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  1. Quick update: Ok a function I didn't know about called "uvsample" was really promising sadly It makes the position jump and it seems that it is not getting what I expected (for some reason the uv coord : 0,0,1 doesn't go to the corresponding point pos defined with the seams) I'll share the file. UV_sample_Test.hipnc
  2. Hi! I'm bumping this thread. I come from 3ds max + TP and it offers something called "Surface Position", It does what Emmanuel already described. Now in houdini I faced the same problems, I'm really thankful that he provided this clever way to go around it. He uses attribute transfer to do the interpolation stuff for the xyxPos and promoted UVs from vertex to Points but this will cause problems on the seams and the way it is interpolating positions could cause some problems also. Maybe someone has an alternative or new ideas to this, I was thinking in a way of getting the prim number and then get and interpolation for the uvPrim, both from the UV attrib in the vertices(vertex already now to witch prim they come from so I have to ask for this index with UVs that are close the the value I'll input), maybe I'll hit a wall again, don't know.
  3. POPs: pre solve vs post Solve

    Hi! This is me trying to understand the popSolver in houdini. What is the difference between this two inputs and why they are both wired like that by the shelf (Check the attached image) The particles seems to do the same thing if I rewired as I showed in the second network and they don't do anything at all with the 3rd one. Also why is the wire dotted between the popsource and the popstream, They only work together is both inputs (pre and post) are wired like that. Thanks and pardon my English :$
  4. OH GOD! Thank you so much. Everything is so much clear now, I left this on a side for a looong time. Now it's working. Thank you again. And I fell in love with your website. If I can ask for another little thing, hoping that you can still read this, How can I define a particle "Born" state. In TP is super easy because you have a node for that. Here I'm using the "negative jitter birth time" and then test the negative age in a group node (preserve Off), it works, but maybe it's not the best thing to do, don't know, it doesn't feel that right, maybe any other method around there. Good luck dude, you are a life saver! I was going mad with that little thing, and is so much ahead >__<. Pardon my really bad english.
  5. Bump! Someone please. I truly want to understand the new popnet.
  6. Hi I was hoping that anyone could check out my file and give me the right track to recreate a recursive split in the new popnet. I tried for hours but can't get the same behavior, the new popnet refuses to replicate particles from the new particles, also maybe someone know how to use the "kill original particle", it seemed obvious but everytime I tried to use it, it kills all the particles at once as soon as the replicate gets activated (but no particles have been replicated). You can find a working node (using the old popnet) and a new one with my failures . Thanks in advance! RecursiveSplit.hipnc
  7. Hi! I'm following a tutorial and I found somthing rather annoying, in the video when the user sets alpha to be zero the curves (NURBS) go totally transparent but if I do the same I can see how the Alpha is going down but when it gets to zero the curves go full bright color, if I go until something like 0.001 it shows as expected (almost 0 visibility) all of this in the working viewport. I guess it is a display preference or something like that but I failed looking up for that toggle. Hope that anyone knows what is happening. Pardon my bad english and Thanks!
  8. Hi! I'm really new in houdini so probably this is a noob question: I have some outlines that are the outcome of some carve operations. When I animate the alpha from 0<Alpha<=1 everything goes as expected BUT in any frame that the value of alpha equals 0 I can see the outlines in bright color (the one that you could previously set). I don't know if this is only a viewport thing (I think it is) maybe some viewport feature or something like that because I'm following a tutorial and in the video setting the alpha as "0" makes them totally transparent. Hope that you can understand what I'm saying, my english is not that good. Thanks!
  9. Hi! I can't find the right tool to "break" a shared point by group. I want to be able to split the vertices in certain points so then I can take those "detached" edges and move them as a new primitive. I hope that you can understand what I'm saying, I come from 3ds max and that is a common operation there with the splines. So how can this be done in Houdini, I'm breaking my head with a Font primitive carved to obtain only the edges and wanted to split that curve.
  10. Hi! I'm new with houdini and I was wondering how to create a condition comparing certain attribute (point number) to create a group. They condition would be this: if point number of input 1 is greater than point number of input 2 then go to group A, after this I wanted to create a line with the points from that group. Don't know if it is the best approach, I'm a 3dsmax user and with particle flow u can do that kind of comparison between particles. Thanks for any advice! :