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  1. Ok, Thank you for the info.
  2. That's a way but you need to manually select and delete some edges before and then apply uniformly opensubdiv. Also, it don't suit my need because I need more subdiv in one direction. Your solution you've post just before are the best in my case. But it's a method that's good to know, thank you ! ps: Is there someone that's build its own edgedivide SOP which work with any selection order ?
  3. Oh yes ! That's a better way. I still need 4 selections for each polysplit SOP instead of a unique "real working like in any other 3d app" edgedivide SOP with one set of edges.. Anyway, it do the job for this time, Thank you for your time !
  4. Hello @Houdini7, loop selection or even fastidious manual selection still give me bad result
  5. Hello, I would like to subdivise my object but I don't know How to do it properly (cf. screenshot). I've joined my really simple mesh (divideEdge.bgeo.sc). Thank you Julien divideEdge.bgeo.sc
  6. Hello, Just to post an updated version which work with H16 (which use PySide2 module instead of PySide). Cheers XPopMenu_for_H16.zip
  7. Hello, I'm happy to share with you the script plugin XPopMenu ! Initially developed on Softimage by Reinhard Claus, XPopMenu is a popup menu that you can associate to a hotkey to get under the hand a quick and easy customizable set of tools. you can layout your menu using simple method like "addItem", "addTitleItem", "addSeparator" and "addSubMenu" If you want you can add icon for each action item (icons collection come from axialis.com with some custom from Reinhard Claus) As concrete example, I've joined two bonus tools : one to get distance and an other to get angle. Quick demo : I Hope you like it ! Cheers XPopMenu.zip
  8. Hello, I've updated the asset to v1.2 : - bug correction : uv output is now a 3 float format instead of a float vector - add a quick shade option download here
  9. Hello, I've updated my asset to v1.1 with : more alignements options big reorganization of the asset for better performance allow primitives selection for local projections icon Quick v1.1 demo : You can download it here on orbolt I hope you like it !
  10. Hello Atom ! Thank you for the info I haven't seen this before. And I'm totally agree that it is a bit disappointing that's not already built-in though.
  11. Hello ! I'm not sure I'm at the right place but I would like to share an asset with you. It make a cubic projection, not revolutionary (As that exists in all others common 3D packages) but is missing in Houdini (correct me if I'm wrong). Additionally I add some options for automatic alignment inspired from the code of this author : http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&p=88114&highlight=#88114 Quick Demo : I hope you like it ! Cheers. uvcubic.zip