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  1. Please allow me...

    :a single tear: so how bout them vdb's?? in b4 close
  2. Two 1070 or One 1080ti?

    yea some one else said the same thing, so he uses a 1080 for look dev on his workstation and 1070's for his slave
  3. Two 1070 or One 1080ti?

    Ic, thanks. I talked to others that confirmed gpu memory doesnt sum. But they said it will go with the highest card. I'm gonna ask on RS forum to confirm what it is.
  4. Two 1070 or One 1080ti?

    Is that how it works? How could sli ever be practical then..
  5. Two 1070 or One 1080ti?

    As they are about the same price. People on nvidia discord are convinced sli is dead, and causes stuttering. Tho they were talking about gaming and not rendering. Does stuttering apply to rendering? Looking to invest in some cards this season, what is your opinion on the best decision to make, given 1KCAD and a mobo with 3-way Sli Since 1070 has 8gb, and 1080ti 11, If I went with 2 1070 I would be +5gb..can som1 vouch for sli? Cuz it's the only reason I wouldn't go with the 1070 at this point. Looking to render large scenes, so I know 8gb of VRAM would be needed at least. Anything else you can share on the topic would help. Haven't studied gpu before. thanks
  6. Pt Num Shuffle (REV)

    @ptnum cannot be changed like a normal attribute. If you have one point, it's @ptnum is 0. If you wrangle @ptnum = 1;, it will not change. It is a different kind of attribute. To do that re-arrangement, you will need to swap the @P. Or use @id instead of @ptnum. Or make a dummy attribute that is your @ptnum and go from there. The difference between @ptnum and @id. @id is used in a particle system, a unique integer given at birth that does not change as the particle count increases. If you have points 0-9. and you blast point 0 - all ptnum will decrease by 1. If you did the same, but blasted by @id, the values would remain the same. @id is not dependant on the point count. If you make a simple particle sim, and blast some points - you will see random points removing as the count increases. As ptnum is changing as points are added.
  7. If your using a labtop then yea that's likely it. Adjust to somthing you can run and use the performance monitor. If there's somthing taking all the time then you know it's your setup. If it's balanced then you just don't have specs to run it
  8. if(@attribute > .5){ removeprim(0,@primnum,1); }
  9. Let's assume we're at the origin, you have a object and a point representing your handle. Let's make there normal there position, normalized. @N = normalize(@P); Put object into first input of another wrangle, the point into the second. @N = @N - point(1,"N",@ptnum); The N of your object should point towards the point now
  10. ill build off seans line @Cd = rand(@ptnum); // randomize color @Cd = @Cd.x; // make greyscale @Cd = clamp(@Cd,.25,.75); // clamp to min and max where .25 is your min and .75 is your max edit: lol post in the same minute
  11. Invert volume

    if(@density == 0) { @density =1; } else { @density = 0; } in volume wrangle
  12. there is not a way without the conversion, so your best bet is to automate. This is a price you pay for the luxury of rendering in two programs in your pipeline. A separate read node for maya/houdini with conversions built in would be your fix.
  13. Use a additive shader, you can discover searching that keyword
  14. small exercises for beginners

    About Vex, I think the best way is to learn VOPS, then you can right click the node and view vex code. Viewing whats available in the tab menu while in VOPS is a catalog of whats available in vex as well.
  15. Advice for a new PC - Ryzen

    Unless your building for GPU rendering I would drop that card and put the money into your mobo doubt you will get a 8 slot mobo for that cost...and if your simulating you gonna want the potential to upgrade you could also get a much smaller SSD just for your OS and put that towards mobo as well