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  1. You are right, its all changes.
  2. There are couple of errors in file. I've fix it and for my opinion no need to use blur options in source volume. Working much faster )) ap_fast_emitter_velocity_v003.hipnc
  3. increase radius in scatter relax area...
  4. Hi all, I want to do some effect of attracting objects to another one based on distance from it. I use dop with packed RBD to sim moving objects and i want to attract part of it to another object and stop on surface. I try pop wrangler to calculate distance and pop attract but its doesn't stop near attractor.
  5. just assign attribute for each object and make random for this attribute to delete. or enable per-primitive path and use random_shash function in prim wrangle to make random on the string name.
  6. If you will use bullet for this you get what you want.
  7. So i need to modify file path in all file and filecache nodes. I made python script and it works, but the problem is it works only for selected nodes. I cant find how to loop through all nodes in houdini script to find specific ones and make changes more automatically. Thanks!
  8. In mad max they are use matpaint with adding some sim stuff. Its very complex effect to do it only with simulation.
  9. Hi, i need get friction on collision object based on some attribute for flip sim. How to do it? In help telling about stick control field but how implement it?
  10. Just create it in sop before dop. Dop will read axies from object.
  11. All correct. When sop not create atribute but in wrangle you write it it equal 0. If you disable atribute in sop you have to delete it in wrangle.
  12. Read this. This is base knowledge you need to work. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7D36pm7TOBCUk9RaXpDZ3NMbUU/view?usp=drivesdk Its for XSI but its simple.
  13. For me maya see primitive atributes. There are in extra atribute tab.
  14. fem

    You need to use sop solver inside dop to change atribute
  15. Use point cloud look up to create distant atribute on wite water source and mult it by emmit atribute or delet particles...