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  1. These forums are not monitored by Redshift support. Please post all Redshift related questions to www.redshift3d.com
  2. 11 years later....can we Paint with Particles in H16?
  3. Redshift is lightening fast. Huge studios are migrating to it. It's a unique GPU renderer, in that, it can go OOC (Out of Core) - this means, you are not limited to rendering scenes that can only fit in your GPU Ram. Redshift can render scenes using GPU RAM and CPU RAM. You can download a fully functional watermarked demo to try out with Houdini 16. Yes, Redshift works with H16. Redshift is Biased, meaning, it doesnt attempt to resolve the Light Equation with scientific accuracy (meaning, its not dirt slow). But, Redshift is physically based, meaning, you can emulate Real World Materials without waiting hours/days for your render to complete. In fact, the new Uber Shader - RS Material has: 3 reflection models, dispersion, PBR support, single and multi scatter subsurface, and coating [varnish/clear coat], just to name a few.
  4. What are you system specs? What GPU are you using? Looks like your env file is correct. Also, I'd recommend posting to the www.redshift3d.com forums....very active community there.
  5. If Redshift is good enough for Blizzard, then it's good enough for me. Redshift at Blizzard
  6. Redshift for Houdini cannot render Polygon Soups (at this time), most likely this is what's causing your issue. When all else fails, use the Convert SOP to convert all to Polygons.
  7. VEX is a scripting language. It provides you threaded evaluation over Houdini attributes (object data). You're OOP skills would be better suited towards the HDK C++ API, which would give you low-level control over Houdini.
  8. When the Redshift plugin installs, it installs several HDK versions of the Redshift plugin. The Redshift plugin for Houdini is bound to the targeted HDK version, not the Houdini release version. For example, 14.0.474, 15.0.459 and 15.5.523 are the HDK versions of the current Redshift plugin. So, depending on if you're running H14, H15, H15.5 would determine which Redshift plugin version you'd use [as specified in your houdini.env file]. This allows you to use Redshift with Daily Builds of Houdini. For example, I'm currently running Houdini version 15.5.563, so my houdini.env points to the 15.5.523 HDK version of the Redshift plugin.