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  1. Just curious since I've had 0 luck getting Houdini to launch with the last 2 Nvidia driver updates on Ubuntu. What Nvidia driver version is everyone running?
  2. Infrared Foliage effect

    Hi I have an idea for a portfolio piece I want to create rendering tree foliage as if shot using infra red film. This is sort of the look I am after https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/107453141084546172/ Any shader experts able to suggest tips on how I would go about building the leaf shader? I'm using Redshift but the same principles should apply regardless of rendering engine.
  3. Affordable SpeedTree Cinema alternatives

    Thanks. Great resources. On a quick inspection the polyget library looks like an amazing value at a substantial savings over Speedtree. Would luv to see a side by side comparison.
  4. Affordable SpeedTree Cinema alternatives

  5. SpeedTree Cinema is truly amazing, but for an indie artist just wanting to create 1 or 2 pieces for his reel with realistic tree foliage a bit pricey. Anyone care to recommend and good alternatives?
  6. Nvidia driver 396.24

    Hi Anyone have luck with latest Nvidia driver 396.24? I'm on Ubuntu 17.10 and tried several recent Houdini builds, none launched.
  7. .OBJ files and materials

    Hey Atom. Thanks for sharing!
  8. MTL To Redshift Material

    This is brilliant. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Hi Trying to use some .obj files downloaded from Turbosquid. They also come with .mtl and .xfr files. After importing the .obj using a File SOP, how do you import and apply the materials?
  10. Hi Bit of a noob question but can anyone tell me what happens to say, an OBJ you import via a File SOP which you then Lock? If you share ONLY the .hip file, is the OBJ geometry somehow embedded inside the .hip?
  11. Hi, Anyone use both XGen and the new Hair Grooming tools in Houdini and can offer an opinion on pros, cons, of each? I assume XGen is the industry standard for hair generation and grooing in feature film work but wondering if that is because it is 'better' or has simply been around longer?
  12. Although MSS can't be used on cameras or lights my understanding is that they are still advantageous to lighters. I believe this has something to do with the inheritance chain (attached) Can someone describe an actual scene or scenario in which this might be true?
  13. Hi Following along Jeff's webinar on material Style sheets, right about the 1 hour mark he attempts to demo applying a material Style sheet to a packed primitive. His example doesn't work and without explaining why it fails, the webinar continues:( To better my understanding, I'd like to know why. My hip is attached. packedObject_begin3.hiplc
  14. GamePad Camera

    So to use the new GamePad camera feature in 16.5 my understanding is you need an actual GamePad for input. Will any GamePad work? Any recommendations? Was looking at this one http://www.dell.com/en-ca/shop/accessories/apd/a9902796?cid=3852&st=&pdv=c&lid=5635587&VEN1=sHsM2jitK,82727171957,901mtv7630,c,&VEN2=,&dgc=st&dgseg=dhs&acd=1230881379501410&VEN3=813704368127433125