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  1. I animation based on music, do you load a music and animation happen, on this test, the music is Wave of Tom Jobim, played by Yamandu Costa and Dominguinhos.
  2. Hi folks..another project: I did that JellyFisfh using only particle..I hope like
  3. Thank you so much eetu !!!
  4. Exacly acey195 I isolate a frame, used a uvproject to that and apply a image on color point using a VopPoint..., after that I passed that Cd point attribute to the poins of simulation with a Point Op..and from point to fluid mesh with a attribute transfer. But the hardest work is on simulation, can1 die or birth any particles, the count of particle that start the simulation, most to be EXACLLY the same when finish.
  5. hi..that is a little experience trying to appli imagens (and video!) as fluid texture...see the resoult;
  6. Implove modeling tools Editing geometry with preserving of UVs Extrude By Curve Soft selection to primitive Targeted Weld Auto retopo GoZ More edit Curve tools More integration with Explorer Hold and leav file from explorer direcly into program Improve Picker File (thumbmails better) Improve network view: When the project is giant, was veru caotic the Network..I sujest to add more tools to organize..For exmple To be possible change the size of Node on network view. To be possible hide of freeze Nodes on Network view (to we not select by accinent)] Shortcut Node (chic and it send us to another region of the Network View.. Hide lines of connection And Etc.