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  1. ChromaKey H16 doesn't mask the background

    Yes! Thanks
  2. Hello guys, I made a quick video to demonstrate the problem. Thanks in advance!
  3. How to reset all settings/preferences

  4. Hello, I can't find an answer to this. My Houdini is acting weird and i can't find what's wrong so i want Houdini to be completly clean and on 'factory settings'. I'm on a Mac OS X 10.10 and on Houdini 16. Thanks in advance!
  5. Spyrogif

    Wow. true inspiration. Dit you do the 2D one (second from the last) completely in Houdini? Would love a tutorial on something like that.
  6. I love coloring geometry with color nodes. But i can't seem to export fbx with that color information included? I'll drop a file here with a sphere i've colored.. (and with the settings i've already tried) Thanks in advance. color to fbx.hip
  7. How to copy the bounding box of a group?

    kinda finded a way
  8. I would like to make a group that is rotating around on the edges (like the polywires are doing kinda) So i could take a PolyCurveFromEdge sop for every vertical edge. (and still be able to modify the tube procedurally before the group with extrudes, edge loops and stuff) Is it possible to have multiple boundingboxes in a group? (i know about the bounding object input but this doesn't serve edges) Thanks in advance!
  9. I will buy a commercial license so i can work with fbx. Thanks
  10. How to turn/rotate an polywire?

    When i play with "Joint Up vector" it kinda does it, but it's not perfectly straight.. Am i missing something? Thanks in advance
  11. But that doesn't work, in the toonboom thread you even see me just exporting a clean plain box from Houdini, and it is still messed up somehow
  12. How to quad cap?

    Do i have to do this manually polygon by polygon or is there a simple way? Thanks in advance!
  13. The messed up one is exported directly from Houdini, then imported into SBP. The good one is exported from Houdini, imported in 3D coat, exported from 3D coat, and imported in SBP. Also read this: http://forums.toonboom.com/storyboard-pro/support-and-troubleshooting/problem-importing-obj-file-houdini#comment-40237 Thanks in advance
  14. Render starts all over again, every time.

    Thanks for your response but if you watch my video you see i don't even get the chance to make a snapshot. Found out that if i close the renderview and restart it en turn off Auto-Update immediately it doesn't do it. But as soon as i have Auto-Update let re-render anything i can't stop this behaviour you see in the video. Not with auto-render on and NOT making paramater changes and even not with auto-render off, Well it's weird but i guess i'll have to live with it. Cheers