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  1. Considering this mobo upgrade https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/pgDzK8/asus-rog-rampage-vi-apex-eatx-lga2066-motherboard-rog-rampage-vi-apex to marry with a i9 7900x HUGE variety of 16GB simms to choose from Should I save a couple hundred 4 and go with slower DDR4 2666? Or with this CPU will I notice any performance increase with faster RAM?
  2. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Performance comes at a cost! And not talking just dollars. Anyone else examine the power requirements of these guys? Even at idle the TR is pulling around 100W, and on peak load both are drawing in the 200-250W range. Go ahead and OC the 7980xe to 4.3ghz and you're going to see almost 500W...thats INSANE! If AMD or Intel were to come out with 'power efficient' versions of these that were maybe 90% as powerful, but only required half the power...that is something I would throw my $ at!
  3. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Ditto, read through the entire thread but still not 100% sure about the findings. Can anyone summarize the pros cons of TR for Houdini sim, rendering as compared with i9 7900? And any Houdini benchmarks yet for the i9 7980x?
  4. Simply trying to apply a Simulate Guides shelf tool to a Guide Deform SOP. .hip attached Why am I getting this error? sphere_oscillate2.hiplc
  5. Add Dynamics shelf tool...where?

    Going to suggest SESI rename this node to 'Hair Spray Amount'
  6. Add Dynamics shelf tool...where?

    Thanks Marty! I derived my settings by trying to convert the settings from an older tutorial.
  7. Add Dynamics shelf tool...where?

    Didn't want to create a new thread Much testing this past week with a simulation using the Apply Fur shelf tool on a simple sphere. As mentioned no detailed information I can find on adjusting simulation dynamics in 16.5! What would be really useful would be hair dynamics settings for a variety of hair types as starting points. It seems that what was the Material TAB has now been separated into Physical and Plasticity TABs. Under Elasticity I have increased Stretch Spring to 3000, reduced both Stretch and Bend Damping to .01, and increased Bend Spring to 5. (see attached) From what I understand, this SHOULD result in my hair or hair guides having much more flex or bend. But I can see zero difference. Can any hair or Wire Solver experts have a look and tell me what I am doing wrong? hair_sphere.hiplc
  8. Add Dynamics shelf tool...where?

    yep, again its a case where the documentation is woefully out of date and misleading! Also discovered this newer 16.5 masterclass.
  9. Pulling my hair out (pun intended) trying to get hair dynamics working According to this documentation there should be a 'Hair' tab? and a 'Add Dynamics' shelf tool. I have neither in 16.5! http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shelf/furdynamics.html Can anyone tell me where it is hiding?
  10. My understanding is that the recommended way of converting .blend files to FBX is to have Blender already installed and then export to FBX. Also came across this online converter http://www.greentoken.de/onlineconv/ Is there an accepted 'best solution' for this?
  11. OpenCL and multiple GPU's

    Any OpenCL experts able to tell me whether OpenCL is 'multiple-GPU' aware? Just wondering if there are any sim performance advantages in enabling OpenCL on multi-GPU systems...
  12. So taking baby steps in mastering the hair & Fur shelf tools in H16. have watched the masterClass twice. Basic hair guide creation is very intuitive, however when it come to the 'Guide Deform' simulation using the 'Simulate Guides' shelf tool it is easy to get overwhelmed by the options. (attached) The only change I have made to defaults is to reduce Spatial Scale to 0.25, as suggested in the MasterClass. What are some other key settings I should focus on for wedging or flipbooking?
  13. noob> Simple oscillating rotation

    Awesome, thanks!
  14. I know you can simple use sin(@Time) to create an oscillating value in an Attribute Wrangle, but how would you use this to create a simple oscillating rotation on any piece of geometry(think clock mechanism or swing)?
  15. As I max out my PC with a 3rd GPU was wondering if it is possible thru software somehow, to only say render on 2 of 3 GPUs, or target a specific GPU for rendering(Reshift or Octane)?