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  1. Different collision behaviors

    Hi all, I've been experimenting and found that, if use object level transforms, collisions more accurate, if use sop transforms(deformation) collisions not so accurate. Someone know explanation or where i can read about differences? Thanks!
  2. Create attribute if Run Over = Detail

    Type v@N ={1,1,1}; and it's will create.
  3. Simulate a cruise moving on the ocean

    First you need bigger container. You need more points around to resist simulation ones. I suggest you make tests with much lower sizes to understand faster what to do.
  4. My R'n'D

    It had some but not so visible. If I will update it in future I will take into account your comment. Thanks!
  5. displacement problems

    Yes it's correct. Displacement should be recalculated to update. Ipr doesn't do it.
  6. cloth constraints

    Clothattach constrain used for attaching cloth object to passive obj. In your case better to use sbdconstrain
  7. Simulating Plant Life: Approaching realism

    It's looks fantastic. Will you plain to show your setup or create some tutorial with explanation?
  8. cloth constraints

    Constraints is point to point. It's mean you should use same amount of points on both object to constraint them.
  9. Retime Whitewater Bubbles

    Create id attribute in solver then retime...
  10. Resume caching of simulation

    Use .sim files for it
  11. flip fluid cache

    Just use a shelf tool and you will see magic)))
  12. My R'n'D

    Sorry guys but new age start and its roboship no people no problem))) Foam around it's more shading staff, i will work on it but main goal was to get good sim.
  13. My R'n'D

    finished new FLIP test
  14. Fluid Boolean

    Convert to poly and subtract. Or convert to vdb and remesh then...
  15. Pyro velocity field question

    I use dragforce for it))