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  1. sorry for the late reply, but I got it to work from the first reply Use backticks `, not single quotes '. HNY!
  2. Everything seemed to work out! Thanks for the help guys
  3. Good afternoon, I am working on the digital tutors tutorial Creating your own custom Pyro FX in Houdini. For some reason my vopsop or even the attribvop (Houdini 2015's replacement of the vopsop) does not connect the inputs in their respected coded name. Like input 2 should be connected to fuel, but when I middle mouse click to double check, it just highlights and doesn't show the path that op:'opinputpath(".",1)' is supposed to direct it to. Is there an edit to Houdini 2015's op:'opinputpath(".",1)' code? I hope my explanation is good enough to understand, there is a file to show you what I mean.