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  1. Disconnect from Edges

    I notice that "Cut Boundary Points" option really disconnect components (cf. right side)
  2. Disconnect from Edges

    Hi Noobini ! Yes you're right about single edge. I like your solution, effectively it's way much simpler ! I've just enable cut boundary points in my case. Thank you very much for your time !!
  3. Disconnect from Edges

    Hi Noobini, thank you ! Actually your method give the best result (If I know that one day I need to use a boolean to disconnect edges.. ) ! But it does not work well in all cases (cf. scene and sreenshot). disconnectEdges_03.hiplc
  4. Disconnect from Edges

    Ok, I think I got it : First I have a group of edges that I want to disconnect Group promote : Convert this group from edge to point Fuse -> Unique : use this group of points to make them unique Connectivity : make an attribute by primitive connected pieces for each + Fuse : use this attribute to iterate an use Fuse to consolidate That it ! not the simplest way but it works ! If anyone have a simple method, I'll be happy to know. Thank you for your time Sepu !
  5. Disconnect from Edges

    No problem, I'm probably not clear enough. As you can see, all edges are blue = unshared/double (in particular the ones on the center bottom part), so if made an ployextrude inset on all, its treat each as faces as individual. Do you see what I mean ?
  6. Disconnect from Edges

    Hi Sepu, thank you but as I said in my first post I already do that but it make unique too much edges (cf. screenshot)
  7. Disconnect from Edges

    Hello, How can I disconnect primitive from my edges selection. In other words, how can I make my edges selection unshared ? I've already try to use "unique" from fuse sop but as this sop need points selection, it's make more unshared edges that I want (cf. hip and screenshot). Thank you. disconnectEdges_01.hiplc
  8. 16.5 drums

    I can confirm you that my cursor is over viewport so I don't understand, WHY MEEEEE !!! (I do exact same on H16 and it works)
  9. 16.5 drums

    Ok, I'm jalous or perhaps I've made a mistake.. On a new scene I create a cube, move some points and now if I hit 1 it doesn't do anything.. (It will normaly go in object mode) cf. screenshot
  10. 16.5 drums

    On my side, I notice that when I am in point selection mode, If I hit "1" it didn't go back in object mode like in v16. Do you notice same behavior ?
  11. 16.5 drums

    About S lag : I notice your lag but it just affect the display of the tool activation because in use it seems pretty reactive, as well as "alt" (just test in a really simple scene).
  12. HDA : UV Cubic

    Hello, I've updated the asset to v1.3 : - add the possibility to set the name of UV (cf. "UV Name" parameter) - quick preview also work if uv name is not "uv", ex : like "uv2" or "my_fantastic_uv" - simplify creation of hda (no more need to click or press "enter" to validate a selection)
  13. edge divide Question

    Ok, Thank you for the info.
  14. edge divide Question

    That's a way but you need to manually select and delete some edges before and then apply uniformly opensubdiv. Also, it don't suit my need because I need more subdiv in one direction. Your solution you've post just before are the best in my case. But it's a method that's good to know, thank you ! ps: Is there someone that's build its own edgedivide SOP which work with any selection order ?
  15. edge divide Question

    Oh yes ! That's a better way. I still need 4 selections for each polysplit SOP instead of a unique "real working like in any other 3d app" edgedivide SOP with one set of edges.. Anyway, it do the job for this time, Thank you for your time !