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  1. Rotate cameras from vector list to degrees

    Try this: def vtd(vector): vec = hou.Vector3(vector).normalized() initDir = hou.Vector3(0,0,-1) initUp = hou.Vector3(0,1,0) m4 = initDir.matrixToRotateTo(vec) dir = initDir * m4 up = initUp * m4 newUp = dir.cross(initUp.cross(dir)) mrx = m4 * up.matrixToRotateTo(newUp) m3 = mrx.extractRotationMatrix3() rotDeg = m3.extractRotates() return rotDeg
  2. Expression was not right. There is some problem in geometry with one of the line before foreach loop and polyexpand2d has error. Hip file in attach so far. And i presume you need to connect lines as in network box in the scene but i not understand actually what you try to achieve with polyexpand2d. ROADS_004_01.hipnc
  3. Yes, now i use point attr, but then i promote this attribute back to prim attr. How to decide which attr use? It depend which attribute use node. Some node use point attr some prim attr and some detail attr. Need to look to help card for node
  4. You lost some attributes in attr transfer node. ROADS_003_01.hipnc
  5. Rotate cameras from vector list to degrees

    Hi Konstantin! If i understood you right it must be working. 0,0,-1 is initial direction for a camera, rotDeg is vector with rotation in degrees. def vtd(vector): vec = hou.Vector3(vector).normalized() m4 = hou.Vector3(0,0,-1).matrixToRotateTo(vec) m3 = m4.extractRotationMatrix3() rotDeg = m3.extractRotates() return rotDeg
  6. Yes, it's more convenient way in some reasons. PARAMETER_001_02.hipnc
  7. $PATH is a local variable. See the help card for sweep node http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/sweep.html
  8. Maybe that would be much easier? PARAMETER_001_01.hipnc
  9. Hi Alvaro! In in your first hip do this: in a Trace sop go to Filter and turn on options Resample Shapes and Smooth Shapes and play with the slayders. You will get nice bevels.
  10. Alembic Motion Blur

    Or you can set parameter Load As in an Alembic node as Unpack Alembic Delayed Load Primitives
  11. Array values to points

    Yes. I found for myself that the key F1 is most useful key when you learn some soft. And one tip, in case if you didn't know that yet. If you put cursor at function's name in wrangle and press F1 then pop-up Help Browser with help for this function. It works for expressions in Edit Expression window also. Very helpful sometimes.
  12. Yes it possible. Just type a group's name in the field of parameter Constrained Points. wire_constraint_group.hipnc
  13. Array values to points

    Hi Konstantin ! All your examples will be work after some adjustments. See hip and Accessing attributes on other inputs in help card https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/snippets.html camera_to_screen_01.hipnc
  14. Maybe something like that? Fish-Swarm-v01_fix_normals.hipnc
  15. Procedural Oval curve

    and another without coding oval_01.hipnc