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  1. Hi, I used to check some colors of my works with mantra render view, then rendered. But when I imported the render images into nuke, the color information was different on view. So, I have to change colorspace to sRGB before compositing because it's similar to houdini render view. Why does the image render on linear colorspace?
  2. Thank you, f1480187!!!! using dot product then find max value, it would be so useful for me to do procedural animation. Thanks again
  3. Yes. you're right f1480187. When I applied it to my real geometry, it was not correct. So, I just tried to use Sort node. I sorted points using 'Along Vector' {0, -1, 0}, then I made normal with vop ; I used subtract between position of ptnum and ptnum-1. It's not exactly correct, but it is pretty close to what I want, cuz I just needed velocity for popnet. Thank you for your advised f1480187!!
  4. I tried to use Guide Tangent Space node so I make tangent attribute, then I cross product between my N and tangent, it works!! custom_N.hip
  5. thanks fencer, but it doesn't work. I made a default N with Facet. then I want to make N which is head to down along edges.
  6. Hi guys. I was wondering how I make normal like this image below. there is a cloth surface, and i need to make custom normal direction have any idea? thanks.
  7. hi guys. I want to make a growing plant animation with L-system. but I have a issue of input J and K. I'm gonna use animated-alembic cache for growing flower and some leaves. So, I tested simple L-system. I made key-animation object for input J and K. but I couldn't control the frame. any idea for me? Thx. l_system_copy_animation.hip
  8. Sorry I check this late. Here's the hip file and a single image. smoke1_2_topview.0020.exr Smoke.hip
  9. Hi guys, I have some issue when I render pyro. Have you seen the white line on pyro image? Though I re-render the same frame, that doesn't work. Help please. Thanks. exp1_2_topview_error.mov
  10. Hi guys. When I composite the passes in nuke, it doesn't match houdini Pz and maya z_depth. Can I control the depth information in houdini to match to maya?
  11. Hi, when I wanted some primitives to be converted to polygons, there was an issue. Before converting, I set primitive typed-attribute on the primitives because I could seperate each objects. But, the attributes didn't exist after converting. Even though I used attribute copy node, it didn't match properly. Can I use the attribute regardless of converting?
  12. sorry, I mean the shadow color in the Pyro Shader. This following image is default Pyro shader. I use Houdini 15.5
  13. Hi, when I rendered some smoke images, the smoke looked very flat even though I simulated high quality volume for long time. The problem was that I changed shadow color to closed to black. The default is white. I changed it back to white and rednered again. It looked much better. Why the Shadow color is white? How does it work...? Thanks.