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  1. 20% off Redshift 3D License Get'em while their hot!
  2. 16.5 edgetransport

    Oh I really like that....man...that has SO many uses in procedural modelling.
  3. OpenCL and multiple GPU's

    Is there even a way to disable OpenCL on compatible devices? My understanding is that OpenCL will use GPU, and if not available, will fall back to CPU. That's the reason its safe to use OpenCL SOP in HDA's.
  4. Converting VEX to OpenCL

    Thanks for that sample file, it took me a few hours, but I finally understand the OpenCL SOP and the data I/O between Houdini and the GPU
  5. What the Blender Foundation is doing with Eevee is very impressive. I know Houdini has an OpenGL ROP with at least diffuse/reflection/displacement viewport support, but nothing for full screen Post Effects (bloom, blur, etc.) Can anyone speak on whether SESI will invest in this area soon?
  6. vray IPR in Indie

    IPR is a progressive render session that is designed to be near interactive. The render engine you use (Mantra, Vray, Redshift, Octane) is up to your personal preference. My opinion of the build notes is that you can take advantage of integrated Vray IPR sessions in the Houdini viewport , versus doing IPR in the Vray Framebuffer.
  7. Redshift - Material Override & Stylesheet

    Next release of Redshift will contain initial support for Material Stylesheets.
  8. Siggraph 2017- same old or?

    I grabbed em (SESI sessions) while they were hot! If you blinked they where gone.
  9. In order to support Stylesheets, RS has to first support Material Override, which has been completed. Next step is Stylesheet support.
  10. using instancefile with redshift?

    Valid point. Just submitted and got accepted an RFE to expose RS Proxy creation on the Geometry ROP. This will make it alot easier to control whats in the Proxy as well ( right now you have to use Bundles on the Render ROP ) There are several other features ahead of this one (such as Stylesheet support), but at least its on the TODO list.
  11. Houdini Artist Payment Project

    As a Hobbyist weekend warrior who's been wanting to turn pro for some time...I love the idea and the platform. I've signed up at your website and hope this goes somewhere.
  12. houdini redshift error crash

    The RS HDK plugin version number represents the HDK version it is compatible with, NOT the Houdini version. What this means is that the RS plugin is binary compatible with even the Daily Builds of Houdini. There's an important distinction here: RS version number, RS HDK version number, and Houdini version number. Not knowing what RS version or H version you're running, I would suspect that you need to update your environment file to point to the latest RS HDK plugin version of 633.
  13. Attribute to Texture Map

    Please add your support for an RFE I submitted the other day RFE #83658
  14. Constraint Network - Constraint_Type = 'rotation'

    What I'm STILL not crystal clear on is the relationship between the Anchor + Constraint + Constraint Relationship. Is it: I can have an Anchor, and an Anchor has a Constraint Type/Direction/DOF, and an Anchor Constraint can have a Relationship to one or more Anchor Constraint(s)? edit: I read the Docs one last time....summarizing: A Constraint is made up of (2) Anchors defined by a (2) point polygon. Each point in the polygon is an Anchor that can define a type/direction/dof.
  15. Constraint Network - Constraint_Type = 'rotation'

    After playing with this scene for a couple hours....I really love the flexibility this attribute based system provides. It makes me wish there was something similar in CHOPs for SOP constraints. CHOP Constraints just seems weird after understanding Constraint Networks in DOPs. What really made it clear for me was the Constraint Relationship Guide - set it to a primary color, move to Frame 1, and then change the constraint_type, condir, and condof attribute values - the Constraint Relationship Guide actually updates to display different Guide Geo based on these attributes. Makes it super clear why things are responding they way they are to forces.