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  1. Hello, I have a question or two for anyone running H16 on the newer MacBooks. 1. Does OpenCL work with simulations properly. 2. What version OS and H16 are you using.
  2. Hey guys, I hate laptops and the MacBook is the only one I enjoy using. After using Houdini perfectly fine for a few years suddenly 16 has brought me crashfest! I was never able to use OpenCL despite it being "Supported" but thats fine because I use the Laptop to set things up and my PC is for final output or i send it to grid markets. I am looking to upgrade and looking to see if anyone has tested BootCamp with this new machine either a 2016/2017 they are so similar in hardware I think it would be the same results. Basically OpenCL in BootCamp or anyone not having Crashfest, although I find that hard to imagine.
  3. Anyone know how a Ryzen solution stacks up against at 1080ti for simulations?
  4. Have you tried Bootcamp with this GPU? Is it OSX or Windows. I could deal with a Bootcamp version of Houdini, I just really hate laptops and the only one that I actually enjoy happens to be a Mac.
  5. H14-15 have been a wonderful dream. H16 however, Disaster!