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  1. Thanks Atom. No, to the best of my knowledge am only changing some ROP settings, but that should have no effect on saved sim information Further searching has led me to believe that "Explicit Caching" is what I need, however I don't see this in H16. Has it been replaced by checkpoints or?
  2. Created a basic 240 frame RBD simulation. Once I was happy with it I wanted to 'bake it' so I clicked "save to Disk' on my Output node inside my AutoDOP network. As a test at frame 120 I interrupted the Save to Disk operation. I also enabled "Playback from Saved files" on the parent AutoDOP node. So now frames 1-120 are highlited in purple on my timeline. At a later time I wanted to see if I could complete the "save to Disk" of my simulation so for start frame on my Output node I entered 121. I then clicked "Save to Disk" but instead of immediately caching my simulation I see "DOP cooking frame 1-120" on my timeline and have to wait an hour or more until my caching operation continues on frame 121. Is there any way of avoiding this cooking operation? It seems unnecessary to me. On a related topic I thought the whole advantage of the .sim format was that it saved state information, so I shouldn't even have to enter a start frame when continuing an interrupted cache operation. Houdini should 'know' where I left off, no?
  3. hmmm, Thanks, no but I did find I can paste my Material SOP after the Boolean SOP using a * ^binsidea group selector. makes more sense as well. And the appearance of the cutgeometry in the starting geometry minimized by reducing the detail in the Convert SOP. Probably not possible to eliminate entirely and using a Switch targeting the frame just before the shatter begins makes the most sense.
  4. Hi I know you need to enable the ‘binsidea’ group on the Boolean SOP for your inside material in a Boolean Shatter fracture. What I’m confused about is proper application of your outside material. In the attached pic you can see I have defined my Outside material BEFORE my Boolean SOP. And my Inside material is after, pointing to the binsidea group. The problem is I am seeing the edges of my cut geometry (vdb spheres) in my Outside material. Am I applying my Outside Material correctly? DO I need to define a group for Outside as well? Should my Outside Material SOP come AFTER my Boolean SOP? BooleanShatter_with RSMaterial_v2.hiplc
  5. Thanks. Didn't know checkboxes could be dynamically enabled this way...will try.
  6. Thanks I guess I need a better understanding of what is happening 'under the hood' when "Overwrite Attributes" is enabled. How might this be translated into VEX?
  7. Thought this research by Nvidia quite interesting https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2017/05/10/ai-for-ray-tracing/
  8. Don't have time to examine your hip right away but you must be doing something wrong. How are you creating your cut geometry? have you seen the Siggraph session?
  9. Hi When using Voronoi fracture applying materials to the inside surfaces is simple. You just enable the creation of "inside" and Outside" groups on the Voronoi Fracture SOP. But when using a Boolean SOP for a Shatter operation how would you accomplish the same thing?
  10. Hi In my DOP network for a RigidBody test I need to enable "Overwrite Attributes" but ONLY at a specific frame in the simulation. Is this possible?
  11. Hi Been given a choice at work to either go with a new HP Omen Gaming Desktop with i7 7700K and Nvidia 1080Ti OR wait until the iMac line is refreshed. Any reason to wait for the iMac?
  12. Hi My understanding is that Houdini has supported ptex since v11 and it offers a number of advantages over traditional UV mapping. But will it ever replace it? Outside of Disney, is pTex use growing? What are the disadvantages as compared with UV mapping?
  13. in case not everyone has seen already