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  1. What is 3D orientation control in 3dequalizer any one guide me..
  2. Friends i would like to do building destruction simulation in houdini. Already i finished my apartment modeling in maya. Anyone guide me how can i achieve the similar result in houdini
  3. Guys am going to do dual boot windows 7 and linux mint 18, already windows 7 installed ,i have two hard drives and how to partitioning the second hard drive (320 gb). how much space require for the swap partitioning.. my system specification mb- ga b85-d3h cpu- i3-4160 ram- 16gb gpu- nvidia gt730 hdd- 1tb hdd- 320 gb
  4. Guys How can I make a batch render in houdini.......
  5. Thanks for your kind information. What about Ubuntu and open suse
  6. Guys how to install maya on Arch linux....
  7. Friends I did the rbd sim and also created pyro sim how can i merge it together. Anybody explain to me
  8. Thanks friend
  9. How to emit smoke from particles
  10. how to emit smoke from particle 


    1. Diego A Grimaldi

      Diego A Grimaldi

      You can add a smoke source to particles, or use a VDB node, or use wrangle!


      Very basic

  11. vop

    Thanks frends
  12. vop

    Guys anyone explain to me vopsop and what i can do with vopsop