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  1. gtoup node

    use the new group promote node to convert from one type to another after you have created your group
  2. Oh Hey, I had already set that because the default didn't seem intuitive. Switching the direction ( and slowing down the speed ) really helped too. I thought there was some global switch that took care if each axis. Thanks though. Now if only ZBrush supported this :/
  3. Ok.. so .. How do I setup the wheels of a car that follow a null but retain independent rotation? parenting uses all the transforms types ( SRT)
  4. Thanks. Useful tips. One question : where is this reverse setting? I am using a mac
  5. Make the poly split node handle multiple splits under one node. Just have the split operations appear as a list in the node's Parameter window, or display them in the group/expression slot ( 1-2, 4-7, 12-63 etc ). Color code the newly generated edges when the node is selected and if the user hovers the cursor over any split edge, the group list automatically highlights the connected points/edges/faces. The user can then remove them from the list and thus undo that particular split ( without having to invoke a blast node )
  6. Declare expressions null and void. Every parameter can changed, tweaked, driven , accessed, modified just by drop down options. Also Cd = Color, N = Normal, P = Point position ( is that what P is ? ) in the VOPs network ... Please Don't kill me
  7. The subdivide node seems to throw up some bug and doesn't evaluate the edges properly where the polybridge joins the two ends. It treats them as 'unfused' The workaround as of now seems to be to add a '├žlean' before adding the subdivide node. OR maybe add a fuse node after the subdivide Thanks to friedasparagus over the sidefx forum. Edit : It might be due to the fact that the normals for both primitive sets are in the same direction. Add a reverse sop to either one fo them before the bridge.
  8. hmm. Yeah. Any idea how to have the netbox expand to show longer text?
  9. @TepeYou might be onto something here. I have posted a similar issue on the side fx website. Hopefully, someone will have a solution. Link : https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/48450/ Polybridge.hiplc Houdini Polybridge Error.mp4
  10. doh !!.. Thanks Was this in Houdini 15.5 as well ?
  11. It's a bit tricky but yeah, I can attest to the fact that too many nodes is one of the most daunting factors when learning Houdini. While I like the general direction Houdini is taking with splitting up nodes into smaller nodes that do one thing ( like the split up group nodes that make it much easier to use them ) in some cases it might be undesirable and downright confusing. Not to mention following older tuts adds to the confusion Eg : I just used the duplicate node and the node type shows up as Copy and Transform Sop (copyxform). Flummoxed I used a copy and transform node and it is the exact same thing. Perhaps some house cleaning is in order. And while we are on the topic of wishlists reg nodes... a way to collapse a chain of nodes under one 'folder' or 'pack' node would help reduce the clutter, especially for a chain of nodes that are accessing or passing information only one way ( not talking about subnets etc ). A simple toggle can collapse and uncollapse them.
  12. Do you mind uploading the file ?
  13. Unclear what you mean by bad Topology. From your screenshots the topology seems to behave as expected.
  14. Welcome. This is Houdini. I am sure, someone has a trick to dig into some text file in the application folder and tweak the default what you are looking for.
  15. Nit sure if you found the answer yet, but selecting and dragging the rightmost diamond shape stretches the line. Not sure if it scales it proportionately though.