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  1. Hi all! I have alembic file from Maya and something wrong with it. If I rotate it in SOP context with attribute wrangle node or transform node rotation is okay, but if I rotate the same geometry in DOP it fluttering as if pivot is offset. I think it is on the Maya side not Houdini. The question is is it possible to fix it in Houdini? Or only to take back in Maya? I tried in Maya though but I didn't find a way to fix this geometry for proper work in DOP. abc_test.rar
  2. constraint orient problem

    This example file with limit rotation as you asked. You can adjust limit in an attribute wrangle node "angle_limit" with parameter "angle_limit" constraint problem10_4.hipnc
  3. Atom's Link Page

    Thank you very much Atom! That is really very helpful for me at my stage!
  4. constraint orient problem

    How about this variant but with limited rotation only 0 deg constraint problem10_3.hipnc
  5. constraint orient problem

    Hi. Maybe it what are you looking for? constraint problem10_1.hipnc