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  1. Node FX demo

    Just saw this
  2. Hi Total character animation noob. I want to create a simple prototype of a character walking, transitioning to idle, then transitioning back to walking. Using the Simple Biped asset, how do I apply the animation? I though there was a stock character animation library in Houdini but cannot find it. Op solved http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/pypanel/poselibrary Just wish there was an easy way to transition between poses, say like you can from the Mixamo site.
  3. Whenever I use the Set Project feature and try and target a .hip file I always need to add .hip as a custom file type. Why?
  4. Fluid in cup using Boolean SOP

    Thanks. Forgot to mention I am converting the 'liquid' geometry to a FlipFluid object. Will that impact my rendered geometry?
  5. Fluid in cup using Boolean SOP

    Hi Following along a recent webinar and a cup with fluid are modeled using a Boolean operation (see attached). My question is Is this simply a quick hack or would you normally model liquid in say glass if you want accurate refraction and caustics? Notice there is a peak SOP so that the 'fluid' slightly overlaps the container walls. fluid_in_cup_Boolean.hiplc
  6. Exporting options for Indie users

    yep, thanks. SideFX needs to update their error messages:)
  7. gConvert example

    Not having any luck getting gConvert in the Houdini terminal to convert a .bgeo to an .obj I think my interpretation of the documentation is incorrect. Can anyone provide an actual example? for instance I've tried $ gconvert -l 10 input.bgeo output.obj gconvert [-l lod] infile outfile
  8. Exporting options for Indie users

    Thanks. Yes, apparently you are correct. Was mislead by the error message generated
  9. Hi Am I correct in assuming that NO FBX export options exist for Indie users? Is there any other way to export an animated mesh without having to purchase a full FX license? There is no mention of export limitations under the feature comparison chart for File Formats https://www.sidefx.com/filmtv/compare/
  10. Thanks! I ended up using a Carve SOP with a copytopoints operation but I think this is a more elegant solution.
  11. Tried several times with complex FBX import but can't get the Follow Path Shelf Tool to work with complex geometry. Any of the test geometry it works fine. Is there a trick to this, perhaps in grouping the imported FBX somehow before applying the Shelf Tool?
  12. Ok so I have the obj imported https://sketchfab.com/models/9e3d54d7fa624281a5d32cbbb01b35e5# but the single uv mapped texture is not being applied. (below) What do I need to do to apply the texture atlas? Is it necessary to convert the .OBJ format to .FBX before importing? I tried first converting to .FBX using the free Autodesk FBX converter but no difference.
  13. Copy to points - how would you animate?

    Thanks! Wasn't aware of this. Also after some digging discovered the Carve SOP is ideal for this When in doubt I'm just going to assume 'there's a SOP for that' moving forward:)
  14. So CopytoPoints SOP is an all at once operation. But what if you wanted to animate the process, gradually revealing the copy to points process? For instance, think boxes on a curved path representing a 3d dashed line. How would you animate the growth of this 'dashed line' using a CopytoPoints SOP?