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  1. Loop over prims and delete

    Then you want to compare the @Cd attribute with a vector, either with a hardcoded vector like in my original code or a channel like you set up with the slider attribute. So: v@minCd = chv("minCd") @Cd > @minCd What are you setting your slider attribute to? If you set the rmprimitives channel to something like "1" it ill only delete primitive 1.
  2. Loop over prims and delete

    Have a read of the removeprim() help, you are currently manually selecting which prim to delete with that slider attribute. @primnum calls the current primitive that is being run through the code, it will then delete that primitive if it matches the if statement.
  3. Loop over prims and delete

    Ok, if you only want to select the red prims and not the purple/pink ones then try this: @Cd.x>0 && @Cd.y+@Cd.z == 0
  4. Loop over prims and delete

    What colour are the non-red primitives, if they are black then you would put this into the if statement: @Cd.x>0
  5. Loop over prims and delete

    Wrangles run over points/primitives in parallel, so you don't need to do a foreach. An if statement should do the job, something like: if(@Cd == {1,0,0}){ removeprim(0, @primnum, 1); }
  6. You can wrap the rand() in a fit function or a fit01 function. The fit01 clamps the input values to 0 and 1: fit01(rand(@ptnum), min value, max value)
  7. This should work: @Cd = rand(@ptnum); The rand() with one input will give you a float value between 0 and 1, as Cd is a vector attribute the value will be copied over three times
  8. Yeah it seems like polyextrude only takes prim attributes. If you want to extrude individual points on a mesh then a displacement is the way to go. I've thrown together a couple of quick examples, including one where I have separated out the prims with a fuse sop set to unique and one where I've ran a polyextrude in Individual components mode and then displaced the points with a random function in a wrangle. Not sure if it's any help but maybe it'll give you some ideas? polyextrude_v1.hipnc
  9. Hey Ludwig, I've switched you RBD sphere over to a RBD Packed object as it allows you to use the "active" point attributes. Active defines if the solver should include the object in the sim, a full list of attributes available to you can be found here: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/dop/rbdpackedobject I've set this active attribute in an attribute wrangle to be set to 1 after frame 20. I've also added an assemble sop to pack the object, a RBD Packed object dop to bring the sphere into the dopnet, checked "Overwrite Attributes" so the object references the active attribute made at SOP level and I've switched the rigid solver back to Bullet. Finally, I've adjusted the Density of the object so it floats on the water. Thanks, Sean Flip-RBD-Issue_FIX.hipnc
  10. copy/tranfer group

    Ok, it looks like if you enable "Ignore Flat Edges" it should work.
  11. copy/tranfer group

    It works if you increase your distance threshold, but then you get weirdness because of the subdivision that's been added upstream.
  12. copy/tranfer group

    The group is still on the first input of the group transfer. You need to set "Group Name Conflict" to "Overwrite".
  13. Circle Packing based off a map

    You can drive a scatter SOP with any attribute and then plug that into the voronoi fracture node. You would need to transfer the colour values onto the geo first with an attribute from map node
  14. If you're working with packed objects you can set an active attribute on each objects in the SOP level. I wrote this expression in a Point Wrangle to randomise the activation: int randomF = ceil(fit01(rand(@ptnum), 1,30)); if(@Frame>=randomF){ i@active = 1; } ; Then under the rbdpackedobject1 node in the dopnet I checked "Overwrite attributes from SOPs" randomActivation.hipnc
  15. About modeling a bottle cap

    Had to give it a try bottlecap_SeanR.hipnc