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  1. Hey guys, I haven't been able to find this node in any of the newer versions of Houdini. Any idea how i can bring it back? Or if someone will be kind enough to write it out as a command file or hscript, that would be awesome. It used to be present as a POP Node in Dopnet. (POP Sprinkler)
  2. Hey APG, Will you be able to explain what you are doing inside the point vops ?
  3. Get the Object Centroid. Get the velocity of that point. Now in the Wind Field DOP, under the direction parameters, read the velocity using a point expression for each of the respective axis. You can multiply that value by -1, if you want the Wind blowing in the opposite direction.
  4. Yes sir, figured at much , after a bit of confusing looks. But sometimes the angles do get a bit crazy.
  5. Matt's solution worked really well, and i modified it a bit after using a point cloud to search for points and figure out a way to make them follow the curve even if the speed is way too high. (with help from our a very experienced FX lead) Now the only problem left to tackle is to figure out is when the same curve intersects itself. This is a scenario where the point cloud method falls apart sometimes.
  6. True but, if you look at the rest of my VOP network, that isnt in this file, there is nothing in there other than Turbulence that cannot be done with a few lines of code in VEX. At least that's what i have been told haha.
  7. Wow that helps a lot!! This just strengthens my friends suggestion to work with wrangles instead of VOP's. Im still trying to wrap my head around certain parts of the wrangle, but this is a great start for me! Ill reply again here with a few questions later on today! Thank you so much Matt! You da mayne.
  8. Unfortunately, it needs to be a simulation. I actually started working on this with a lot of help from Matt's page, amazing resource for so many of us new comers to Houdini. The Modulus way sounds interesting, im just not able to understand how to implement it because of my limited knowledge. Thank you for the reply I actually went that way with the latest version, since i already had the sourceprim attribute, i created a curve_id attribute (someone actually suggested this) based on the primnum of the curves. I get stuck after that, since im not able to implement those conditions. Im sure its something easy that im missing, but due my still somewhat limited knowledge of loops / conditions and comparing attributes using pcopen in VOPs im left scratching my head on how implement it. It took me a whole day to figure how to use the curve tangents to push the particles along. Thank you for the reply!
  9. Hey guys, Kinda Intermediate at Houdini and a recent full time convert from the 3DSMAX/TP world. I have been working on a tool, where the user can easily plug-in curves and generate art direct able particle flow along the input curves. Its about 90% done, and it works great with curves that are not too close to each other or don't intersect each other at too many points. How ever in certain scenarios. like multiple inward spiral curves intersecting each other, since the POPVOP system is based on Particle Cloud Search : - PC Open to look for particles close to the curve points. - Use those points and push them along the length of the curve using the curve tangents. , the particles get attracted towards either curve based on the search radius and no. of search points. This is definitely understandable, on why its happening. But is there any way to lock/tie the particles to specific curves only? The Radius and No. of Points parameters give it a lot of control for most scenarios, but the one mentioned above. Obviously there are a lot more parameters that i have added for dictating the flow behaviour. But the main solution that i can think of is to have the “found” particle only follow the curve and be affected by the parameters along that curve ONLY. Maybe have a POPVOP decide groups for the curves/particles? TLDR; Need to make the particles only flow along the curve it chooses/gets attracted to at the beginning. I have never worked with groups in POPNET, so im pretty much lost. Unfortunately because of my limited knowledge at Houdini i haven't been able to figure out how to achieve this. Would really appreciate some help on this.