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  1. One of many ways to do it is to draw your desired chain with curves > sweep with circle > skin. Check out the hip file. Cheers! chain_test.hipnc
  2. You can't delete those unless you make it a digital asset. In that case it will be adjusted automatically based on number of inputs/outputs you use or you do it manually in type properties. Cheers!
  3. Works fine for me. You might wana reset the simulation perhaps? test.hipnc
  4. For the time being ya. For my shading personal projects i bring the desired patterns using cops just to visualize. Once happy, i copy everything i did in cop vops to shops material builder.
  5. A quick and simple work around is to do all the vop stuff in cops and project it on the object using (op:/cops path) in UV quick shade. You might have to slide the view port window for the texture to update .I've attached a test file. Cheers! coptex_H16.hipnc
  6. In my opinion, scaling source volume does reduce the fuel amount but the difference is not huge as you are still feeding the same temperature for the fuel that it's using. So reduce the temperature value as well, and for some nice flame patterns you might wanna play with temperature intensity ramp in the pyro shader. Cheers!
  7. fireballs

    Thanks for the test file jeff. My substeps are currently at 5 actually, as the geo has high velocity like you said. My results are similar to yours. But i'm thinking of a way to make the flames, which is in front of the fireball have good trails like the ones at its back (not too much) without having to slow down the geo. Still doing some tests...
  8. fireballs

    Yes, its enabled. Even tried high values. The fire behind is getting affected but not getting the desired results.
  9. fireballs

    Hey guys, i'm working on a personal project involving fireballs. I could use some help to get flame trails. Right now the flames are going straight backwards corresponding to the velocity of geo which is fast. Any tips or tricks to get those flames look interesting? I have tried negating the velocity before plugging it into fluid source. Tried emitting from particles. Both doesn't work. Thanks!
  10. Oh ya, forgot to mention. You can't read the cache back in as sub steps. There has been discussions about it. None worked for me. What i usually do is Cache out using sop output with increment 0.1 and $N. That way sub steps are saved as integer frame numbers; then i read it back in and play it with 0.1 step in the viewport.
  11. Try caching the animation with ROP output node and instead of $F4 try $N.
  12. Change to Gamma2.2 on your nuke viewport from sRGB. Houdini mplay uses Gamma2.2.
  13. I wana say its because of different color space and gamma values of different viewers but...i'm not sure whether that's it. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/41179/
  14. Yes, try setting both to zero. It should solve it. If not, I did not get your question clearly. Cheers!
  15. If you are referring to the bouncing particles, its probably because bounce & bounce forward for the ground plane is set to 1.