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  1. Thanks! Lots to digest. So in terms of editing my original script, do I need to somehow first define parent_node (which equates to NoneType)?
  2. Came across the above solution when trying to enable OpenCL globally. This is my exact implementation import hou; def set_opencl(parent_node, parm_value): for node in parent_node.allSubChildren(): for p in node.parms(): if p.name()=='opencl': try: p.set(parm_value) except hou.PermissionError: #this handles the case that the parm is inside of a locked .otl pass hou.session.set_opencl(hou.node('/obj/dopnet1'), 1); But get the following error message. have googled but no solution so far. Can any Python experts help?
  3. Thanks! Yes had heard of Andrew Lowell's book but never got around to ordering it:(. Will try to contact the author.
  4. Greatly inspired by the piece 'Oscillate' on vimeo. Can anyone point me to tutorials for audio driven animation in Houdini?
  5. Thanks, yes finally figured it out. I need to spend some time with tutorials though since I realize the bigger issue for me will be properly baking normal maps from the high res meshes
  6. ok so I need to be at geo level in order to use PolyReduce, but whenever I import an FBX, I'm at the root level. How do I get or access an FBX at the geo level?
  7. Could any Houdini experts suggest how to approach 'swirling clouds' aka hurricane type effects? Trying to create something similar to the following, but on a 'smaller scale' ie greatly sped up. So if you could imagine a whirlpool effect but with clouds instead of water.
  8. Thanks. great info!
  9. Hi Have high poly CAD models as Maya scenes also with many materials and textures I'd like to preserve. I've successfully exported these from Maya and imported these FBX files into Unity and retained the necessary materials and textures. 2 things aren't working however - the poly count is WAY too high (+5 million tris , verts!) - seem to be missing normals Unfortunately TOTAL Maya novice. If possible would prefer to work in Houdini. Is anyone aware of some good retopology tutorials for Houdini? What about 3rd party tool that would help automate poly reduction while still retaining textures? I've heard great things about the free Instant Meshes for one... https://github.com/wjakob/instant-meshes Any help appreciated!
  10. In my case TitanX Pascal
  11. Hi Tasked with working with some VERY high poly count CAD files, several million polys easily. heard great things about the updated poly reduce node in H16. Should I even attempt to reduce poly count in Houdini, or is another tool better suited to this?
  12. SESI confirmed they are working with Nvidia to solve the many driver related issues
  13. Just a heads up Spent a couple days troubleshooting, without luck, even with SESI support to get H16 to launch. Running latest Ubuntu with latest Nvidia drivers 378.13 Solved the issue. Downgraded my Nvidia driver to 375.39 arrrgh Nvidia drivers. If admin is reading this please feel free to move to a more appropriate forum to benefit others
  14. Would be great if SESI had a printable version of the documentation. Even better, 1 pdf for each sub section! ie Dynamics, Nodes, etc