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  1. Ship wake

    Hi all, I'm working on moving ship and have a problem. To get nice foam not cutted behind the ship i should simulate very long container but it eat to many memory. I saw last breakdown from Igor Zanic and there he simulate foam outside container or its looks like. So i hope he can explain or someone else how simulate long foam tail behind the ship without simulate big flip container if it possible of course. Thanks!
  2. Foreach, multiple outputs

    Just merge it and after foreach separate by some attribute.
  3. Fabric Engine no longer being developed

    In that case if nobody use it its unsuccessful product and its havent future. And its natturaly that it closed.
  4. Fabric Engine no longer being developed

    To be honest - anyone use fabric engine? I only read that it very powerful and so on, but i knew only few projects with it. Or maybe i dont know something and a lot of studios use it?
  5. RDB after deforming

    After melting add name to pieces and send to sim. Solver should know what difference between this tow parts to simulate. Or make prefracture, add clusters, sim it and then drive melting geo by simmed pieces...
  6. rbd and softbodys

    You are can use switch constraint in rbd sim. And use hard constraints to fake soft body after first impact.
  7. Smoke Solver | Tips and Tricks

    It would be grate if you paste explanation in your custom stuff to fast understand what happen there)) But anyway thanks for sharing.
  8. I rescale scenes and we have fix for cameras. Compositors didn't have any problems. I think rescale its usual practice, all studios use it and everything working ok))
  9. Cloth/FEM and RBD/Bullet interaction

    I can find only one solution: use for rbd obj hard fem obj. Work fine for me...
  10. Alembic animation to cloth simulation

    you made mistake in sop solver. I use H16 so i recreate cloth object and after voronoi you should use attribute copy, because with attribute transfer your name attribute change every frame. clothsim(animationfail)2016.hip
  11. Alembic animation to cloth simulation

    for getting answer you have to show your setup. I think you are forget to enable deformations in static obj in dop...
  12. You are right, its all changes.
  13. There are couple of errors in file. I've fix it and for my opinion no need to use blur options in source volume. Working much faster )) ap_fast_emitter_velocity_v003.hipnc
  14. increase radius in scatter relax area...
  15. objects attract to object

    Hi all, I want to do some effect of attracting objects to another one based on distance from it. I use dop with packed RBD to sim moving objects and i want to attract part of it to another object and stop on surface. I try pop wrangler to calculate distance and pop attract but its doesn't stop near attractor.