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  1. Thanks for taking time to build this post. Probably the most useful thread on this site. U are so selfless in spreading the knowledge without any motive for gain. Faith in humanity restored. Respect man
  2. Thanks for sharing. SPI did beautiful work on this <3
  3. Hello my Houdini Folks, I hope you guys are doing well and creating A class Sims. I am tasked with creating Houdini fur for a talking animal, We are replacing the mouth with the animated one on the live action puppet. So basically my task is to match the groom with the plate. We first were looking at the Xgen Approach given its in Maya and we can render from Maya itself. But because Xgen is a pain and very buggy i transferred the task to be done in Houdini and rendered out in Mantra. I have the groom which looks if not the same, close to the puppet. But now the issue is to transfer the same fur over multiple shots with different camera info for continuity sake. I exported the camera and animating geo in Houdini. But with each shot, the geo is at different location in space because each shot is tracked separately. For transferring the fur over accurately, the geo needs to be in close proximity, with slight change in positions. I tried the recache strokes and transfer based on UV approach. But still, to get the groom match accurately it has to have same position as the fur geo we are transferring from. Did anyone in the community have worked with Houdini fur and transported the fur over multiple shots with different camera and geo positions? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks Harsh
  4. Hi Afandina. Can u explain how did you achieve it with COPs? I am trying to figure this out too.
  5. I tried it but seems like i need to bake multiple displacement maps and then edit the shader to give me the result i want. Sounds a bit too much but once i get the technique i will publish an in depth process on it as whole internet is pretty clueless about this.
  6. Thankyou so much Vijay. This gives me a certain idea on how to approach it. I will try it right away.
  7. Did you do the variation of the ocean surface in comp or shaders? Impressive work btw. I need to render a large scale ocean so i am looking for answers. Thanks
  8. Hello fellow effects artist. This my first post here. For a fast flying camera shot I am responsible to create a large ocean. I am using ocean spectrum nodes to simulate it in Houdini 15.5 But the waves looks very identical to each other. Is there a way to make it look more realistic with variation and cusps? Any reply would help. Thanks Test_Ocean25.exr