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  1. simple expression not fetched by chops

    Set the channel range in the fetch chop to start/end and specify your animation range. It dosen't recognize automatically for some reason.
  2. Control crowd source randomization

    Oh yes, setagentcurrentlayer() and state is the one i'm looking for! Thank you!
  3. Control crowd source randomization

    Thanks for sharing that interesting tutorial! But unfortunately it doesn't help my situation. By layer i meant different agent layers, In my case i have 3 agent layers sourcing from one agent. A layer holding a sword, a layer with shield and sword and a layer holding nothing.
  4. Control crowd source randomization

    Hello, Widening my houdini knowledge and getting to know crowds here. So I have an agent with multiple layers like, an agent holding a sword and shield, just a sword, holding nothing etc. with multiple running states. The crowd source randomizes everything which is great, but i have few running states where the shield and sword overlap because of the randomness. Is there a way to make a particular layer only use a particular state all the time? Or creating a new agent primitive for that is the only way to go? Thanks!
  5. How could I make this dynamic ?

    If you want more control, you could always switch to constraints. As Adrian mentioned, density will control the mass and you can even introduce collision. Cheers! wire_solve.hipnc
  6. Live updates in Scene View without giving focus

    Unfortunately no (from what i know). The op: bridge isn't real time for some reason. The only workaround for now is to run the VOPs on a grid that has the same resolution as your image and copy it into COPs once you get the desired look.
  7. How could I make this dynamic ?

    You can use a simple wire solver with pintoanimation attribute. I have attached an example file. Cheers! wire_solve.hipnc
  8. Pyro FX color issue

    In extra resize fields (gas resize node) include color 'Cd'. Cheers!
  9. I would like some advice on RBD simulation.

    Not sure what you mean but if you want the object to sim from frame 85, after setting RBD packed objects inside dops to 'deforming active objects' you can animate the active value by frame. I've attached your file too. Cheers! portfolio_v02_vol01_odforce.hipnc
  10. Pyro smoke not colliding with object

    Taking a a blind guess. Did you try reducing the division size of the collision? If you're using VDB's that should work.
  11. [SOLVED] Cycle animation every time its copied

    Yup! that fixed it. Thanks again.
  12. [SOLVED] Cycle animation every time its copied

    Aah...! Thanks for the glue Including random scale in Copy stamp seems to add additional y scale abruptly. Should find a work around for that...
  13. Hello ppl! I have a simple animated box (y scaled) copied to points that are accumulating over time using a solver. I want to cycle the animation every time the box gets copied to each points with random y scale on each copy.I know i have to use a Foreach and copystamp but the workflow is confusing me. Lil help please! Have attached the sample file. initialize_anim_H16.hip
  14. hou.hipFile.save but stay in the same session.

    Well, this one works! import os.path as op import hou activeSession = hou.hipFile.name() # Fetch tuple with index of pressed button and input text. choice, text = hou.ui.readInput('Type comments message', help='Type comments description.', title='Commented HIP', buttons=('OK', 'Cancel'), default_choice=1, close_choice=1) # If OK was pressed with some non-empty text. if choice == 0 and text: path = hou.hipFile.path() dir, name = op.split(path) # Discard extension. name = op.splitext(name)[0] # Discard one '.anytext' occurence at the end. name = name.rsplit('.', 1)[0] # Make new name with input text. new_name = '%s.%s.hip' % (name, text) # Finally, create an absolute path to save file to. new = op.normpath(op.join(dir, new_name)) # Save the file. hou.hipFile.save(file_name=new, save_to_recent_files=False) hou.hipFile.setName(path) print "File saved to - " + (new)
  15. hou.hipFile.save but stay in the same session.

    Might be a problem if the file size is big but this is a good workaround! ....and the only choice i guess.