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  1. In Houdini 16 I have not been having any problems with Wacom & mouse mode & multiple monitors, working butter smooth here now!
  2. meshing fractals

    Gaahhh you're getting some crazy cool looks out of the fractals! Dope!
  3. Heyo, Houdini newbie here. I'm working primarily with a Wacom tablet (Intuos M, mouse mode) on Windows 10 machines. The tablet driver does this very annoying thing where when I open Houdini it will move the cursor very glitchily when navigating the viewport and a lot of the UI buttons cannot be clicked. I found out that if I stop & start the Wacom Professional Service after opening Houdini the problems go away for that session. I'll be submitting a bug report to SESI right after this post. Wonder if anyone else has encountered the same problem and has a protip to avoid resorting to this workaround?