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  1. Heres another version with base width, hit render and have a play round with base width and point count / jitter BuildStrandVolume3.hipnc
  2. Hi there, this method could work BuildStrandVolume2.hipnc
  3. Quality Love that setup ! thanks for the share !
  4. Hey Tom, Saw your render on twitter, looks great did you use the setup we have been discussing, its so addictive ! Im producing some nice images I'll up load for you to have a look at Nice 1 sam
  5. Thanks Alex, The problem is having both plugins appear in houdini at the same time, when i add the paths for redshift under the octane paths, octane fails to load. any idea ? nice 1
  6. Hi Rohan, Hope all is well Im trying to install redshift and houdini but cant get them both to load ! what do i need to add to my .env file to make this work ? Thanks for all your videos they have been an amazing resource for me speak soon Sam
  7. Thanks for the info Tom, Im looking forward to digging deeper in vex. take is easy sam
  8. Can i ask you, how you started out learning vex / code ? I'm really keen to learn but seems quite daunting !
  9. Thanks Tom This is exactly what i was looking for ! Amazing
  10. Thanks for help, really appreciate it this is a great option. nice 1
  11. Hi Hope all is well, I have matra rendering curves using attribute create width, but i was wondering is there a way to have the lines taper towards the ends ? any help would be amazing. Thanks for your time Sam FIND_POINTS_CURVE.hipnc
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to loop my turbulent noise effect. its the turbnoise with in the first pointvop any help would be great loop noise.hipnc
  13. Thanks you for your help, really appreciate it but It didn't work, i have come up with a work arround within houdini, by checking autojoin creases in the cookie cutter it applies uniform numbers to the points, which means i can use a carve node to have a poly wire sweep on over time, which is the what i wanted to achieve in c4d. see attached Thanks again Sam POINT_FUSE_should_work_02.hip
  14. Hi there, I'm having difficulty, getting points to fuse together, so i can export to c4d and do a sweep nurbs on it ! is there a way to do this so that i get continues sweeps, as i want to have them grow over time, at the mo I can only get it to export as individual sections. Hope that makes sense Thanks POINT_FUSE.hip
  15. Thanks so much Kon, You made me think about this differently, love the method and speed but I couldn't get the holes to close so i came up with this method . Thanks again sam landscape_slicer_02.hipnc