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  1. Problem with smoke trail source

    Your velocity generation is bad
  2. Smokesolver algorithm

    Ok, i understood the reason - gastrublence uses density field as well, and it's advecting before 4-th input. And i was rewriting veloctiy at 5-th
  3. Smokesolver algorithm

    Hi guys! I have custom velocity field and i'm copying it using sourcevolume, then applying on it gasturbulence and sending to the smokeslover. As i understand how smokesolver works, velocity self advection block will have no effect, cause after it im copying my prepared velocity field, so i decided to disconnect it (vel selfadvection block). All of a sudden i saw the difference between this two simulations. I figured out, that selfadvection block somehow affects gasturbulense microsolver. So the question is - how is it possible if all data, including selfadvection is rewrited with my custom vel field before it comes to the gasturbulence? Screenshots - advection on, advection off wtf_VelAdvection.hip