I've installed Linux Mint just to check this issue there and I can confirm that OpenCL support on my GTX580 doesn't work in Houdini 16 Apprentice on Linux as well. Time to upgrade then (I think I can borrow a different card ;)). Thanks for your input guys.
  2. Thank you for pointing that out edward My bad. However, I've installed it and it's still the same - no OpenCL device :/ And sorry that I'm posting about Windows in the Linux-related topic but the common thing is the Nvidia/OpenCL problem. I'll check Linux and we'll see.
  3. Linux version doesn't help on Windows, but thanks for that - it shows Linux version are more up to date Yeah - I'm thinking about installing Linux (Mint). Last time I've used it was about 10 years ago
  4. Thanks - I'm on the newest drivers (378.78) and it seems the daily build is the same as the one you download from the main link (16.0.504.20).
  5. Well, I've been waiting weeks for this weekend so I can finally play with H16 and no fun for me :/ Windows 7, Geforce GTX580, newest drivers, AMD Phenom processor with the drivers lukeiamyourfather mentioned - I still get errors. In previous Houdini versions OpenCL was working (but didn't increase speed a lot). I cannot use the new terrain tools and stuff. Even if I edit the .env file as Atom did it doesn't help. I've attached a screenshot - just a quick comparison of "about" section in H15.5 and H16. Geforce GTX580 supported OpenCL 1.1 but it in "platform/profile version" it says 1.2. Or maybe I'm out of the game and need a new card...? :/
  6. Hi, just a quick question - how did you make it work? Through the old VOPSOP or the new Attribute VOP? I keep getting problems with translating stuff to newer versions of Houdini. I can see what anim suggested but it seems as if the attributes are not comming through - when I plug it in to Cd I don't see any color change. Update: I got it! (after 3 hours of going crazy ). If anybody has a similar "problem": In VOPSOP we didn't have to plug in the P when working with PCOpen, in Attribute VOP/Point VOP even though we don't have to write expressions and can plug in other inputs from "outside/the upper level" directly to PCOpen it doesn't process correctly without the additional P input. Here's a comparison (both versions working):
  7. It would be great if you could share the solution However, I think I got it, the way it's supposed to be done (but please correct me if I'm wrong). I'm quite new to Houdini so the learning curve keeps hitting me in the face, but after watching almost all GoProcedural tutorials and recent Masterclasses (which mention adding different materials to different agent layers, but never actually show it) combined with studying help I ended up with a workflow that I've just described in a small document. Maybe it can help, I've attached it. Now a question from me: How could we create an image plane (render pass) from a group name attribute? I mean the group name we create in "crowdsource" node. For example, we create a scene with 10 different groups, we name them, and we want to have a mask for every group after we render. We could bind a parameter in the shader? But we have to bind that in every material? For the shoes, hats, bodies, of e.g. 30 different characters? That would be a nightmare. Another solution: create a simple shader with just the parameter and use it in Takes? But then we render the scene twice - the "normal" render with shaders we created for all the characters and assigned through Material Stylesheets, and then the "masks" render, right? Still not a perfect solution. Thanks for any tips. HoudiniCrowdMaterialStylesheetsForParts_v1.0.pdf
  8. Hi, I appreciate all the examples - they're working fine but with VOPsops. We're supposed to be using Attribute VOPs now and after spending 3 hours on this simple task I just gave up. The randomization is not working. How does one translate the simplest example, from Macha's file, into Attribute VOP? I've attached my attempt and screenshots. Thanks for any help, it's driving me crazy... (I'm still quite new to Houdini). random_rotation.hipnc
  9. Thanks! I was having the same problem