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  1. Thanks Atom. Much googling came across a quite detailed tutorial on generating maps for foliage https://www.3dtotal.com/tutorial/1407-leaf-project-3ds-max-photoshop-by-julio-juarez-plant-nature?page=10
  2. Hi I've been trying all day to get something that 'looks' close to a single leaf attached to its base and being blown by a fan force but haven't come close. I'm using the Cloth solver. The problem is that (most) leaves in real life are actually fairly rigid in the center near the stem but have increasing bend or flex towards the edges. Has anyone reading this attempted realistic foliage dynamics? Would I be better off using the Wire solver?
  3. ok part of my issue. Didn't know that in addition to selecting the 'Display Points' option you need to have 'High Quality' lighting enabled in Sene View. otherwise won't see any points!
  4. The source geometry is an imported .obj file. Could that be part of the problem? See attached. Notice that no points are visible in my Scene view with Scatter node OFF even though I have Show Points activated.
  5. ok, so Scatter SOP CONVERTS your geometry to points, but I need to ADD points to existing geometry. The problem is that I'm trying to use the Stitch Cloth shelf tool and it is asking for some constraint points on my geometry. Tried merging after I Scatter but don't think its doing what I want.
  6. Using the fan force and manually pointing at the desired target can be a frustrating process. There is no 'Look At' option and you obviously can't parent it with a null inside an AutoDOP network. Does anyone know of a work around to make 'pointing' the fan force easier?
  7. Thanks Atom. Just getting comfortable with copy stamp, now I understand its been deprecated in favor of For Each loops? At least according to Jeff in the recent H16 new geometry workflow webinar. Not intuitive!
  8. Not sure how to do this but I need to randomly choose between multiple source objects in a copyTo point SOP. Imagine a Sphere with Scattered points on the surface. Now using a copyTo SOP imagine having to copy not just 1 object to these points, but randomly choose between multiple. ie For 3 objects instead of copying just a green colored grid, randomly choose either a red, green or blur grid for the copyTo operation.
  9. thanks..guess I was oversold on the title. no secret:)
  10. Great reference..and link to downloadable pdf http://cinematiccolor.com/
  11. After watching this was wondering. What would be the equivalent of ACEs color space in Houdini? Is this just a Linear workflow or?
  12. Although Blender specific, found this tutorial very useful and informative. Curious, what would be the equivalent of ACEs color space in Houdini?
  13. Hi Not a Houdini specific question but thought I'd ask If all you have are diffuse, normal and specular maps, is there an easy way to derive a translucency map or effect? This is for realistic looking foliage.
  14. I'm no expert but pretty sure that you shouldn't be extruding AFTER any sort of voroni or boolean fracture-shatter operation. I'm guessing some combination of tetrahedralizing + boolean and followed by boolean shatter? but other experts should chime in...
  15. Thanks! Appreciated. Also another thing that was confusing me is that a default Sphere only contains a single point.