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  1. grab wire sim

    the problem is constraint obj should be animated. Everything is working well if constraints obj static or animated before dop, but I need to create constraint obj inside DOP from part of the sim obj in some frame and animate from this frame... Example it's man grab rope blowing on the wind. And I got animation and need to fit simulation to this animation.
  2. Wood Destruction - Cone Twist

    you should play with angle and force thresholds, and mass of the stone and wood.
  3. Break constraints problem setting attributes at sop level

    hard constraint use force only. Try this if (@constraint_name == "hard" && length(@force)>1000){ s@constraint_name = "hard_broken"; } or I use this one if(@constraint_name == "hard"&& length(@force)>1000) removeprim(0,@primnum,0); Glue constraint used strength attribute to brake
  4. grab wire sim

    Hi all, I need grab wire sim rope in some frame. Wire constraints point to point, so position of the constraint points should be the same with rope's one in that frame. I try to use sop solver to import geometry, isolate needed points and then use position dop to update position of the constraint obj but its doesn't work. I need to do it inside DOP, because manual animation its a hell with sim objects. So I need to dynamically change position of the constraint obj, or create wire constraint, based on sim points of the rope in some frame inside DOP. Is it possible?
  5. try this one vector edge_dirs[]; float edge_lengths[]; foreach(int nb; neighbours(0,@ptnum)){ vector pos = point(0,"P",nb); vector delta = pos-@P; append(edge_dirs,normalize(delta)); append(edge_lenghts, length(delta)); } edge_dirs = reorder(edge_dirs,argsort(edge_lengths)); vector x = edge_dirs[-2]; vector y = edge_dirs[-3]; vector z = edge_dirs[-1]; //longest 3@rot = set(x,y,z); then find point you like and assign matrix from it for all points and make this: @P *= invert(3@rot); to back to initial position just @P *= 3@rot;
  6. Try group unshared edge -> isolate them -> sort pts - > then use foreach to get edge vectors
  7. scaling RBD sim problem

    Bad idea to change scale in hip preferences, better use transform node instead.
  8. How to Visualize Wind Force DOP?

    better create wind in sop and then import in dop as force. Much ease to control...
  9. scaling RBD sim problem

    check the scale of the objects. If objects bidder then in real life you should increase all forces and masses in sim to fit for real life. Basically work-flow very simple: before dop your objects should be in real scale, then you can scale up for 2 or 3 times objects before dop, to avoid weird behaviour of the very small pieces, and you should scale gravity and all other forces in DOP, as well as mass or density of the sim objs, the same value. After sim scale down. Or try to sim in real size firstly.
  10. Extend Flip coverage without Sim Area?

    watch this from 20 min
  11. Different collision behaviors

    Hi all, I've been experimenting and found that, if use object level transforms, collisions more accurate, if use sop transforms(deformation) collisions not so accurate. Someone know explanation or where i can read about differences? Thanks!
  12. Create attribute if Run Over = Detail

    Type v@N ={1,1,1}; and it's will create.
  13. Simulate a cruise moving on the ocean

    First you need bigger container. You need more points around to resist simulation ones. I suggest you make tests with much lower sizes to understand faster what to do.
  14. My R'n'D

    It had some but not so visible. If I will update it in future I will take into account your comment. Thanks!
  15. displacement problems

    Yes it's correct. Displacement should be recalculated to update. Ipr doesn't do it.