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  1. Sorry for my late reply. The Masterclass because of its nature couldn't be streamed. The conference however will, please check link below.
  2. Hi everyone, Preceding the conference on procedural content for games we are organizing, we also host a Houdini Dynamics Masterclass by Andrew Lowell. The Masterclass is free as long as we have places left. Location is Breda, the Netherlands, Europe. Please check website below: http://everythingprocedural.com/
  3. Hi everyone, Just to inform you we are organizing a conference on procedural content generation for games, this is not all Houdini related but might be of interest to all. Location is Breda, the Netherlands, Europe. We have 6 speakers confirmed of which Andrew Lowell (Lost Boys School of Visual Effects), Twan de Graaf (Ubisoft) and Mark Spevick (Escape Studios). Andrew will also provide a Masterclass on Houdini Dynamics preceding the conference. The conference is free, please check website below. http://everythingprocedural.com/
  4. We're looking for a new addition to our (art) team. If you want to share your skills and knowledge with upcoming game developers and be part of a well-respected international team of industry professionals this is a great opportunity. We are located in Breda, the Netherlands. For more info check the link below, or send me a PM. http://nhtv.easycruit.com/vacancy/1598251/51436?iso=gb