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  1. gConvert example

    Not having any luck getting gConvert in the Houdini terminal to convert a .bgeo to an .obj I think my interpretation of the documentation is incorrect. Can anyone provide an actual example? for instance I've tried $ gconvert -l 10 input.bgeo output.obj gconvert [-l lod] infile outfile
  2. Exporting options for Indie users

    yep, thanks. SideFX needs to update their error messages:)
  3. Hi Am I correct in assuming that NO FBX export options exist for Indie users? Is there any other way to export an animated mesh without having to purchase a full FX license? There is no mention of export limitations under the feature comparison chart for File Formats https://www.sidefx.com/filmtv/compare/
  4. Exporting options for Indie users

    Thanks. Yes, apparently you are correct. Was mislead by the error message generated
  5. Tried several times with complex FBX import but can't get the Follow Path Shelf Tool to work with complex geometry. Any of the test geometry it works fine. Is there a trick to this, perhaps in grouping the imported FBX somehow before applying the Shelf Tool?
  6. Ok so I have the obj imported https://sketchfab.com/models/9e3d54d7fa624281a5d32cbbb01b35e5# but the single uv mapped texture is not being applied. (below) What do I need to do to apply the texture atlas? Is it necessary to convert the .OBJ format to .FBX before importing? I tried first converting to .FBX using the free Autodesk FBX converter but no difference.
  7. Thanks! I ended up using a Carve SOP with a copytopoints operation but I think this is a more elegant solution.
  8. Not sure if I should post this in Coding as the solution would be in VEX Have a simple physics simulation with a box Primitive, Solver and and Trail SOPs to create a 3d 'dashed line'. The problem is my 'dashes' aren't oriented so that they are tangential to the curve. Here is my initial VEX set up @v = {5,5,0}; v@gravity = {0,-0.1,0}; My .hip is also attached. Any VEX wizards able to help? Am familiar with Parallel Transport to compute normals on curved lines http://www.entagma.com/td-fundamentals-parallel-transport/#more-1145 but was hoping there was a simpler solution that allowed use of the Trail SOP. 3d_dash.hiplc
  9. Copy to points - how would you animate?

    Thanks! Wasn't aware of this. Also after some digging discovered the Carve SOP is ideal for this When in doubt I'm just going to assume 'there's a SOP for that' moving forward:)
  10. So CopytoPoints SOP is an all at once operation. But what if you wanted to animate the process, gradually revealing the copy to points process? For instance, think boxes on a curved path representing a 3d dashed line. How would you animate the growth of this 'dashed line' using a CopytoPoints SOP?
  11. noob- Using the Animation editor

    Ok so LOTs of tutorials that use the animation editor to achieve specific effects, but have yet to find a very basic walk thru of using the animation editor. There is this on advanced keyframes https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/keyframe-functions-extrapolations-and-box-handles/ and this 5 year old Ari Danesh tuorial https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/lesson-4-keyframe-animation/ Is there nothing more recent that covers simply creating circular motion in the editor with keyframes?
  12. Purchased and installed Indie but when launching I am now informed my version of License Server is too old. (attached)I had previously installed and was using Apprentice. So then tried uninstalling everything via the uninstaller, and reinstalling Indie once more. Launched Indie, License Administrator launches, chose ‘I have a paid license…’clicked ‘License Settings’…same error. A few questions 1 How do I upgrade my license Server? 2 Confused about 'local' vs 'network' licensing. I assume I am using local licensing since all my licensing info is in my 'licenses.local' file. But if this is the case shouldn't Indie launch WITHOUT using the license administrator? 3 I am installing on iMac but later want to transfer to a PC. But reading the licensing info it mentions that you are only allowed to return your license twice What happens if you want to return a 3rd time to install on a different machine? Over the course of 2-3 years I see this as a fairly common scenario.
  13. noob- simple looping during playback

    Thanks. Timeshift is what I need.
  14. Ok, so I have a simple animated sequence and I see when I scrub the timeline it loops correctly from frames 24 to 176. How can I just playback-render those frames only?
  15. Getting a puzzling license error when I try and do a Mantra render on a new Windows install of Indie 16.5.378 When I run License Administrator I see NO errors, all green checkmarks! Anyone have a clue what might be wrong?
  16. Follow camera VEX variations

    So the following simple VEX code will track a camera exactly with an object but I am trying to achieve 2 different variations 1- follow but with inertia 2- follow but with handheld or ‘shakey cam’ adjustable effect Can any VEX experts help with the above? matrix m = optransform('/obj/cam1'); @P *=m;
  17. Can any VEX experts help with the following. Getting a "Read only expression on left side of assignment' error for the last line in the following VEX snippet vector axis = vector(rand(@ptnum)); float angle = radians(ch('amount')); matrix3 m = ident(); rotate(m, angle, axis); @orient = quaternion(m);
  18. Going thru cgi wiki smoke tutorials and noticed a bit of 'stepping' or strobe effect when trying to reproduce the moving smoke sim demo http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Smoke_and_Pyro How can I remove this?
  19. middle mouse click not working

    Op So the issue is not Houdini but rather had to reset my Logitech wireless Middle Click mouse settings under Additional mouse options
  20. Changing my work environment temporailly and working in Windows. For some reason I can't get middle mouse click to give me a 'pan' function in any editor window. Instead I get a magnifying glass. Searched preferences but can't seem to find any setting to change this. Can anyone help?
  21. Direct modeling HDA

    Anyone use this direct modeling HDA? useful? Good investment? www.bit.ly/vault-231-procedural https://gumroad.com/l/GVLLS
  22. Staying motivated

    Hi Other than shutting your computer off and going for a walk what are some things you guys do stay super motivated on personal projects as well as plodding thru tutorials? Experiencing the February blahs:)
  23. Intel Discrete GPU

    More competition can only mean good things for the consumer. Nvidia seems to have a monopoly at this point...