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  1. Hello! I was curious to how the lighting effect in this render was achieved. I dont think that it was done in post. And how would I do the glowing effect as well? Typically I render with Redshift but if you know how to do it in your native rendering engine then that would help as well!
  2. Hello, recently I've been trying to make a procedurally generated mini planet. I have the terrain built (somewhat keep in mind its a work in progress) but I want to fill the ocean with water. Sadly I am not very experienced with FLIP or any other Houdini's simulation tools so I'm not sure if I need to use FLIP or if there is an easier less taxing way? Planets v1 .hipnc
  3. Houdini Crashes When I Run this VEX

    So the intent is that this little bit of code will get the distance this point of "water" (blue colored point) is from "land" (green or yellow colored points) and then set it to an attribute that I created with a different point wrangle ("landrad" ) . Whenever I run the wrangle, Houdini freezes and I can't seem to figure out why. Now I know this code isn't "the most efficient way" of achieving this effect (I could probably cut out some code since pgfind puts them in order of closest to furthest so in theory, the first point to be a different color is going to be the closes), it was just the way I thought up last night before pondering it in bed. But it should still /work/. Also, sorry for the image. I am away from home and this is all I have. Also also, is here a way to break out of a foreach statement? Does "continue;" work in VEX?
  4. As the title kind of suggests, how would integrate a broken model into a scene. So for example, say I had a wall that I wanted broken, but I also wanted the pieces of the wall sprawled out onto the floor. The pieces wouldn't be scattered randomly though, it would be as though something /had/ busted through the wall. How would one go about saving the broken geometry (after it has been broken and is now on the floor) along with the scene, while still retaining their ability to be affected by forces.
  5. Coloring Points With Vex

    Thank you! that did the trick. While I was waiting I was trying to input all the points in the "near" array into a group and /then/ color it. I do have one question though, isn't "i" just a place holder for the " near" array? Meaning not the actual point number?
  6. Coloring Points With Vex

    SO, I am currently trying to make mini planets with procedurally generated biomes (Probably too ambitious since I'm still new at Houdini, especially with vex but oh well). I fist scattered a few points around a sphere then assigned those to a group. After merging the new group of points (radial) with the original sphere I wanted to make it so that points within a certain radius of the scattered dots would be colored red. I got everything in a VEX statement but I cant seem to figure out how to color the points nearby, only the point the wrangle is working on. For those who do not want to open a file. int check = inpointgroup(0, "radial" , @ptnum); if (check==1) { int near[] = nearpoints(0, @P, 5); foreach( int i; near) @Cd = {1,0,0}; } Biome.hipnc
  7. After taking a short break from Houdini (about 3 months) I recently downloaded 15.57 to have some neat features. Well for some reason, nothing is being cached onto my timeline (there is no blue line, or even a yellow/orange line). I'm not doing any simulations, but I am converting a changing polygon to VBD, smoothing it, then back to Poly. I may be remembering this wrong but isn't everything supposed to be cached? Even reall simple stuff such as animating a ball to go left and right?
  8. Cookie/Bool Help

    I am trying to make a simple drill using a cone and a spiral sweep polygon. I try to cut into the cone using the spiral sweep but I can't seem to get the cookie to work properly. Any suggestions or alternative ways to achieve this? Spiral.hipnc
  9. My intention is to use it for a character's neck specifically where they will be talking and thus the geometry would be deforming. Do you have any recommended programs for motion capturing from two (or more) camera sources?
  10. How would I go about conforming a model to a surface of the body? I am thinking of marking dots in a five row grid around the actor then using Nuke to track the points along with the scene. Using the points I hope to draw a curve from each of the rows then connect the curves to create shapes. But what about when the tacking points go to where the camera cant see? Wouldn't they just hover in the last place they were? To fix this would I just kill them when their velocity is zero? Any tips for achieving this effect would be appreciated.
  11. Attribute Help

    Thank you! So I kinda had the right idea (for the less efficient way) it's just that I got the syntax wrong. Like I said, I am new to attributes so including both ways helped greatly, again, thank you.
  12. Attribute Help

    Hello. I am attempting to create package that slices any geometry that is plugged into it. I know how to model in Houdini farly alright, but I am not very good at using attributes. In this particular situation I would like to get the dimensions of the bounding box of the source object and apply them to the tube I am going to use to slice up the object. I create an attribute to get the bounding box dimensions (using $SIZEX etc) as well as a Copy Attribute node to copy it onto the tube. When I attempt to use the new attribute in a Transform node I get an error. The Transform node has the attribute I created but it gets an error when I try to use it. How would I actually use the attribute I made to adjust the size of the tube? Slice.hipnc
  13. RBD Shatter and Destuction Help

    I was wondering if there are any good resources/tutorials that go in depth about RBD Shatter and Destruction. I also am wondering how I anchor my RBD objects in the newer Houdini. In this tutorial: The man provides a way but it seems to be outdated and I can't seem to find an alternative. My ultimate goal is to partially demolish a hallway composed of pillars, a second floor, and a fence.