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  1. yes Exactly Problems is Pack Sop ,but i don't why in unity have Distort Transformation ,any Way Your hda file lot's help me ,thanks a lots dude ... I use Partition Sop for separate Each Arrow , of Course is little Heavy to Compute in Unity ,but is work Very Well!
  2. thanks a lots LaidlawFX is Good Method , But still I have Transform Problem Issue in unity
  3. ohh sorry dude , Yes , I need Only separate object each Line . thanks ,sorry for multiple questions
  4. yes I need each shape Arrow Position in unity . such as translate, scale, rotate. of Course I packed my Arrow object , but in Unity my transform arrow is broken transformation thanks alot for your help
  5. hi , There is ! Thanks Road.hda
  6. Hey Guys! have Question About extracting Mesh(Point Position or Game Empty Object) From Houdini Engine in Unity . I Build Procedural Road along Way Point , and I want Separate all Points of each Line in Unity. pls Look at Attachment File , can Better Understand !!! Thanks a lot's Milad Savar
  7. thanks Kishen , Is exist another Way to make New Mesh similar Wrangle Primitive ?
  8. thanks For Your Response ,But I know this Method , I want New Mesh from my Scatter Point !!
  9. hey Guys!! I want my Scatter Point to 3D-Triangulation Mesh ? How can is Possible ? thanks alot's