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  1. So apparently even though I am running an AMD cpu I am still susceptible to at least 1 variant of the well publicized Spectre security flaw. For Ubuntu (I'm running Ubuntu Mate 17.10 artful) I see Jan 9 as a release date for the update https://insights.ubuntu.com/2018/01/04/ubuntu-updates-for-the-meltdown-spectre-vulnerabilities/ Anyone know it there will be a performance hit with this update on AMD processors?
  2. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Wondering this myself. Just downloaded the BIOS update for my Dell laptop but after reading the reports about performance hits (between 30-40% for NvME SSD! ) https://www.techspot.com/article/1556-meltdown-and-spectre-cpu-performance-windows/page4.html not sure its worth it. Thoughts?
  3. CmiVFX - hair Grooming course

    Thanks. Yes should have guessed by the shape of the nodes. Houdini 15? There's also this on Pluralsight https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/houdini-15-hair-fur-introduction Still wondering if it might be a worthwhile investment or not.... Other than 1 masterclass and the aforementioned GDC video, not a lot out there on the new H16 hair and grooming tools! Came across some useful tips though https://www.3dartistonline.com/news/2017/09/houdini-16-hair-and-fur-tips/
  4. CmiVFX - hair Grooming course

    Hi Trying to get my head wrapped around hair grooming , rendering. Saw this on CmiVFX. Can anyone recommend? Can't tell from the intro whether its for H16 or not. https://cmivfx.com/houdini-facial-hair-grooming I've already watched the GDC and master class videos ie https://vimeo.com/209021576
  5. Formatting an SSD which will primarily be used as disk swap space and caching for Houdini. I primarily work i Linux but occasionally dual boot into Windows. Should i use ext4 or ntfs or some other file system option for best performance? Checking the wiki I see that ext4 has the option for 'Block Journalling' while ntfs has something called 'Data Deduplication' But under the OS Support section the wiki suggests you must stick with either one of the FAT options or ISO9660 for Windows-Linux compatibility. And benchmarks I've checked suggest FAT (other than exFat) is much slower on SSD's than ntfs . Confusing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems
  6. How much RAM is enough

    Thanks. Good info although biased towards gamers. And a lot to digest. I'm going for a mild OC at 3.9GHz and with a few BIOS tweaks am also able to run my RAM at its rated 2666 speed with all 8 DIMM slots occupied so I am a happy camper.:) Having this kit and NOT OC'ing to me is like owning a Formula 1 Race Car and refusing to ever go over the speed limit! The Threadripper and Zenith Extreme combo were designed from the ground up with OC'ing in mind. The only caveat being to have adequate cooling and carefully monitor your CPU temps! This thing is power hungry! Finding my total system pulls almost 400 W peak during a Cinebench CPU render, roughly 50 W more than a GPU render using 2 high end cards, a TitanXP and GTX 1080. Will have to do a render benchmark in Houdini comparing the 2. Yes AMD warns you about voiding your warranty when OC'ing but they also make an app dedicated to customizing your overclock (RyzenMaster)
  7. 2 x 512GB M.2 SSD's - set up as RAID 0 or...

    Thanks. Yeah they are NvME (Samsung 960 Pro M.2). Will avoid RAID for now.
  8. Hi Invested in 2 additional M.2 SSD's with the plan of setting them up in RAID 0 for high performance caching on a AMD X399 system. However, the problem is that I already have an existing SSD in regular SATA configuration that is my primary linux work drive. To use RAID, would need to switch from AHCI to RAID in my BIOs SATA settings, making my existing Linux drive unusable. Would need to reformat and reinstall everything from scratch. So, my question is, Is it worth the extra hassle (RAID 0)? Or should I simple use the additional M.2 SSDs as regular SATA drives for storage and caching? I'm guessing the read write speeds of the M.2's are already fast enough for caching without RAID 0.
  9. How much RAM is enough

    Just got the TR 1950x. Santa was nice to me this year:) A lot of mentions about 'Samsung B die' being the 'best' for X399 but unclear what thats about. And just got this reply from GSkill Tech support.Seems to be a tradeoff between speed and capacity:( However, just because its not officially supported, doesn't mean it won't work! At least one user over on the ASUS ROG forum reports successful 128GB install at 2933MHz https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?96980-128GB-working-kits-with-Zenith-Extreme-and-1950X/page2
  10. How much RAM is enough

    Hi Reviving an old thread. Currentlyrunning 8x8 GB 2666 MHz Corsair Vengeance kit on a new X399 platform but am only seeing 2133. Contemplating a huge investment in entirely new GSkill Flare X 2999 8x16 GB kit. Besides the extra headroom I've seen some tests which claim up to 50% performance improvement in certain simulations when going from 2133 to 3200. Anyone else considering going up to or is currently running 128 GB? Is it worth it? Thanks
  11. Faster RAM, is it worth it?

    Wow, thats crazy. If true it would seem that for certain types of simulations RAM speed is a limiting factor. Not familiar with -j8 -j16 syntax. I assume these are command line variables passed in if launching from command line? Does this mean Houdini doesn't recognize extra CPU cores otherwise?
  12. Faster RAM, is it worth it?

    My understanding is that outside of GPU rendering, many operations in Houdini are CPU limited and therefore would benefit with faster memory. The question is how much and is it really noticeable? ie if you are running memory rated at 2666 and can actually run at that speed, what performance improvement , if any, would you notice if you either OC'd (unlikely) to 3200 or purchased new memory rated at that faster speed? Especially considering the increasing price of RAM lately, want to make sure investing in 128GB of faster DIMMS is worth it.
  13. Linux Mint pros cons

    Hi Atom Does Houdini crash for you with the new RenderView option in latest Redshift plugin (2.5.49) ? It does for me and is apparently a known issue with 17.10 According to Juanjo at RS I can reproduce the crash using Ubuntu 17.10,
  14. Crash report - Caught signal 11

    Yep. Hitting the new renderview button is the only thing causing a crash. Problem is they can't seem to reproduce it.
  15. Ok so getting a crash when selecting a new RenderView feature with the latest Redshift plugin of course have submitted a bug report with redshift but the RS logs don't seem to show any errors. In an effort to troubleshoot can anyone look at my Houdini crash log and possibly suggest what the error might be ...possibly driver related? What does 'Caught signal 11' signify? Crash report from jim; Houdini Version 16.5.290 [Linux 2.6.32-573.3.1.el6.x86_64] Uptime 38 seconds Sun Dec 10 14:20:19 2017 Caught signal 11