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  1. "I personally don't think you know how to setup OpenCL and think just turning on the checkbox does the trick. " Hi marty. You're probably right. Can you point me in the right direction? What else needs to be done to enable OpenCL on my sims?
  2. Are there any useful guidelines or 'best practices' available for organizing, coloring, naming and grouping your nodes? With H16 especially there are so many ways to organize your nodes now, it would be nice if some sort of standard was developed for use in team environments. Attached is a simple layout based on a Neils Prayer tutorial making use of caps, nested and colored network boxes, etc. Feel free to share your tips and suggestions, screen grabs etc!
  3. Strange because although I've made a few changes(reverted to older nvidia driver, etc) pretty sure it WAS working a few months back and was seeing improved SIM times when enabled. Will keep digging..
  4. Hi A common problem I have when following various tutorials are the huge differences in various SOP and other nodes in newer vs older versions of Houdini. For example the new PolyExtrude SOP bears almost zero resemblance to the older version. I know you can 'unhide' deprecated nodes like vopsop using a command like the following in the Textport opunhide Sop vopsop But is there a way to somehow revert to or 'uncover' older versions of same named SOP nodes?
  5. Hi Curious why enabling 'OpenCL' in the Advanced TAB of my pyrosolver causes my sim to fail. What happens is theat when enabled, I can simulate about the first 30-40 frames of a smoke sim only. Is there some other OpenCL related setting in application preferences? AFAIK, OpenCL should be fully supported on my setup, Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and NVIDIA Titan X Pascal GPU. Possibly Nvidia driver related?
  6. As a novice much confusion about the lack of consistency when referring to different levels in the obj context. Especially when using 'Object Level'. Many times it used to refer to the Scene or obj level, other times it is used when 'inside' an object or geometry node. Can we simply all agree to not use "object Level" and use "Scene Level" when at the root or obj level? [note to admin, realized after posting should be in Lounge, could you move?)
  7. Doesn't Peter Quint discuss this in his Millions of Particles or 2?
  8. Confused by the purpose of the Save to Disk button on the Output node inside the DOP network when creating any pyro sim. There is no corresponding Load file from disk and the parent DOP network already has a Cache to disk option. Why would you manually save out a DOP sequence as .sim files?
  9. Brilliant! Thanks Matt. So ScrLk to toggle intercept mode, and play plus 'Listen' button before you tap out your beats. I found it takes a bit of playing around to fully understand the interactions and setting my Listen button to Toggle seems more intuitive. The Listen button when set to Toggle has 3 modes 1- off 2- (first press) Listen to taps 3- (2nd press) Listen and Repeat (autoplay taps) And then when in autoplay (3rd mode) hitting your tap key once resets the mode to 1 though this seems to give inconsistent results, ie the ramp period when resetting is always different and arbitrary. There should be some sort of instant visual feedback to let you know you are in Listen mode! This should be in the sesi documentation
  10. Ok so I've read the documentation http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/chop/beat and this http://sidefx.jp/doc/nodes/chop/beat.html but was hoping there was a little bit more of an explanation as I haven't been able to make it work Apparently not the only one https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/13220/ How do you define the keys for listen and tap? I've manage to figure out how to enable ‘intercept mode’ by using a keyboard with ‘Scroll Lock’ but still confused. How do you record the ‘taps’? Do you need to play the timeline?
  11. Hi A bit of a challenge for me and would appreciate feedback to see if I am on the right track. So many ways to accomplish the same thing it seems in Houdini. My goal in this exercise is to fully understand how to use CHOP data to influence and modify DOPs. STEP1 - Convert cached volume to points using pointsfromvolume SOP STEP2- Somehow use CHOP info to alter these points (in the attached .hip a simple sine motion) I might need some handholding in regards to VEX, whether I use a Pointwrangle or VOP SOP. Also attached is a corrected .hip file Not to repeat myself but my question as noted in the sticky file is "How to use CHOP data to influence movement of new particles in poinstfromvolume?" The only key image is the first one, I was unable to delete previously uploaded screen grabs. CHOPs_drive_DOPs_sine4.hiplc
  12. Can any Python experts tell me why I get with the following script entered in the Python Source Editor? def set_opencl(parent_node, parm_value): for node in parent_node.allSubChildren(): for p in node.parms(): if p.name()=='opencl': try: p.set(parm_value) except hou.PermissionError: #this handles the case that the parm is inside of a locked .otl pass hou.session.set_opencl(hou.node('/obj/sim'),1); Houdini 16.0.597 Indie in Linux
  13. I have the following script to recursively turn on 'OpenCl' in all my nodes. First question, how would I run it once, simply paste into a new Python shell or?? 2ndquestion, how would I get this to run every time I start a new session? def set_opencl(parent_node, parm_value): for node in parent_node.allSubChildren(): for p in node.parms(): if p.name()=='opencl': try: p.set(parm_value) except hou.PermissionError: #this handles the case that the parm is inside of a locked .otl pass hou.session.set_opencl(hou.node('/obj/geometry_node_name'),
  14. Thanks Atom. I've also watched Peter Quint's excellent tutorial on using CHOP's to drive particles https://vimeo.com/6931106 [vimeo.com] But unless I'm missing something attempting to use audio to drive volume based smoke pyro simulations is something entirely different....