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  1. Render log Arnold (HtoA)

    Hi guys, Been searching for a while but I can't get to understand how can I view render log like in the link bellow for arnold in houdini ! do you know how to access it in the console? (I am running windows10) Thank you. https://support.solidangle.com/display/A5AFHUG/How+to+Read+a+Render+Log
  2. Hello guys, I had a 2 months education license which expired today.I already had an indie license valid until sep 2018. After Education license expired ,houdini starts in non-comercial (apprentice mode). How can I fix this? I am running on windows 10 version 16.0.705. Even after upgrade and redeem houdini 16.5 licences ,houdini start in apprentice mode. Tks for support.
  3. Hi guys, I have this problem that I can't fix: I have redshift and arnold installed (Redshift working perfectly).When env file contains path to arnold and houdini,only redshift is working. If I remove redshift lines from env file ,arnold apear in the menu but give traceback errors and stuff ! Do you know what is wrong here? env file : # Example: # # HOUDINI_NO_SPLASH = 1 HOUDINI_USE_HFS_PYTHON = 1 # htoa config start PATH = "$PATH;C:\Users\screenglow\htoa\htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705\htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705\scripts\bin" HOUDINI_PATH = "C:\Users\screenglow\htoa\htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705\htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705;&" # htoa config end HOUDINI_DSO_ERROR = 2 PATH = "C:/ProgramData/Redshift/bin;$PATH" HOUDINI_PATH = "C:/ProgramData/Redshift/Plugins/Houdini/16.0.705;&" Thank you.
  4. Traceback (most recent call last)

    hello guys, How can I solve this? thank you I am using Houdini 16.0.705 and htoa same version Traceback (most recent call last): File "opdef:/Object/arnold_light?PythonModule", line 1, in <module> File "C:/Users/screenglow/htoa/htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705/htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705/scripts/python\htoa\ipr.py", line 15, in <module> import psutil File "C:/Users/screenglow/htoa/htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705/htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705\python2.7libs\psutil_init_.py", line 113, in <module> from . import _pswindows as _psplatform File "C:/Users/screenglow/htoa/htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705/htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705\python2.7libs\psutil_pswindows.py", line 14, in <module> from . import _psutil_windows as cext ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.
  5. Geometry cutting methods (question - cookie sop)

    Tks for your reply.
  6. hi guys ! what would you choose as the best way to cut geometry ? with the cookie sop I need to tweak a lot of parameters to get where I want.Maybe I am missing something tks
  7. HDA creation - parameters relative reference problem

    TKS !!! is working
  8. Hi guys, I am trying to create a simple hda which generates simple room with windows,door,etc. After I create the asset from the subnetwork,everything is working fine (pic 1). But if I want to access another instance I am losing the relative reference for the parameters (pic 2). Someone might know what is the problem? Tks.
  9. Shader problem at render time

    tks thx1138 is working !!! I still have one more question to ask : what would be the easiest way to keep the same effect but have textures,bump maps applied to the models ?
  10. Shader problem at render time

    Thanks. Will try this when I get back home and let you know.
  11. Shader problem at render time

    Hi guys, I am working on tutorial and I have some issues shading an object at render time.It works fine for first object but not for the second.I have attached the file and video with problem.If anyone can help it will be awesome (trying for some time to fix it).Thank you guys. shader not working for second object.mov shader problem.hipnc viewport working on geo level.mov
  12. Selective(random) bricks fracturing HELP

    Thank you. Very logical.
  13. Selective(random) bricks fracturing HELP

    Hello guys, I have a beginner question,if someone can help.I have a brick wall (simple box copied on x and then on y) and I want to fracture inside a loop network.Some of the bricks I want to leave them intact and some of them to fracture.In the end I will have random bricks fractured and other bricks intact.I want to use an expression or some other approach so that inside the loop node the bricks to be fracture are selected randomly. Which is the best approach with this? Thanks.