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  1. HtoA.Baking textures?

    Exactly! I have personal npr dithering shader recreated in two renders. Look at picture. I have(for example 5 colors) and i need(it's important) to have 5 colors in output indexed image.Plus i think it is obvious that with almost the same settings, the result in Arnold is better(maybe less light intensity in HtoA in example,it's not important). HtoA give perfect result,but i am too lazy to recreate shader in Maya. Mantra with NO AA(it's my target if i want pure colors) give awful result. With AA - count of colors increase in progression(i don't need that). And yes,render in Mantra with AA and postproduction in any editor(Gimp,PS) for such result-converting in index image,playing with other filters don't give such nice and purest result(from the position of colors count). So,thank for reply guys.) Maybe someday i'll remade it in Maya.
  2. HtoA.Baking textures?

    Hi all! Are there any variants for baking the texture in Houdini with Arnold? I can't find any solution how to do that.(
  3. Mantra Freezing

    You can catch it with log output in shell with high verbosity level(with 'mantra -V 5' command) .
  4. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Thank you for solution.) Guys,i am not skillful in python or hscript.( Anybody can help with simple shelf script which is add Null node on selected Dot or even for all selected dots. I think it will be very useful for all. Thanks!
  5. how to make smoke like cloth?

    Hi,i don't see any smoke. Geo+opacity+motion blur.
  6. Spherify New Terrain/HeightField?

    Ok,you must understand the technical implementation of Terrain-voxels in 2d dimensional space+info about height. It will always be rectangular. I think about procedural planet generator based on Terrain. But it's still too difficult for me. The solution can be - cluster of terrain squares converting to mesh and then projecting on sphere(subdiv box for uniform quads),every terrain piece in certain quad. But the most difficult part is the interaction of square boundaries. So,the first part will be to divide the full map of planet into these squares and work with them separately. Or unfold sphere into grid,convert to Terrain and then refold into sphere once again. Of course I would like to see more solutions about this too.
  7. Ок,you are trying to color_correct PATH to texture. >< Look at colors of in/out_puts. They have its own meaning.(Pink color,for example,means String value). And you need for output/input Green color(vector).Just focus mouse on it-you will see the type of variable.
  8. Particles collide inside a mesh

    Hi! The other day I watched stream with professionals from russian cg studio. They strongly recommended to use manual SDF object(with Collision Source node) instead generating it in DOP(because,as they said,it works very bad or not so as you want). So,i remastered your file(working perfect now),sorry for H16 version-i don't have 15.5.( animation_particles_gpe_v003_H16.hipnc
  9. Normals direction

    I am always newbie too.) But look at this example,may be will be helpful. normal_example.hipnc
  10. Which Linux For Houdini?

    There are a lot of solutions(video,etc) for Deb distros or you can use script from github for more easy install-just google it. I have Linux Mint and enjoy with Maya(working perfect) and Houdini.
  11. Retopology > tutorials and alternatives

    What about Poly Cruncher? http://www.mootools.com/plugins/us/polygoncruncher/
  12. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    What about this one amazing,it's not from sidefx,but who cares.) https://github.com/paulwinex/pw_Houdini_VEX_Editor
  13. Random link of interest

    In context. https://github.com/teared/meshlab-in-houdini
  14. Skin Slide Deformer

    If you want to test try to find old grandma with thin skin.The rule about TS are talking about works perfectly.