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  1. so i don't know Top part Different from others in fact i used same material , help me !
  2. in fact i think my mesh layer not bad but in white source become very ugly help me! untitled.hip dfdfd.obj untitled.hip
  3. i want to realize this effect , the main part like wire or more like fliud but i do not know how to realize anybody have idea about this?
  4. i want to realize this effect , the main part like wire or more like fliud but i do not know how to realize , i did just simple effect ,do not konw how to go on. please help me! EFFECT.hip
  5. so i met a problem the fire through the wall , actually i add a collision system but i do not know it do not happen , perhaps inside existence mistake , please help me! superior. the file is here. problem_fire_collision.hip
  6. How to get the curve from all around to the center? just like a energy gether. file is there. untitledV001.hip
  7. i creat blood effect but the created mesh always twinkle. i do not why that happen. please help me , very appreciate! there is file. untitledv005.hip
  8. so i want creat blood effect . but have some issue first i want 1-53 frame blood that much or more detail , 53-104 frame blood that flow very seldom like a drop . in sim process i find the whole is straight. I DO NOT have any idea to solve. so anyone can help me i am appreciate! this is file versionv004.hip
  9. thank you i will try....
  10. how to get this effect . anyone have good idea?
  11. so this process i got one problem . first i think my lava very thick , i do not know how to get thin shape . like this down picture , other things i want to let this thing tures into two ,so i add line force (name vet1 vec2),but it do not i do not know why , the line force in shan——collison node 。 please help me!! B008C003.hip 2016_5aaab.abc
  12. thank you!! i will look in
  13. so i got problem about rbd constrant , first frame teapot will explosion , i do not know why this happen ,and the interior dopnetwork s the constraint node do not happen please help me! there is file...... untitled8explode.hip