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  1. Thanks! On which level you would add the constraints? I new to it and never tried using them before. I tried with glue constraint but I think I failed. Cheers
  2. Hello! I got a task to make a sim of a part of alembic file. There is a car flipping and the flip animation was made in other software and I am supposed to simulate the bumper and lights detaching and crashing. My first approach was to seperate the parts that are going to be simulated with some group and delete nodes but when I ve put all to DOP the results were bad. Do you have any suggestions on how to approach this? Thank you in advance, Tomasz
  3. Yes! Thank you so much!
  4. Hi, Is it possible to scale individual piece on its local transform axis, created through voronoi fracture? I tried for each node and it is using the obj pivot. Thank you in advance! Cheers, Tomasz
  5. I got it to work as I wanted! Thanks again for all your help!
  6. It works good up to a point when I wanted to apply second parameter based on a gradient on the same surface that would additionally scale points from left to right... How would you use the point wrangler? I know next to nothing about VEX...
  7. Thank you guys! That was exactly what I needed!
  8. Hi, I am begginer in Houdini so my problem is rather simple for most of you I wanted to make a tool that will scatter circles on surface and later the radius of the circles will be driven by the distance to the curve I drew on top of it (as in the picture). It is important that the radius will start to shrink only if distance is smaller then a certain value that I choose. Where would you guys start? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks guys for your responses! I was thinking about similar build as Luke proposed. Those new Xeons with 10 cores have decent speed and are quite affordable. I have also composed a build with the latest i7 octa core (build in the attachment). I will reuse my old SSDs and Windows (I am considering switching to Linux someday) What are your builds at work/home for Houdni? Cheers!
  10. Hello everyone! I am about to change my old PC for a new one. I wanted to ask you guys for advice on how to choose parts correctly with Houdini in mind. Is it better to go with dual Xeon build or one strong i7? As far as my research goes I found out that i7 can go with 128GB RAM that is pretty expensive in comparaison to the RAM one can use with Xeons (and also I was told that the speed of RAM has very little influence on performance). How about graphic cards? I have heard that they will soon introduce Redshift for Houdini, but do any of you happen to know whether Redshift mats will be as keen to edit as Mantra ones? I already have 2 SSDs and 2 HDD which I will use in the new build. I am working in Maya and Substance Painter/Designer alongside. Cheers!