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  1. Really impressive demo man, congrats!
  2. Definitely strange. The view port actually does not read pscale, so changing pscale should make no difference in the view port at all. You probably already know/did this, but the view port has had a update bug so opening a new scene view would be first thing. If you lower pscale, and the point count does not change - then it is indeed view port bug. If lowering the pscale does change the point count , thats really wierd and I have no idea.
  3. After you pack your fracture, you can wire into add sop and get your centroids. Or use the points used to fracture if your using voronoi. Then animate colour and set active to colour. Attribute transfer onto your packed geometry before sending to dops. Enable attribute override on rbdpackedobject and enter active.
  4. The resolution of your grid does not change the resolution of the render time displacement. Only texture maps define resolution. You could use the shader on a grid that has only 4 points, and will render same quality as 2 million. The only difference is rendering with motion blur. Mantra needs enough points with v attribute to calculate motion blur. So loading 2 million points is heavy and useless. Just have enough points to get accurate motion blur or use 4 point grid if your not using motion blur. Edit: sorry, you are working with flip mesh and i thought only ocean grid, so this is not a solution
  5. I saw a way to use a post render script but never got it working.. What Atom said is what I do.. you can post relative references for values or use global variables in font node
  6. theres a obj level node called switcher, you wire your cameras into it and use a integer parameter to cycle through. camswitch.hip
  7. Hey, try rendering whitewater as points instead of volume. The shelf sets up to render as volume but most people use points and is better way i think.
  8. Most people just use division size. Up res is a extra step and it's not needed. But it allows you to run a lot of iterations and get them reviewed in daily's. Then you can up res and not worry about it looking different then what your supervisor approved. And you can add high frequency details. If your using dop forces or anything slowing your sim you can bypass having to calculate them at high res.
  9. Up res instruction on first page here dont make the difference between low/hi too much. Dividing your division size by two for hi res is a good range but if your sim explodes there's something wrong.. increasing resolution should make it smaller
  10. Try alembic export if you haven't. Try importing to other program and see if its still a problem. If it works in other program then its a zbrush issue.. maybe use facet with post compute normals enabled before export. The problem area is also the area that is black, black means normals are reversed.
  11. obj level look at is gone in 16 / how to target a camera?
  12. alot of relevant stuff in this thread learn to cluster via docs or shelf tool motion could be simply buoyancy direction value. but how to get that ark in fury road would be a challenge I have a failed attempt at it myself
  13. export it is .obj or .abc
  14. The new H16 boolean shatter makes the classic straight voronoi edge totally gnarly. The interior noise is derived from the same input that drives the fracture. Excellent.
  15. sorry, ignore this post - my mistake