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  1. You can use tearing attribute to separate cloth and then delete polygons after simulation.
  2. If you want get help you should give us the file. For now it's impossible to help you looking to the picture...
  3. Measure Curvature

    To get real curvature i think better to convert box to vdb and use vdb analysis. How work measure sop i have no idea)) Results very different between this two methods.
  4. flip whitewater source

    It's looks like you have mistake at setup. Try to recreate everything from shelf tool. Flip sim then ww sim.
  5. Start as a Houdini FX artist

    Go like intern and get your experience, or make showreel at home...
  6. flip whitewater source

    Never get this. Do you use shelf tool for creating sim? Try to disable all custom stuff and check if you get this.
  7. Realistic forces for flip waves

    You can use velocity threshold and apply forces to particles in determining range. Or apply forces to particles moving upword checking it by dot product. There is no common solution it's very depends from setup and final result.
  8. flip whitewater source

    What do you mean "not getting nice source for whitewater"? Can you show the picture?
  9. FLIP - Slip on Collision Control Field

    You should create that field in sop and import to dop
  10. wire glue constraint weird behavior

    Wire constraints working point to point. It's mean two constraint point should be at the same place.
  11. Effective Glue Strength

    Dop strength its a multiplier. If you not create strength attribute in sops its 1 by default. In help everything is explain))
  12. Randomize density on copied pyro cache

    Use volume vop and random parametr to change density. I do the same trick, not sure if it will work with packed object.
  13. Houdini 16.5 - Fluid NarrowBand simulation

    Eistan Just use shelf tool to create wave tank. Guided Ocean have a different idea and different setup.
  14. After addpoint you can use setpointattribute to set all needed attributes.
  15. Add custom force to foam particles

    Hi all, Anybody know how to add custom force to foam? I try use popvop but it don't work. I check witewater solver, its looks like force always 0 when particles is foam. Thanks!