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  1. Great job!
  2. @freaq - thank you - fixed
  3. @Baldric Try to add more control points in AI - then export all the 13 single tiles as curves... HTH
  4. At this point I use only the AI curves in combination with the Polyextrude SOP. The problem with your AI file is: You have 13 single shapes and the Extrude effects the curves separately. Additional some of the points overlap. You have to connect the curves to one single shape. Additional you should split the part on the left side and export a second AI curve. I recommend to export only the half of the curve and use the Mirror SOP to create the full object. The points in the middle maybe overlap with the rest of the curve and cause problems with the Polyextrude SOP. I haven't split the second curve in the example. I added some more points in the AI file at the round parts of the logo. The curves are not clean. ai_example.zip
  5. Do you want to achieve something like this?
  6. Life and Death of an Espresso Shot in Slow Motion
  7. have you try the App-Link?
  8. Bullet Physics in Chrome Story at Engadget
  9. Cool - Like it!
  10. @Marc The blog post for the tutorials is here - the movies are not on the server. Any chance to upload the movies to the O|F vimeo channel?
  11. Check this: http://www.sidefx.co...ini12.5/hom/rpc And this: Masterclass: Python and Houdini 9.5 (from 44:30)
  12. A new OD|Force interview is online: Michael Kessler about Houdini and his home made 3D printer setup . Read: Houdini and 3D Printing
  13. All Houdini-Users in the Munich-area and visitors are invited for the 3rd Houdini-User-meeting 2013. Please post, if you plan to come. Where: American Bar & Restaurant Juleps (www.juleps-munich.de) When: 8. May 2013 Time: 20.00 (8pm) Google Maps: Juleps Breisacherstr. 18 81667 München Germany XING: 3. Houdini Meeting 2013 in München / Mi. 8.05.13