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  1. Especially considering how buggy OpenGL is in OSX can anyone explain why presenters seem to always use a Mac with Houdini? Even experienced Houdini veterans... I would think a linux enabled laptop would be the better option. ie recent Procedural in Motion conference https://www.sidefx.com/community/procedural-in-motion-presentations/
  2. well maybe I should say 'most'. Thought perhaps there was some hidden OSX feature that made Houdini perform better on Macs:) Pretty sure it doesn't crash any less often
  3. Anyone know who does the VFX for Neill Blomkamp's Oatstudio project? Of those posted on youtube so far, I like his 20 minute short Rakka ow
  4. If anyone has issues after manually installing the Nvidia driver on Linux, the solution (at least for me) is to run the installer again but follow with a -uninstall command and then use Software&Updates to reinstall the proper driver.
  5. I understand the relationship between Unified max samples and so called 'local' samples. And the importance of keeping Unified samples less than Local samples. But what I find confusing is the relationship between BF, material and light 'Local' samples. Which takes priority and is there a recommended sequence of steps when reducing noise?
  6. At Unite Austin. Have to say that Cinemachine is tres cool. The whole idea of getting rid of key framing and using many cameras with predefined 'look at' and tracking properties and then seamlessly blending between cameras. Essentially building more intelligence into individual cameras. Was wondering if something similar could be done inside Houdini?
  7. I know GPU renderers take advantage of multiple GPU's, but does H16 OpenCL performance also benefit?
  8. Having a heck of a time simply trying to install PG Bokeh for Nuke 11 NC on my Ubuntu setup. My understanding is you need to alter the environment variables for Nuke? Feedback direct from peregrine said I should edit my .bashrc file So, I added the following line to my bash.bashrc file in /etc/ And copied the downloaded PG Boken blugin folder to the plugins folder inside the above Nuke directory What is the difference between bash.bashrc and the hidden .bashrc in my home directory? If I try and edit the latter I get an error 'editing files in a writable directory is not permitted' Still no luck Can anyone help? Wouldn't it be easier to make the plugin an actual installer?
  9. Thanks Marty Have you used Pg Bokeh before?
  10. so read this thread but still couple questions 2 questions 1- Which if any AOV's increase render time? I've read different feedback on this elsewhere. As long as you aren't encountering RAM bottlenecks and are rendering to a single EXR I assume that puzzlemattes WILL increase render time but other AOVs won't. Is this correct? 2- when creating a Z depth pass in a shot with a follow focus camera, how is it recommended to configure your depth pass, at the closest, furthest or somewhere in between camera distance? I'm finding it very difficult getting a distinguishable range of Z depth grey levels at nearest and farthest camera distances. Would pgbokeh help in this regard?
  11. Thought I'd post here as I don't seem to have much luck on the foundry's 'new' forums. Post a couple times this past year and not a single answer! Trying to simply install a demo version of PG Bokeh to Nuke 11 NC on a Linux (Ubuntu) system. Conflicting information. First tried simply copying to home directory,keeping original directory name and renaming to simply 'pgBokeh' /home/jim/Nuke11.0v2/plugins/pgBokeh Then in my node graph tabbed and enterer selected 'Update' then return No Bokeh or PG Bokeh is available! Further googling came across this page on the Foundry's website https://www.thefoundry.co.uk/products/nuke/developers/110/ndkdevguide/intro/pluginbuildinginstallation.html#intro-building which suggest I should have a directory as follows /usr/local/NUKE/x.x/plugins/ Sorry, there is NO directory labelled /NUKE/x.x/plugins/ in my setup. Can anyone help?
  12. Really loved this piece by Alexa Sirbu and Lukas Vojir. Notice on their portfolio sites they also worked on the Logitech G433 piece at Man vs Machine which I thought was primarily a Simon Holmedal piece. I think it highlights the fact that most really great Houdini work is the result of a collaboration. Since I'm getting heavily into Nuke I was wondering if any experts could hazard a guess as to whether the DOF in this and the Logitech piece was rendered or done in post? http://www.simonholmedal.com/logitech-g433/
  13. Thought this was a pretty cool use of houdini for music visualisation http://www.creativeapplications.net/sound/the-creatures-of-prometheus-generative-visualisation-of-beethovens-ballet-with-houdini/ https://vimeo.com/229376415
  14. Open Source mocap?

    Anyone know of a good source for mocap data, (preferably open source though am willing to pay!). In particular I am looking for dancing, and any sort of martial arts movement. I am already familiar with the Carnegie Mellon database http://mocap.cs.cmu.edu/
  15. This is a recurring problem I am facing when using a Copy to Points operation. In the attached close up image you can see the issue. I want the geometry to touch but not intersect with each other. Is there perhaps a solution using Vex or?? copyToPoint.hiplc
  16. This is something I would normally do in After Effects but I am increasingly trying to do everything in Houdini. Lets say you have an image sequence of a face or other object against green screen or other plain background. In the compositing network, how would you increase the Canvas area without affecting the size of the face? The attached explains what I am trying to do
  17. Hi So selecting Edit Parameter Interface I am able to duplicate Uniform Scale and then set the range to what I want. But then I am left with duplicate Uniform Scale parameters(see image). How does one delete existing parameters in default SOPs like Transform?
  18. For a current displacement test I'd like to use a human face with changing expression. Does something like this exist either as a model or png sequence somewhere online?
  19. should have mentioned I need against blue-green screen. Might cough up some $ for istock
  20. This is driving me crazy. Trying to get a simple colormap VOP example working. No errors but my image is not showing up mapped to my grid. Could any vexperts possibly have a look at my .hip? As good as the revised H16 documentation is, it could greatly benefit from actual downloadable .hip files! colorMap_VOP.hiplc
  21. Unable to evaluate expression

    Thanks. yes that gets the same result but still would like to know why I get the error.:( Discovered if I simply set a keyframe first (becomes green) BEFORE pasting the expression I get no errors. Can anyone explain why?
  22. Hi Does anyone see anything wrong with the following expression? Using for the Z parameter in a Point SOP. Keep getting pic("../comp/OUT/",$BBX,$BBY,D_CLUM) unabletoevaluateExpression.hiplc
  23. I understand the need sometimes for back ticks to evaluate expressions but don't understand why parentheses are sometimes necessary ie $JOB/export/${HIPNAME}_$OS_mesh.fbx fails but $JOB/export/${HIPNAME}_${OS}_mesh.fbx succeeds. Why doesn't JOB as well need to be in parentheses? Seems inconsistent.