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  1. Pick up rotation of a packed primitive point in CHOPS

    @bran_daid awesome, thanks much this is what I was looking for!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a delay effector style effect on some copied boxes, but I've chosen the option to pack primitives before copying and now in CHOPS I want to know how to make say a Spring CHOP pick up the rotation of a packed prim. Here is an example scene file below. Thanks to anyone who can help. C4D_mograph_rebuilding_01.hip
  3. Hi everyone, I'm rigging a character and want to set up a constraints system with a prop and avoid the prop snapping when I switch constraint master. Please help! You can watch the preview of the course below is this is what I want to reproduce in houdini. Thanks much. https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/space-targeting-animation-maya-1981
  4. Hi ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I have a job to create a kaleidoscope animation. I'm just learning how a Kaleidoscope works in real life and time is limited. Has anyone ever worked on such a project and can give tips on how to get started and maybe some math behind how it works? I've attached a video I found that has this effect created by buck (starting at about 16 seconds in). Any help here would be much appreciated really. Thanks in advance. Sherwin Williams - Kaleidoscope-SD.mp4
  5. Thanks much for the info @Juraj that's very helpful.
  6. Hi everyone, I seeking workflow tips to render characters separately from the environment but still have all the interactions such as reflections, shadows and so forth in both layers. Any tips and ideas would be much appreciated as I'm working on a project which would benefit greatly from this technique in comp. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sop solver in Dopnet

    you can try to use object merge in sop solver to bring in your geometry or you can turn on "use external geo" on the sop solver DOP to bring in stuff from sops.
  8. houdini shadow catching?

    @haaranoos how did u solve this problem. Would love to know. Thanks.
  9. water drops on bottle

    @petz awesome. I came up with sort of a solution but your file was more elegant. Plus I learned some new vex stuff. Thanks. Heres a link to my experiment b4 I got your file. waterDroplets_on_bottle_test_05.hip
  10. water drops on bottle

    Hello @petz, what I want to do is figure out a way to make the flowing water droplet points (in scene file) attract the more static droplet points once it passes close to them and those static points now start to flow too. Thanks in advance.☺ waterDroplets_on_bottle_test_01.hip
  11. sop solver data in a pop wrangle

    Makes sense thanks @Skybar. ☺
  12. SOPS new loops troubles

    @ofoggreat thanks but why didn't my setup work and how do I know when to put nodes inside the loop and when not to. Thanks again.
  13. Hi peeps, I'm trying to recreate an old @petz setup for non overlapping copies on points using the new for each loop but it wont work. Hope someone can help. Files attached. newLoops_troubles.hip non_overlapping.hipnc
  14. sop solver data in a pop wrangle

    Thanks @Farmfieldno need for the multiple solver dop gotcha. ☺
  15. water drops on bottle

    @petz or anybody really lol I need to figure out a way to do something similar to the effects in the video between times 4:22 - 6:05 .I'd be grateful for any tips, files, advice anything. @mattakThanks for the link, it has some nice setups but I want to have control over the flowing droplets and so forth. Thanks for for replies and all future help. https://vimeo.com/40954039